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How to Work Remotely from Home – Facebook Ads Expert Entrepreneur Gavin Bell [Badass Digital Nomads]

How to Work Remotely from Home – Facebook Ads Expert Entrepreneur Gavin Bell [Badass Digital Nomads]

This crazy journey where three years ago I was just a guy with an idea and I know it’s turned into the quite a successful business I feel very grateful for the fact that I can work and live anywhere I want as long as I’ve got my laptop and a Wi-Fi connection Being a digital Nomad is kind of working where you want when you want whether that’s at home in bed or in Bali on the beach The choice is yours. That’s why it’s so great. I have seen myself Businesses built from Facebook ads on where they build the landing page they build an offer on a product and they run ads to that landing page and People buy it and they make money…. buy my stuff 20% off nobody nobody is going to Approach you and buy it. So why would someone do it on Facebook? So we need to so that’s where I talk about and teach people how to create content that builds trust and engages people That’s why I create video content as you’re building trust. You don’t know who’s watching You simply don’t know who’s watching your videos. So you might have the CEO of a fortune 100 company Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of badass digital nomads. I’m here with Facebook ad and entrepreneur extraordinaire Gavin Bell who’s with us from Scotland right now just a couple days before Christmas and Gavin is basically one of the UK’s leading Facebook advertising consultants, he’s worked with companies and entrepreneurs all over the world He’s a public speaker and has been on a lot of really popular podcasts like entrepreneur on fire which is where I first heard of him a few years ago, and he’s pretty astute at Facebook and social media in general Facebook Ads, he’s also a blogger. He still has a lot of videos that have gone viral He’s gonna talk to us about how that happened and why he does things like going sledding in the winter in Scotland without a sled but he’s also going to talk to us about How he started his own business and where he sees the future of the nine-to-five going I saw a video from him lately on Instagram where he was ranting about The nine-to-five being archaic and I knew I had to have him on the show 🙂 Right – isn’t the end of the nine to five that boring and going into an office environment wearing a suit wearing a tie Having to be smart having to be professional [hahaha] SoPeol can welcome Gavin! Thanks for having me what an intro! haha yeah great! So, um Yeah, I guess the first things first Let’s just get a little bit about your background for people who might not be familiar with you and I’ll just say as an aside that I Remember listening to so I’ve listened to many Podcasts in my day. I’m sure many of us have and I actually heard your episode of entrepreneur on fire Years ago. I don’t know when yu were on that show but I just downloaded a bunch of podcasts and I was on a road trip through Costa Rica where I used to live and For whatever reason that podcast stuck out and I later followed you on social media So, I don’t know how long ago that was, but do you remember? the entrepreneur on fire podcast was I think it was about a year ago. I think it was about a year ago. I mean it was last winter. I was in Costa Rica, so maybe that was it Yeah, I can’t I can’t actually really remember I think it was around a year ago But it’s quite cool cuz John, John Lee Dumas was in Scotland in Edinburgh. Just a few months ago So we got to hang out for a couple of days and I showed him around Scotland. (KW: Oh, yeah?) That’s yeah. That was good fun Nice. So, how did you how old are you again? I’m 24. So you’re 24, you’re flying all over the world. You’re public speaker You’re an entrepreneur. How did this happen? When did you start this entrepreneurial journey and Did you know that you were gonna do something like this when you were in high school or university? Did you go to uni, can you give us a little bit of your background? Yeah, of course It’s been a whirlwind. So that’s for sure but it kind of starts up in a place called the Shetland Islands Which is as far north as you can go in the UK It’s a tiny group of islands were about 20,000 people live and I grew up there Kind of showing entrepreneurial symptoms from a very, very young age So I was kind of when I go on family holidays. I’d buy fake Armani belts and sell them on eBay I was cutting neighbors’ grass. I was doing everything I could just to make make a little bit money and That kind of continued throughout school and as I got closer that kind of school evening age everyone was like right time to go to university and then go get a job and I was like No, that does not sound like what I want to do it I don’t want to go to university for four years get a massive debt and then go live in the nine-to-five rat race and So I decided I was gonna leave the Shetland Islands I had lived in for a pretty much my whole life and moved on to mainland UK and I found this one year program which was where you had to go with a business idea and set it up as part of the year and it was kind of a learning by doing so I went down there with a business idea and When you’re