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HTML5 in AdWords – Options

HTML5 in AdWords – Options

Hello, I’m Owen Corso from Google.
In this video, I’ll introduce the various HTML5 options available in AdWords.
First, you can build creatives in AdWords using ad ideas and the AdWords ad gallery.
Second, you can upload hand-coded files. Third, you can use Google Web Designer.
Fourth, many files are converted to HTML5 from Flash upon upload to AdWords.
Finally, you can serve HTML5 files via third party ad servers.
Google Web Designer, ad ideas, ad gallery templates, and hand-coded HTML5 are covered
in detail in other videos. In AdWords, ad ideas help you create ads with
images from your website and existing text ads by scanning a website URL you provide.
You can also customize these ad ideas to suit your needs.
The ad gallery is an ad-creation tool that offers various display ad formats in different
categories, such as image ads, dynamic ads, Lightbox ads, and video ads, in any of your
campaigns on the Google Display Network. You can use this tool to easy build ads in AdWords
as long as you can provide an image. Google Web Designer is a completely free HTML5-authoring tool that enables advertisers to create interactive and engaging HTML5 content that you can upload to AdWords for use. A demo of creation and upload are covered
in future videos. Now we’ll cover auto-conversion, third-party
ad serving, and Lightbox ads in more detail. AdWords automatically converts uploaded Flash
ads into HTML5, but not all Flash files can be converted. As a general rule, only simple
timeline animations without any scripting will successfully convert.
You’ll see a notification if your Flash file was converted to HTML5 upon upload.
We also indicate if the ad was converted to HTML5 in the “Ads” tab.
While we don’t recommend Auto-conversion from Flash file as a workflow, this feature
does help during your transition to HTML5. To serve third-party HTML5 ads, you must use
an HTML5-certified ad server and follow these specs.
If your ad server of choice is not certified, please contact your Google representative.
Many ad servers have existing HTML5 templates that advertisers can utilize rather than rebuilding
from scratch. Though advertisers can use any HTML5
authoring tools available, Google Web Designer to make the experience
of building HTML5 as easy as possible. DoubleClick Campaign Manager has similar Flash-to-HTML5 conversion as we discussed in AdWords. You may utilize Studio Layouts for Rich Media creatives which makes building HTML5 even easier. When uploading ads that are 3rd party served, be sure to work with your Google representative
and follow the creative modification policy Lightboxes are special expandable ads that
run on the Google Display Network. There are several ways to create them.
Within AdWords, Ready Lightbox ads are templates found in the AdWords ad gallery. Available
templates include “Lightbox with image gallery”, “Lightbox with multiple videos”, “Lightbox
with video and image”. Starting in mid-August, you can use the demo-builder
to build customized Lightbox ads using any combination of assets and you can change the
order of assets without being restricted by the AdWords templates.
For more flexibility or Rich Media functionality, lightboxes can be created in DoubleClick Studio
in two ways. First you can use DoubleClick Studio Layouts, which are Rich Media templates.
Second, Custom Lightbox ads are built from scratch and uploaded into Studio, published to DCM and then finally trafficked into AdWords. For more information on this option, please reach out to your Google representative. Thanks for learning about the various ways
to create HTML5 Display Ads using the AdWords Platform and feel free to check out other videos.

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