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Media and Communications

How would you describe bad advertising?

How would you describe bad advertising?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Bad advertising
isn’t memorable, isn’t meaningful. FEMALE SPEAKER: Cheesy
infomercial style commercials. FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s
so predictable. MALE SPEAKER: Bad advertising,
first of all, is spam email. It’s an annoyance. FEMALE SPEAKER: I guess a bad
advertisement would be, when I think of that I think of maybe
just seeing a magazine ad. And there’s way too much copy. MALE SPEAKER: Too many words
hitting you over the head. MALE SPEAKER: Too busy and
really too much information or kind of talking down. FEMALE SPEAKER: When there’s
commercials and they’re emphasizing too much on the
environment or other stuff and it loses its focus on the
company and the logo and the actual product. FEMALE SPEAKER: This
is Domino Pizza advertisement I don’t like. MALE SPEAKER: Pepsi and Coke,
the whole battle between the two of them. I see that everywhere
for some reason, especially on the trains. The trains will be completely
covered in Pepsi campaigns. And it just drives me crazy,
especially since I don’t drink soft drinks.

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