learning about marketing your marketing that business when you’re learning Pitching your pitching that business I set up a business when I was 18 I was put Into corporate environments to run fitness sessions with their staff Can I corporate wellbeing and that business did okay, but but it in the end it did we made too much money and so I decided to to stop that business and I Realized at a time that working with a lot of personal trainers a lot of them were terrible marketing There’s weren’t getting this marketing thing. Right and that’s when I decided About three or four years ago. I was gonna help personal trainers with their marketing and over the last few years. That’s how I honed in on Facebook ads and now started working with Pretty much everyone other than personal trainers And yeah As my brand is grown and I was created more What’s a video content more people are inviting me to speak on stages? and that means that you can access the bigger and bigger companies and it’s just been this crazy journey where Three years ago. I was just a guy with an idea and now it’s turned into Quite a successful business Wow. I love that story and I I definitely Know what you’re talking about with the personal trainers But not just that but so many business owners who are taught to be specialists in their business But then they’re not taught how to be in business For their business, especially doctors dentists things like that come to mind So I think there’s a really a big opportunity for people who want to help people specialize on their craft which might be filling a cavity or personal training or whatever that is and that doesn’t mean that those people need to be really good at marketing and So I think it’s really cool that we did this step-by-step Because that’s really how everything works I guess and in the in the midst of everything All these unexpected things happen and you became an expert in building your own brand 100% I mean, I think it’s uh, like personal trainers. I mean Everyone I’ve really worked with They’re all amazing at what they do But it means that they maybe haven’t got the skills in marketing which means there’s an obvious little plug-in Gap that anyone that’s wanting to start in business can go in and help with with their marketing in it. I Feel very grateful for the fact that I can work and live anywhere I want as long as I’ve got my laptop and a Wi-Fi connection and you can work with brands all over the world Helping them with their marketing or whatever It may be that you’re helping with from a laptop Which is crazy when people live in a world where a nine-to-five been a suit and tie in an office is still the norm You’ve got this other you’ve got a life people work in that 9-5 But they don’t realize that there’s opportunity and potential for them to sit home in their pajamas working from a laptop Making more money if they want to Yeah, I actually just saw a tweet Um, there’s this guy named his Twitter, his name is Levels and I’m drawing a blank… Oh Pieter Levels. Have you heard of him? I haven’t, no He’s like a big in the digital nomad world because he has a website called Nomad List and he is kind of a serial entrepreneur and he posts a lot of interesting stuff and I Actually have I’ve been writing a lot of blogs this year and in one of them I’m talking about How people don’t realize that their value that they’re getting paid for and their salary is actually much higher than what the company is paying them for and this was a Couple of months ago that I was drafting this article and then a couple days ago levels tweeted a breakdown by industry of How much the average Employee – how much revenue the average employee Generates for the company that they work for and when you get to like, Exxon Mobil and these companies it’s like each employee No matter what the company is, on these fortune 100 or 500 companies. They’re worth like 10 to 20 to 30 times their salary like one employee could be worth 1.5 million dollars in revenue to a company like Exxon Mobil and I think people don’t realize that Their salary is they’re getting paid their salary because they’re generating profit for the company That’s crazy. Yeah, I mean It’s just people are resources at the end of the day – they’re just profit and loss Are we making back what we’re investing in you and that’s your salary. Are you making us that money back? Yes or no? These are doing it Yeah, and how did you have this insight as a teenager that you didn’t want that because it seems like it’s still an uphill battle and educating people that they don’t have to have the nine-to-five and will definitely play that video that I saw on your Instagram, but How do you think you had that insight at such a young age? And why is the nine-to-five dead and why do people need to know about it now? Yeah, I mean, I think that that was a very natural thing for me Where I think it probably came from the fact that I just don’t like being told what to do So I’ve always had this thing where I just don’t like being told what to do. I like doing things off my own back And so for me being told that I need to turn up to a certain place at a certain time and work for a certain number of hours wearing a certain type of clothing Just doesn’t really sit right with me. I don’t want to do that I