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How Working Out Can Help You Build A 6-Figure Business 💪

How Working Out Can Help You Build A 6-Figure Business 💪

Dude, should I just like totally change this channel and start making workout videos. Just kidding guys, what’s up? Jason Wardrop here in a today’s video. I’m gonna break down how working out can actually help you build a six-figure Business and let’s do a quick poll right here guys If you like working out and give this video a thumbs up and if you don’t like working out give this video a thumbs down So I absolutely love working out. I do it every single morning And is this the best start of the day this more now is actually working out with my brother Super-fun and I was like man, it’s just like the peace of mind that working out brings the start out the day It’s just so refreshing and when you sit down at your computer you already feel like you’re on a great start of the day because you’ve already worked out and Because you worked out you want to eat healthier and so there’s all these just like positive effects that happen when you consistently worked out now enough that lets get into the core of this video and how working out and some of the principles and strategies that apply to Lifting weights working out getting a shape deemed fit. They actually help you build a six-figure business Now when I was a kid, I always want to just have the six-pack abs You just be super Strada like the athletes guys on movies and I would just set that as my goal I’m like, I want to have six-pack abs. I want to go through just be Jack just totally shredded all that and What ended up happening is that never really came about the reason why is because I was focused on this end result Which was the wrong thing to focus on and the thing is the same thing. I’ve Experienced and I’ve seen in my business life where if I go on to go through and make a certain amount of money or attain some certain goal like have a house or A car or whatever it is and I just focus on that it’s never really gonna come about because that is the wrong thing to focus on the thing you have to do is you have to Fall in love with the process and not the end result So I’m gonna say that again you have to fall in love with the process and not the end result So for example with working out if you’re like man I want to have six-pack abs you can’t fall in love with having six-pack abs because it’s never gonna get you the six-pack abs that You want you have to fall in love with going the gym every single day working out your core and eating healthy and the same thing goes for Business if you want to have a lot of money if you want to have a cool house a cool car Whatever it is you can’t just Focus on that like obviously you can go through put that on your dream board and there’s the whole like thought process of the secret Of just if you think about it, it’s gonna happen is gonna come about well guys if you just think about it It’s never gonna happen. You have to focus on the core tasks that are actually gonna be bringing in that money, right? so for example on my youtube channel, the core tasks that actually bring in the money bringing the views bringing all that stuff is Creating content making videos if I don’t make videos Then the money stops coming in the same thing with my software business if I stop running webinars if I stop generating leads Then the money stops coming in. So in order to go through and have the desired end result I have to be focusing on doing these daily videos I have to be focusing on generating leads every single day running these webinars every single week So that I can bring in the money focus on those core tasks Which is like going into the gym and doing apps every single day eating healthy every single day so you can get that desired end Result now the second one right here and this is actually a very unfortunate but you don’t see results immediately With either one of them right and working out what I found if I’m like super out of shape I’m like man. I got to get back in the gym. I got to start eating healthy Typically, it takes about six to eight weeks in my experience to start seeing results and start feeling a big difference, right? I mean you guys have experienced it if you go in the gym you like workout super hard You actually kill yourself and then you eat healthy for one day and you’re like look down You’re like why am I not shredded right? Well, that’s not the way it works And that’s not the way it works in business either if you go in and you try to go through run Facebook asks for one Day where you’re doing all these client outreach Prospecting methods for one day and it might have taken a lot of work You might have done it a lot. But guess what that one day is not gonna change anything It’s actually a lot better to pace yourself and be consistent every single day So then after the six to eight weeks you can start seeing the clients coming in You can start seeing the money coming in from the efforts that you may several weeks in the past And this is actually something funny that like whenever I’m hanging out with my family, they’re always like man Why can’t you just take a vacation and you’re like you’re making all this money? I’m like, well, the thing is is I’m making this money today because of the work I did two weeks ago and I’ll tell them because I’m taking today off that means that in two weeks I’m probably going to be making less money because I am taking this day or this week off for vacation So that’s the way it works in both business as well as working out you’ve got to be consistent and it takes about six to eight weeks actually see those results coming in for your physical health as Well as your financial health right now the third key right here it kind of falls in line with what we were just talking about but that is consistency every single day if you don’t eat healthy every single day if you’re not working out every single day or doing some type of Physical exercise you’re not going to see the results six to eight weeks Down the road and the same thing with your business if you’re not consistent And I’m not saying yet to kill yourself every single day If you do then obviously, you could probably push it a little bit further a little bit faster But if you’re consistent every single day You’re able to then start to see those results in six to eight weeks and this is actually one principle I learned from a friend of mine. His name’s Tanner J Fox He’s also a youtuber and I remember talking with him before I started my youtube channel And he’s actually the one that inspired me to start my youtube channel right here So Tanner if you’re watching a little shout out for you, but he was like I was like man Like what does it take to be successful with YouTube? He’s like, dude I’m just consistent every single day and when he first started his YouTube channel, he was doing a live stream every single day for I think the first 365 days. He did not miss a day. Not a weekend. Not a holiday nothing It was every single day now Tanner doesn’t work 15 to 20 hours a day Like, you know, the gary vaynerchuk’s of the world or grant cardones of the world talk about how you have to do it But he is consistent every single day and he makes it happen He shoots those videos and I know now he’s kind of like he’s doing some other things so he’s not making videos every single day But that was the initial spark to get his business off the ground and get it going So if you’re just starting your business, it really doesn’t what business you’re in You need to be prospecting every single day you need to be reaching out making more contacts generating new leads for your business having more sales calls more appointments because then that Consistent effort over weeks or and then eventually months. It’s just a snowball effect. Alright, so the fourth one This one’s actually an interesting concept it is there’s multiple variables when it comes to getting fit and there’s multiple Variables when it comes to actually making money with your business, so if you look at working out you’ve got several different Variables for actually getting a shape right you got to do strength training gotta do some cardio you got to do Trish You got to eat, right? You got to have the right amount of rest Because if you’re not getting your rest when you wake up the next day to go through go workout You’re absolutely dead tired. Then you can’t lift as much and you can’t have that progress Okay and the same thing in business there are multiple variables coming at you from all different angles that you have to be able to handle and Manage in order to see your business grow So for example with me and my business with my marketing agency I have to make sure that my facebook ads are running and they’re running at a good cost per lead Okay and then I make got to make sure I’m actually generating leads and Then from the leads that are generating we actually have to be booking appointments from those leads and then from the appointments We actually actually be having sales making sales So we’re making money and then once the sale comes in it doesn’t end there because we have to fulfill for our clients So then we have to have the account reps fulfilling for these clients And so it’s all different variables that you have to manage stay on top of to keep the ship moving forward Anyway, guys, I hope you had fun watching this video. I enjoyed making this video because I enjoy working out I enjoy business Those are probably two of my favorite things Outside of my family my wife and my little boy and so I like his like Matt this is kind of weird idea But I’m just gonna do it I’m gonna shoot this anyway, and hopefully you guys enjoy if you did give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought and if you guys are wondering what workout program. I’m absolutely loving right now It is jeff cavaliere Athleanx – i’m about 55 days into the program right now, and I absolutely love it It is like it’s a great program. So if you want to go through check that out check it out I’m just used for. So anyway with that said guys. Thank you so much for watching And with that said I will see you in the next video

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