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How YouTube Video Ads Reach Your Ideal Customer – Tutorial

How YouTube Video Ads Reach Your Ideal Customer – Tutorial

Hi this video is about How YouTube Ads Reach
Your Ideal Customer YouTube video ads enable you to zero in on
the right people, where they’re located, who they are, and what they’re interested in.
Targeted messages always perform better than trying to appeal to everyone.
For example if you want to target American women aged 18-34 who are interested in traveling
you can do that by creating a video ad inside Google AdWords.
Google AdWords contains ad tools that let you hypertarget your message so you can reach
your ideal customer base with a high level of precision.
Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com Here’s how to reach your ideal customer using
YouTube AdWords So I login to my Google AdWords account…All
Campaigns You can see the new interface here at the
top I’ve already set-up a video ad campaign so
I just got to edit it So I click on this arrow
Click the drop down box Click video campaigns
Scroll down..I’ve got Campaign 10 here which is paused
Now you can see I’ve got Ad Groups, Settings, Ads, Videos and Video Trageting
First I want to edit the countries I’m targeting So I go into settings
Click Edit Click United States
Click Save Then I click on video targeting
Here are my options..I have demographics, Interests, Remarketing, Placements, Topics
and Keywords Click on Demographics
With demographics I can select Age, Gender and Parental Status
So for age I can check 18-24 and 25-34 Click Gender
Check the box for Female Parental Status…leave it as is.
Interests..click the box here You can do “Affinity Audiences”
So if I put in travel…I got travel buffs, Beachbound Travellers, Luxury Travellers,
Snowbound Travellers So if I click on this it moves it over to
the selected affinity audience You can also do “In-market Audiences
You’ve got travel so here I’ve got air travel, air travel by class, air travel by destination
then all these destinations I can also select “Custom Affinity Audiences”
Here you can create audiences that are more tailored to your brands
Video remarketing is where you want to reach viewers based on their past interactions with
your videos so you can create remarketing lists
With Placements I can target channels, websites and videos
So I click on placements then I can put a URL in here or I can search for suggestions
So I can put travel in here So I’ve got YouTube channel placements
I’ve got video placements so I can go down this list and then I can add any of these
to my placements GDN placements are the Google Display Network
placements so these are all websites that I can target
Let’s check topics Click the box
Put travel in here again I’ve got travel insurance, I’ve got all these
options here I can also target keywords
Let’s put in travel Click “find related keywords”
Now I’ve got travel city, travel guru, travel advisor, travel agents, cheap travel
So we click on any of these and it will go into the next box.
As you can see I’ve got many targeting options if I want to target American women aged 18-34
who are interested in traveling If you want to learn how to set up your first
YouTube Ads Campaign or receive advanced training then download my video ads cheat sheet
Click the card icon or click the link in the description below this video
Thanks for watching

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