want to wake up when I want do what I want wear what I want meet who I want and Do everything on my terms, And so working in a job just didn’t appeal to me in the slightest because they didn’t allow me to do what I just naturally wanted to do as a as a kid and I guess maybe the different me there is I just didn’t have Because I was quite a stubborn strong-willed Child, I didn’t really Fall into that. Well, it’s just a normal thing to do. So I’ll just go and do it anyway and I think the 9-to-5 is dead based on just what I’ve said. I don’t I honestly don’t think that taking someone telling them what to wear taking them into an office to work 9:00 to 5:00 having them travel and I wear to the office and back is the most productive way for your staff to live and work and Productive staff are going to be productive if they enjoy what they do and they don’t have any resentment to Work like if if you’re if you get to a Sunday and you’re dreading your Monday, you’re not going to be productive on that Monday Whereas if you get to Sunday and you’re like I cannot wait for Monday, I’ve got it all planned I know my goals for the week Then you’re gonna be productive. And so I think the nine-to-five needs to change because It’s simply not the most productive way for businesses to run and and the old-school Brands and companies and banks and things that are making people work These hours will die because new banks will come along and say hey, there’s flexible working like I’m I’ve moved all my banking business and personal from big corporate banks have been here forever to these tech banks like the new banks are just all done from an app and These big banks are going to die because people are doing that but they’re also not looking after their staff and giving them staff What they want to do yeah, I actually think that the corporations have Underestimated the remote work revolution and I don’t think that they’re ready for it really in any sense of the word I think we’re going to see kind of a bottom-up disruption of the entire global business environment And I don’t think anyone’s really talking about it. Like people are talking about remote work Yes but I think it’s going to happen very quickly and it’s going to seemingly happen overnight because once a critical mass of people realize That they’re worth at least as much as or more than their salary and that they have skills that can be done online They don’t have to commute to work They don’t have to go sit in the same room as other people on computers before then overnight Everyone’s going to be like well, “Why not me??” once they see enough examples of people like you and I who are doing that and this is actually a really good example of being motivated to do something on a Monday like it’s Monday morning I’m in Buenos Aires you’re in in Scotland and I got up early Like we’re voluntarily having this conversation because you like what you do we care about it and we’re motivated to like get up in the morning and record a video about it to share it with other people and that’s not something that is going to necessarily come naturally when you’re working for a Giant company and you’re just basically one of 10,000 employees Yeah, you’re just a number, you know, you’re not someone that actually can no not say make a difference because we’ve proven that employees do make a difference based on the return on investment, but you When it’s your own thing if I’m not even going to talk about can entrepreneurialism because I think not everyone is destined to be a an entrepreneur and work for themselves, but just giving staff employees people the freedom and the trust because it all comes down to trust at the end of the day if you If you think that you’re that you can’t bring in flexible working or whatever type of working you want to call it remote working Because your staff wouldn’t be as productive then it’s not a staff problem or a productive point of use your problem it you don’t trust your staff enough to be productive and If the cases that your staff just wouldn’t be productive then you’re hiring the wrong people it’s either a hiring issue or a trust issue at the bottom of it and I was wondering where this mindset came from in the first place and actually The whole origins of the concept of telecommuting, of course people have been working from home since the beginning of time thousands of years ago but the concept of telecommuting to work came around and like the 60s and 70s and it was kind of Squashed for political reasons and it never recovered so the kind of fake, fear induced reasons That the media and politicians were saying about why Telecommuting didn’t work back decades ago was because of those reasons because they wouldn’t know… Companies wouldn’t know if their employees were working and blah blah blah And so everyone got scared and didn’t do it or didn’t implement it on the scale that was possible But now of course with technology, there’s so many ways around that. And you can obviously tell us people are working now and there’s so many ways to communicate so actually how are or is your Work-life balance so to speak or so you’re basically you work remotely but this is what I want to clarify for people so to be a digital nomad doesn’t mean that you have to live out of a suitcase and To