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How we made the poster for My Brilliant Friend

How we made the poster for My Brilliant Friend

We’re shooting the poster today.We’re shooting in the studio,but there’s distressed paint
all over the walls.
With a bright, bright light
denoting the Naples sunlight.The story is about
two young girls who meet.
They live in what’s pretty well
a slum area in Naples.
It’s two women’s lives,
a friendship over 60 years.Growing up alongside each otherand then constantly being aware of
each other as they grow towards old age.
Today, our photographer, Jillian,
is trying to capture that relationship between the two girls.It’s about acknowledgingand depicting the very complex nature
of a female friendship.
To show a friendship
that has all the complexity of any relationship
that lasts for that long. To see, therefore,
the kind of rivalries and the jealousies, but the great love
and the bond that remains.Ultimately, people will be moved
because these two women love each other,
need each other.It was a very special experience
when we did it for the Rose, Kingston. So the chance to bring it
to the National Theatre is just amazing.

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  1. So looking forward to seeing this in January, Niamh is such a brilliant actor & her having worked on this with Cath before, it will be such a special production I'm sure.

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