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How To write better Ad Text in Google Ads

How To write better Ad Text in Google Ads

Hey all! Sam here from Matter Solutions, today I want
to talk about how to make your Google Ads Ad Text Effective, this is really important
because it does 3 things: 1. It introduces your brand
2. Good Ad Text can lower your Cost Per Click
3. And of course, it makes your search marketing
stand out So roll that intro and let’s get into it! So the first thing we need to talk about is
a little phrase I use: “Appeal to the human, and satisfy the A.I.” In order to write really effective, and quality
ad text that will drive clicks and conversions, you need to focus on that phrase. You see, A human searching for a product has
an intent to purchase a product or service, so your ad text needs to “Appeal to them”
and entice them to click you over someone else in the same field. And to satisfy the A.I. you need to make sure
you’re using the keywords properly, following Google’s Best Practise Guidelines, and the
whole thing is written in a way that Google’s Algorithm can read your Ad, and know that
this is a good ad then assign it a great Quality Score. Bad Ad text can and will tank an Ad quite
quickly, imagine you’re a plumber and your ad is targeting people who need their leaky
sink fixed, they’ve specifically searched “Plumber Leaky Sink”. Your ad text isn’t going to talk about re-wiring
hot water heaters, because that’s not what they want. It’s also not going to be written in a way
that makes your brand look unappealing. You’re an emergency plumber in Brisbane,
your ad reflects that and says, “Brisbane Plumbers – 24/7 No Call Out Fee” It should
not say “Plumber – Inquire Now For A Call ” So if your Ad doesn’t satisfy the intent,
and draw people in, then the Click-Through Rate drops, meaning your Quality Score drops,
meaning you pay more per click. I hope this was helpful, remember we do a
video every week, and on Fridays we answer your FAQ questions so
comment them below.

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