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How to Write Great Facebook Ads

How to Write Great Facebook Ads

Hi, everyone. Today I wanted to talk about
writing great Facebook ads. We’ve been running ads for more than five years now on Facebook, and we have experienced a lot of kind of ups and downs when it comes to kind of rising cost per leads. We spent multiple
millions on Facebook ads, and time and time again, we keep coming back to the creative, I.e. the ad and the copy that
goes with it, and the imagery. And we have this saying in the agency that the creative is king, and time and time and time again, we have seen our campaigns
saved by writing a new ad. We’re a cost per lead agency, so when we’re selling leads for 30 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds,
whatever those leads are, if we’re not getting the leads
for less than that amount, well we’ll actually be losing money. It’s very important for
us to be able to slash our cost per leads and
get a great cost per lead. And the way we do that in most cases is by writing better ads. Sure, we can tweak the funnel and there’s audience targeting and there’s all sorts of stuff like that, but the creative always trumps all of that other complicated stuff. If you’re standing out in lead generation or you’re running a cost per lead agency or you are even managing ads for your lead in clients on a retainer basis, then I would recommend,
whether it’d be on Facebook, on Google, whatever the platform is, spend more time writing ads. So I wanted to talk to you today about how we do this within the agency. I’ve recently done a very
long and detailed blog post, which we’ll link to, on market research, creating a custom avatar,
and doing an empathy map. And this is, for me,
I don’t like doing it. It’s long winded stuff. It takes a lot of time and effort. You have to get everyone around, and it’s a big discussion, and it’s a really big exercise. It’s super, super important, and you have to do it if
you wanna get serious about the vertical that you’re in
to understand your clients, but for me, it’s painful. That’s just because I
like, I get impatient, and I like to move quickly. And of course, you have got
to do your market research. You have to do all that kind of stuff if you’re serious about the vertical that you’re advertising in. But the Band-aid solution is, and the fastest way,
the 80/20 is to be able to reverse engineer your competitors. In my opinion, this is what works for us. And we should know because we
spend a lot of money on ads. And the way that we reverse
engineer our competitors, it’s a two stage process. The first one is a kind of a scraping tool called AdGenius.xyz. And what we do then is we find
the vertical that we’re in, and we put those key words into that tool, and for example, it
might be car insurance. We type car insurance
into the top bar, hit Go, search UK, basically the whole world, and then we see what
ads AdGenius shows up. And that is usually a couple 100 ads. Some of them are irrelevant, but we will find some gold within that, within those results. So what we’ll do then is
go through each of the ads and look at the ones that are
getting the most engagement. The best, the most number of likes, the most number of shares,
the most number of comments. And then you can actually go
in and check the landing page, check what their funnel looks like, and you can even put in a dummy lead to see what the whole process looks like. And it’s very, very powerful to see what’s working for your competitors. So we create a list of
maybe five or six fan pages that are advertising that
are doing really well and they’re writing some good ads, and then what we do is we go
to the Facebook ads gallery, and I think it changes at the, sometimes it was on the fan page, now I think you have to go
into a different way to find the transparency thing
that Facebook have built where you can see what
everyone is advertising. It’s very cool. The problem with that genie is that it will only show you a small snapshot of maybe the last kind of 10 days or the last 30 days, not sure what it is. But the Facebook ads gallery
will show you every ad that that person is advertising
at this very moment in time. It won’t show you the reactions, the likes and the comments, but it will show you every single ad. So we use AdGenius to be
able to find the fan pages. And of course the ads that
are doing really well, and then to go to the
next level of research, we find those fan pages,
and then plug them into the Facebook ads gallery, and that will bring for
that particular fan page every ad that’s live at the moment. And you’re gonna get more ideas like that. So what we do then is create
just a simple Google Doc, and I use Jing, which is
like a screen capture tool to be able to go through
and take a snapshot of 50 or so ads from AdGenius
and the Facebook ads gallery that will give you ideas to be able to write new ads for your vertical. I never rip off exactly
what these guys are doing. I usually take what the
competitors are doing and try and improve it a little bit based on our own experience. This is basically the 80/20 hack. This is to be able to
get 80% of the results, and to get fast results and cheap leads, without having to do all
of that market research and the avatar stuff and things like that. Of course, don’t take my word that you don’t have to those things, you do have to do them. This is just the fast way. I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed that. If you’ve got any questions or comments, just post below this video, whether it’d be on YouTube
or in a Facebook newsfeed, and we’ll try and get back to you and answer anything that we can. But to summarize, it’s reverse engineering is the fastest way,
AdGenius to scrape the ads, and then take the fan pages
that you find on AdGenius, go back into the Facebook ads gallery, and then collate a big document. And once you have that, you’ll
have a lot of collateral to be able to write your own ads and kind of know that you’re
gonna get lots of engagement, good quicks, good cost per impressions, and some really good cost
per leads out of that. Hope that makes sense,
I’ll speak to you soon.

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