be a digital nomad means that you can work from anywhere With an internet connection. You can just work from home in your hometown. You can be a remote employee So what is kind of your personal setup? How much time you spend at home? And Why do you choose to be at home? Because I do this too. I keep a home base every so often in the US versus people who travel 24/7 Why do you choose to remain at home when you could be living on the beach in Thailand? Because that’s not right for everybody Yeah, totally. So I mean for me I have my home. I’ve got my I’ve got an office that I ran and also I like to go to different coffee shops, so I for me, I’m someone that Kind of needs and I’ve found I need to have different environments… as kind of inspirational stimulus So sometimes as I’m working from home all week, I might get a little bit bored I might productive productive levels go down and So I need to take myself over for the house and go to the office or out of the house and go to a coffee Shop or something just to change my environment I always think like yes, I could be traveling and going to Thailand or Bali seems to be where everyone goes but I Guess a couple things hold me back from that – one my girlfriend obviously lives in Edinburgh and she works a nine-to-five right now and So I really want to be school be traveling on my own and and have her sing think you’re in heroin and – I just generally want the Edinburgh. The city that I live in is great I’m building a really good business right now here and so I don’t feel like things need to change And also I’m not somebody that likes beaches anyway So sitting on the beach is the kind of my worst nightmare getting sand in my macbook and and things I think also Uh, another thing is I get to do a fair bit of traveling. Anyway with speaking So in the last couple of months, I’ve been in Prague Milan The US and a couple of different places in the UK, so do a fair bit of traveling anyway with the speaking say the things and I guess what I’m trying to do really businesses set myself up where If I do if I am traveling then I’m getting someone else to pay for it So I’m travelling based on speaking or traveling based on meeting clients for example rather than me Taking up the cash to go travelling So it’s just it’s just a way that kind of seems to work for me whether it changes in the future. I’m not sure But it seems to be working for me right now yeah, that’s the beauty of remote work is that you can decide when you want to travel when and if you want to travel and After having travelled myself for so many years I really appreciate having like my own desk my own office my monitor and You can be so much more productive when you when you have a home base I used to live in Nicaragua in this house that looked like straight out of a postcard It was like a falafel with palm tree roof And it was on the beach on this cliff with ocean view and in photos Well, this was 2008 so many very poor quality digital photos. It looked great It looked amazing, but in real life the roof was leaking There was no internet the power went off every day There was like Wind and all sorts of stuff getting into my laptop. It was hot. There were bugs like there’s all these other things that people Don’t necessarily think about so I think it is really important especially being like two veteran travelers or online business owners or speakers These are the things that Gavin and I have learned over the years that work for us so it’s just important for anyone watching to find what works for you and You want to go to Bali for a month or so, that’s cool But you don’t have to always live out of a suitcase and always be in a tropical place as well So true I mean, I think there’s it’s maybe not pressure but there’s almost like right now the world Yeah, it’s kind of like you see so many people these days who are kind of in this digital nomad world Going to places like Bali where it’s super cheap then they get a nice looking Mansion or whatever just so they can take the Instagram shots and sell their courses because they’re in this really nice mansion But in fact, it’s costing them the same amount as if it costs for a one-bed flat in London or something and I feel like with that just means that some people feel like I Need to be doing this traveling thing, but it’s not actually right for everyone just being a digital nomad is kind of working Where you want when you want whether that’s at home in bed, in Bali, on the beach – The choice is yours. That’s why it’s so great Yeah, and what told us some of the great things about Scotland and then your your vlogging experience Because I know that you also have a YouTube channel and you’ve been vlogging about Scotland Specifically and some of those videos went viral and then how are you using vlogging now in your online business? and It’s kind of similar to what I’m doing So I think it would be really cool to share that with people who are thinking of building their own brands Yeah, of course. So like two years ago. I I basically decided that I needed to get into this video game People were telling me to create video. I knew I had to create video but Fear held me back. Basically. I didn’t want to looked like that idiot was walking down the street filming himself So I thought I would have