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How would you describe good advertising?

How would you describe good advertising?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Good advertising
to me is one where there’s humor. I think we all like to laugh. FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s a
commercial that you remember and you want to tell your
friends about it. FEMALE SPEAKER: Good advertising
for me would have an ethical component to it. So I would be able to believe
in the product and trust the advertisement. I guess there’s the trust
element there. MALE SPEAKER: Companies showing
proof that they maybe give back to a community or, I
don’t know, participate in some service that would be
beneficial to somebody. MALE SPEAKER: –thing that I do
find interesting now is the new Gap campaign. The new campaign makes you want
to go buy a new pair of jeans every time I see the
new models they have out. MALE SPEAKER: I always think of
great advertising as things like Apple’s doing where I’m
really looking forward to seeing the next ad. And I’ll actually watch them on
TV. But I’ll actually look for them on the internet. FEMALE SPEAKER: Apple, of
course, is the quintessential good advertising that
harnessed an entire generation. There’s a sexiness to it, a
fun-ness, that sort of thing that they really tapped into. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, a good form
of advertising was last year with The Dark Knight. They set up a whole bunch of
different websites kind of mimicking what was going
in Gotham City. And they had tours going on for
different states where you could vote for Harvey Dent or
be against him, which I thought was pretty cool. FEMALE SPEAKER: My friend played
for me “This Bud’s for You,” a song, on
his cell phone. And he’s a computer guy. And it played the song about
this Bud’s for you, the computer guy, and you take
care of our hard drives. And it had all this innuendos. It was very clever. And it was a good song. And so I paid attention
to that. I thought that was
really clever. And apparently they did they
did a whole series. MALE SPEAKER: With the Budweiser
frogs, people remembered it. I would imitate it. I was like a little child. Anything that you get people
to kind of recite– FEMALE SPEAKER: The Geico guy,
I actually like him because just think of a gecko speaking,
talking, it’s interesting. I love the way he speaks. I love the way– He grabs me. FEMALE SPEAKER: Smart
advertising is something that figures out sort of what
you want and subtlety gives that to you.

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