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How To Write A Job Ad: Resume Searching: Small Business Hiring

How To Write A Job Ad: Resume Searching: Small Business Hiring

A lot of small businesses that are hiring
need help in how to write a job ad. This is one of the more important steps in the hiring
process. If the ad is not done right, you will end up getting job applicants that are
not qualified or desirable. The first step is to outline the roles and responsibilities
of the position, including the “must haves” and “would be great if we had” qualification
list. Use the internet to search for similar job descriptions as well as use resume searching
to see if there are qualifications or other job related skills that may also be relevant
to the role you are hiring for and have not included in your job posting outline. Make
sure your description is complete and thorough. The more information you can include now,
the less work you will have later on as the job ad should do a good job of screening out
people that may be unqualified or uninterested based on the description. This could include
mentioning things such as if certain licenses, training, years of experience or education
level is required. With these few tips your job ad will hopefully be more effective in
bringing in the right candidates.

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