looked but people actually just don’t care And so I decided so I started two years ago started documenting my life as a young entrepreneur I would take a day of my week and just film it and share it with everyone on like Facebook in YouTube and Then one day I decided that I would film my weekend. So rather than filming a Business day, I’d film a day where I was just like hanging out with friends, whatever and that was in Scotland kind of outdoors come for a hike and That video got picked up by local news because we had some really cool drone shots in it and Online it performed so much better than any of my other videos. So it got like thousands of views verse hundreds of views And I was like, okay, that’s interesting. Let’s try that again. And again I posted it. I posted a another Scotland video the week after thousands of views week after thousands of you week after thousands of views and So I started like doing more because I was like okay views that’s great getting tons of views Let’s keep doing this Scottish stuff in churning it out and some video. I think I’ve got three or four videos hit over 200,000 views Last year on Facebook alone, All my videos were seen like 1.8 million times, which is crazy But amazing and like brands were approaching me for brand deals and It was really fun experience got on TV and all this cool stuff but at the same time that a part of me was going But this isn’t really it’s your business. This is like Scotland you’ve essentially – because I did it so much I got like addicted to the views and I got addicted to the engagement and these viral videos that were happening and I basically I got so I got addicted to that sort of like engagement and what ended up happening was my brand people started to See my brand become like the Scottish outdoors guy as opposed to the Facebook Ads guy or the speaker or the entrepreneur and that became an issue because Although I was filming was like 10 percent of my week like my Saturday morning and that’s what I was sharing perception is reality and people just thought all I did was quite outdoors in Scotland and So about 3-4 months ago I was like, okay I need to stop doing this because I felt like I was – I had two split brands So I was trying to be this Facebook guy. It’s also trying to be this Kind of Scottish outdoors guy, so the Scottish content was great and that he got Really big news viral hits people were starting to annoy me from that I was getting approached in the street brands were coming to me and it was it was fun and it was cool and I could have kept on going but All I could have done with that brand was become like a Scottish tour guide or something There’s nothing I wanted to do and I about four months ago. I was like, okay I need to Rather than doing this Facebook thing plus the Scottish thing I need to just go back take the hit and just go back to the business content because that’s what makes the money That’s what my brand needs to be Online as opposed to this Scottish thing and so about four months ago I decided to do that and since then I’ve stopped the Scottish content. I basically posted a video saying look I know a lot of you here for the Scottish content that is going to be stopping there and So feel free to unsubscribe. Feel free to Unfollow me if you don’t want to see what I’m up to in the future But this is a direction. I’m going in and this is why and that’s taken a massive hit; it’s taken a massive hit on the views and the engagement of things that I’ve got but at the same time the audience size for the marketing videos in the business video is much smaller, so I can’t expect to get 300,000 views on a on a marketing video and that’s fine it’s 300 people that are potential customers. It’s much more valuable to me as a business than 300,000 people that are just watching because they like the outdoorsy type content. Yeah I think that there’s so much to unpack there because Vanity metrics are such a huge problem in my opinion with online businesses. Like I’ve had a company Before this one. Well, I still run that company called poker refugees And it’s never had a big social media presence, but it’s been a successful profitable business for seven years And it really doesn’t matter how many Instagram likes you have or things like that. And I think if people are spending 30 minutes or an hour a day on like Structuring their crafting the best Instagram posts unless their goal is to become like an Instagram Influencer or something and this goes for Facebook and YouTube as well It’s like if you spent an hour a day on deep work or some type of intentional learning or some other Revenue generating activity for your business and some specific Application or skill it would pay off so much more in your bank account And and so that that’s something I’ve learned this year as well with them. I think there is a balance between letting your personality come through and kind of posting some fun videos but also Keeping it professional Because people are hiring you as a speaker as well as for who you are as a person and as well as your results but I have seen the same thing because I have My Travel Channel is traveling with Kristin and I’m posting this video on that channel and like this video will get a fraction of the number of views as my Oktoberfest video