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How to Write Compelling Job Advertisements

How to Write Compelling Job Advertisements

Hi! This is Tiffany with Johnson & Hill
Staffing, here to talk to you today about how to write compelling job
advertisements. I know we all want the best people applying to our open ads. That makes life the simplest, when we have good people who want the
jobs that we have available. But we need to make sure that we are putting the
right information out there so they feel compelled to apply. And make your job
stand out in comparison to all the others that they have, that they’re
looking at. So a well-written job advertisement includes a few different
components. One is a company description. You need to describe who you are and
what you do so they can imagine themselves working in that industry or
type of environment. What the employee will do is an important part that needs
to be included also. In this job description, it’s not just a list of
duties. You need to make these things that they’re going to do sound
interesting. You need it to be what they’ll be able to learn and accomplish,
what goals they will achieve. So you’re going to take something like “Answer the
phones” and turn it into “Provide amazing customer experiences for those people
you interact with over the phone and in person.” It’s just that simple switch that
shows you care about your employees and your people and what they do. And that’s
going to make an advertisement more compelling for the right person and make
them hopefully want to apply. The job requirements need to be there. You want
this list to be short, sweet, and to the point. You only want to list the
important things that are truly required. The best rule of thumb is that your list
of requirements should be far shorter than your list of job duties. In
particular, your list of requirements should only be maybe two or three. Those
things that they absolutely must have or they’re not qualified to perform this
job. The right personality is something you probably also want to hit upon in
your job advertisement. You know, talking about your culture and the type of
things that they’re going to do, and you want a go-getter, and you know, things like that. Just be cautious of, you know, not using
too many of those buzzwords. You know, “team player,” “go-getter,” those types of
things. Everybody’s like, “Well, everybody wants somebody who plays nice
in the sandbox.” You know the best way you can explain what it is that they’re
going to do: how they’re going to interact with others, and internal
customers, and you know, all work together towards a common goal. That’s a much friendlier way to describe those types of things as compared to
just saying team player. And lastly, you want to highlight your company’s “Wow’s.”
Those things that make your organization special. The things that make you stand
out. Those are probably the things that you find your employees talking about,
that make them really enjoy working there. It may be that you bring in pizza
once a month on Fridays. It may be that you have phenomenal benefits. It may be
something as simple as you’ve got really great chairs that people sit in and then
they comment about how wonderfully comfortable they are while they sit in
their chairs. It doesn’t matter what it is, but highlight what your “Wow’s” are.
What it is that makes you stand out. And if you’re not sure what those “wows” are,
ask your employees. They’ll tell you. In this current market, people have choices.
And you want to make sure you’re making your ads stand out. By using some of
these tips, you’ll make sure they do!

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