where I’m like running around in a dirndl drinking beer or whatever so That’s fun, too, but I’m not always Drinking beer in Germany or sailing the coast of Croatia Or doing all the fun glamorous travel stuff like this is part of the day-to-day of the Digital Nomad lifestyle but also I think it’s Sometimes those videos can just be a bridge to bringing people into learning about What you do as well and Facebook Ads So I hope that you still do a couple videos here and there Oh, a hundred percent – But I think – it I think the important thing I’ve learned is it’s about the narrative that you tell long term so with a Scottish content it was I’m a Scottish outdoors guy. That was the narrative of I told whereas Then I said I need to tell no or go back to telling is I’m a business owner That runs our Facebook Ads consultancy and I’m a speaker. But yeah, I’m still a guy that likes to go outside and go outdoors That’s not just that something about me that I’ve just like left and forgotten. So I think introducing that into the narrative of being a business owner is vastly different to the narrative of just being the Scottish outdoors guy that happens have a business because I mean like like I say, it’s My life has not changed whatsoever In terms of I’m still running a business 90% the time and still going outdoors 10% of the time But before I was filming the 10% and sharing that and I wasn’t showing the 90% of running the business that’s that’s not changed It’s just what people see online Changes and like it’s a perception is reality people just people think what they see online is true Let’s talk a little bit about Facebook ads then and because you do teach people how to use Facebook ads how to Invest something like one dollar or one pound and ads and then get 20x your investment or your return on that why are Facebook ads important and How are people commonly misusing them because I see that Facebook kind of pushes their ads and a vanity you’re sort of way to boost posts and get likes and things like this so Yeah, why why our Facebook Ads important for online business owners to know about and what is the main thing that they’re doing wrong? Yeah, so I mean the main thing the main reason that they’re important is because they give you the ability unlike The majority of other advertising platforms to pinpoint a specific message to a specific person a specific thing Which is just marketing 101 So I can target any one time people in a specific location that have specific interests of a specific age with an offer I think they’re going to be they’re going to like which if you get that rate audience and the right offer It’s a no-brainer. That’s that’s advertising and marketing 101 You’ve had a goldmine you get the right person the right message or the right time facebook allows you to do that and I allows you to do it right now at a price which is cheaper than Any other platform I’ve seen so I have seen and myself businesses built from Facebook ads alone where they build the landing page They build an offer and a product and they run ads to that landing page and people buy it and they make money so it’s it’s so important and I think for me I’m very much of that kind of marketing type where all I all I really care about is kind of human psychology and How human psychology works? How do we buy? How do we build relationship? How do we consume content? And Facebook just allows you to build a relationship build trust with someone and sell something to someone in a really like ethical way in which how psychology works so I could create a video a piece of video content that’s free tons of value and Share it to people for free ask for nothing in return They can submit they enjoy it they use it and then I retarget people that have watched that video With an ad that says hey, look, I know you watched that video Maybe you’re interested in this offer by the time that they see that offer. They know who I am They trust me they like me etc so they’re much more likely to buy so it just I mean if you’re a business owner that’s looking to get an offer in front of people then you can’t ignore Facebook ads and I think the biggest misconception that I see are the problem that you see most people making is Trying to sell something to someone that doesn’t know who they are So a lot of business owners I see will create an ad with like 20% off or just a random offer and they’ll just boost that That offer out to strangers random where is the donor who they are and expect the floodgates to open and it just doesn’t work like that because Online and offline are no different and that is just like going down the street and shouting buy my stuff 20% off nobody’s… nobody’s going to Approach you and buy it. So why would someone do it on Facebook? So we need to so that’s where I talk about and teach people how to create content that builds trust and engages people That’s why I create video content because you’re building trust you’re getting well The amount of people that I meet and they say gasps I feel like I already know you because they’ve watched all my videos before is Insane and it’s so so powerful because if they feel like they know me might give them a product or an offer That is right for them at the right time. They’re gonna buy it. I don’t have to do the heavy lifting or any sales work Totally I just came from the Nomad Cruise where we took 500 digital nomads or aspiring nomads and remote workers and sailed from Barcelona to Brazil and there were so many people on the boat that I didn’t know but they came up to me and they said that same thing like I’ve seen your videos or I’m in your group and Like you’re the same in real life as you are in your videos and even one of the schools, okay Yeah one of my friends who I we don’t work together about being known each other now for over a year and we talk about Collaborating on some things and he mentioned that as well it’s like, “you know Kristin I hung out with you three times in three different countries and… you are you” and I took it as a compliment actually so I think we do sometimes underestimate the power of video once you get used to doing it because like you I No idea what I was doing maybe I still don’t but You just have to start somewhere and just be yourself and people that will resonate with the right people for your audience Yeah under plant embrace that messy embrace the fact that you’re probably not gonna be very good You’re probably gonna suck when you first start but you start and you see what happens and you learn from it and you keep going and you keep going I Would never have expected when I first started creating video That a year later 2 million people would be watching my content Never in a million years and I’m still quite frankly. I’m like, what the hell? So you’re totally right like and also one of the things with video is kind of what you said you don’t know who’s watching You simply don’t know who’s watching your videos. So you might have the CEO of a fortune 100 company watching your video content You don’t know just because they’re not leaving a message or liking your videos doesn’t mean they’re not watching But they know who you are and at the right time They could get in touch. Yeah, that could be a life changing email that they send you yeah, actually, I was just thinking about that because I just hit a thousand subscribers on YouTube and I was thinking of how many people that actually is because I think people get caught up and the numbers and like oh, yeah I want to have a hundred thousand subscribers or whatever and it’s like I have Over 1500 people in my group and a thousand over a thousand YouTube Skype subscribers and if you think of a music festival or a conference or something if you’re speaking in front of even 500 people like that’s huge or think of a like the biggest music festivals with like 50,000 people or 80,000 people like if you have you know 10,000 or 30,000 subscribers like that is a massive music festival worth people and I think that people sometimes lose sight of like sometimes you and I probably speak to groups of like 20 people or 50 people and that is still very Impressionable and the very powerful and valuable. So I think sometimes people underestimate the number of eyes watching things online… It’s still real people behind those cell phones and laptops yeah, totally and that’s something I see all the time actually on stage, which is When you whenever you put an ad out or a video or whatever it’s real people That are watching your stuff or seeing your ad. It’s not just numbers just cuz you see numbers doesn’t mean it’s not real people And people are always like oh, yeah, so maybe I should do things slightly differently then Yeah, you’re communicating to real people offline is no different to online You never know who’s watching is Garyvee, yeah Yeah, it’s like he said I think I saw a clip. He was like, yeah, you just need Drake or somebody’s manager like it depends on who who your audience is, right, but talking to some guys selling like Basketball shoes or something. It’s like you just need the right person to see the right thing and you never know What’s gonna go viral or what one person is going to see and people are watching for sure So well I have another question about the the Facebook ads and Then also Gary Vee because I know that you’re just in New York and you’re trying to meet up with Gary Vee so Just to kind of wrap up on Facebook Ads can anyone have a Facebook ad and offer like from pretty much any industry or are there just Specific people that you work with like who is it for? Facebook ads can work for anyone really unless you’re doing a kind of industry such as Cannabis or Like gambling or cryptocurrency – there’s quite there’s quite a lot of gonna policies the Facebook hammer and those types of things and politics no, obviously But for the grand scheme of things for the people that are watching or listening to this Like Facebook ads can work for you. If you’ve got a business where you are trying to build trust I’m trying to get a message in front of someone whether you’re b2b b2c big small FB ads or Instagram ads can work for you Okay. Well, yeah, I just to clear that up for people because sometimes they might think like well You know, I use Facebook for my friends and family, but it’s not for me for my business but I think it’s something that Everyone should look into to see if it could work for them and will link to your website and everything at the end Yeah, so do you want to do any shout out to Gary Vee or what? What, uh, What did you want to meet up with him about in New York? yeah, well, I was I knew I was gonna be in New York and Obviously Gary’s there and so I’ve got a few friends that I met and I’ve met him twice before at like well one not as big signing and then During that same event. I met him in a hotel by chance and So I thought when I was in New York I’d reach out to them and and see if we could get a meeting and And we weren’t going to they like meet they said yes, just give us a shout when you’re in, New York But when I was in New York than they were busy and so next time they said in New York Then I can hopefully go to their meeting and make a video in there but yeah, Gary – so when I’ve watched for a long time, I Don’t actually watch his content as much anymore not because I I don’t like it But just cuz I don’t have time to sit and watch a 7 and a half hour vlog Which he posted the other day, which was really interesting… No, I didn’t see that yet Yeah, so he’s he’s tested posting a 7.5 hour vlog Daily Vee on YouTube (KW: Whoa) yesterday or two days ago Which is really interesting I’m excited to see how that does because obviously YouTube seemed to be enjoying longer form content slightly more and so I’m excited see how super long content does But you said you someone that kind of in the early days of the business I consumed everything he said and Have read his books and a lot of the stuff He says kind of resonates with me in terms of us about building an audience is about building trust relationships with people And then making an offer to them when you’ve got an offer that you think is right and is as good for them What kind of advice do you have have to people watching you are maybe still stuck at the nine-to-five But they know that they have skills that are valuable at the companies that they work for maybe they want to work remotely or go out and do their own thing, but they’re afraid because like us you didn’t know where to start so What kind of advice you have to somebody who’s thinking about it? but their friends and family don’t understand like no one relates these ideas that they have and What should they do? yeah, first of all don’t stress about it and don’t get yourself worked up and that you have to be doing this straight away like It’s gonna take time and that’s fine. And that’s part of the fun. That’s part of the exciting journey I worked in a call center for Six months or something to pay the bills and it but it actually worked really well because I could work on the business during the day and then I worked in the call center and Evenings and that paid the bills and it was a horrible job but as part of the journey and I know looked back at those days quite fondly as like the very star of this whole Business thing in it. It was horrible at the time but never look back and I’m like man. I was actually quite fun so don’t get stressed and I Think one of the biggest things holding people back. Probably is that friends and family family aspect where people just don’t seem to really get it and The norm is to work in a nine-to-five job If that’s the case, you just need to start surrounding yourself with better people or – Not necessarily better people But surround yourself with people that agree and are in on this idea that you want to go on So if you want to work, you want to quit your name to five and run your own business Start going to networking Meetings or start reaching out to people in your local area that are doing what you want to do and start hanging around with them and and Just become friends with them. Like when I first moved down to Edinburgh where I love no I didn’t know one person that not one person at all and which was quite refreshing because I meant I could pick and choose who my friends were going to be and and surround myself with really cool people that are doing the exact same things and encouraged my stupid ideas and and You just can have to do that for yourself like if you if you go and embark on this new journey of saying up you yourself for Leaving a 9-5 job, Your life is gonna change so dramatically for the better Thank you so much. That’s really great advice for sure. I agree with all of that and then if people want to get more information on the Courses and the programs that you offer Regarding Facebook ads and then of course follow your crazy adventures and the Scottish wilderness. Where can they go? Yeah, head over to my website, www.mrgavinbell.com or Instagram @MrGavinBell – I’m at Mr. Gavin Bell on every single platform but Instagram on my website is probably the best place to go Awesome well, thank you so much gavin for joining us during this holiday season and everybody out there What do you think? Have you ever been afraid to start your own thing or would you have started your own online business at 18 and What from our conversation with Gavin do you think that you could apply to your own life? Whether it’s your personal life your professional life or plans for your future let us know in the comments give this video a thumbs up and Garyvee if you’re watching this, which you should be! Let Gavin come hang out with you again at the office I’m gonna check out that seven and a half hour Vlog when I have time, right?… GB: Exactly Smile for a Boomerang! Oh, yeah, okay!

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