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How To Use YouTube Ads – Understanding What They Are Is Key

How To Use YouTube Ads – Understanding What They Are Is Key

Welcome to the latest video on How To
Use YouTube Ads – Understanding What They Are Is Key. Now this is all about getting
clarity in your own mind about YouTube ads, so why are YouTube ads beneficial to
you and to your business? Be sure to watch the video to the very end so you
can get details on how to download my free pdf entitled: “How Much Cash Are
You Missing Out On”. Consider these facts: 1. YouTube makes its money by allowing
businesses to advertise on its own platform. So advertisers produce and
upload a video onto the YouTube platform in the hope that people will see it and
buy whatever it is that they’re selling; and 2. YouTube also makes money by
allowing business owners like you to advertise by using YouTube as a
marketing tool. So why is it then that most business owners don’t understand what a
YouTube ad is and as a consequence are missing out on a massive opportunity. Hi, my name is Jeff Laming from Video Cashflow and in this video we’re going to demystify the meaning of YouTube ads and open your eyes to a world of massive potential and opportunity. Before we do so, if this is
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So, just to recap, YouTube makes its money by allowing businesses to
advertise on its own platform so advertisers produce and upload a video
in the hope that people will see it and buy whatever it is that they’re
advertising. These are the types of videos you normally see on television
and at the cinema….”Do people still go to the cinema?” Is that a smart thing to do?
if you’re a big branded multinational company then, maybe or probably, it is. If
you’re anything or anyone else then the answer is “No”, simply because YouTube is a social media platform as well as a video hosting site and those types of adverts
are a turn-off for most people. And secondly,
you may also recall that YouTube also makes its money by allowing business
owners like you to use YouTube as a marketing tool. In other words, by
producing your own video with a strong call-to-action to, say, a landing page. Now
these are the video ads that you normally see on YouTube. Firstly at the
beginning of another video where it says “You can skip the video after five
seconds”. Here’s an example…….. These are called TrueView In Stream ads.
I’ll leave a URL link in the description box below this video for you to find out
a bit more about these in stream ads. And secondly, there’s ads that show up in the
right hand of the screen when you click on another video……
These are called Discovery ads or In Display ads. Again, I’ll leave a URL link
in the description box below for you to find out more information on discovery/in display ads. Either way, these two different types of ads are videos. So
you have a video effectively attaching itself to another video i.e. the in stream
ad; and you have a video being promoted as an in display or discovery ad. Now here’s the golden nugget you need to grasp and understand to get absolutely clear in
your own mind: When people talk about a YouTube ad they are NOT talking about a
traditional type of television advert that most of us are accustomed to (and have been conditioned to understand what an “ad” is). A YouTube ad is actually your
video being promoted to a designated target audience. The key word here is
“promoted”. So, next time you produce and upload a video to YouTube as part of
your weekly ritual to increase views, get more subscribers, and so on, consider
promoting that video as a YouTube ad at the same time. For your video to be
promoted as an ad, you need to ensure the video has a strong call-to-action;
contains content that is relevant, educational and informative; and it’s no
longer than 90 seconds or 2 minutes long. Why no longer than 90 seconds, you may
ask? Because YouTube, whilst being a search engine, a video hosting site, and
a social media platform, it’s also a highly effective and potentially
lucrative marketing tool. This is another fact that it’s lost on most business
owners. And here’s another vital fact to understand the huge potential that
YouTube offers savvy business owners like yourself. How many videos are
uploaded to YouTube every day? At the last count I think it was something
ridiculous like 300 a minute. That’s like, 430,000 a day….3 million a week;…..12 million a month….. and about 145 million a year. Astonishing!
Now, here’s the simple economics of what I’ve just explained above. There are not
enough video ads i.e. videos attaching themselves to other videos (that’s the
In Stream ads) or being promoted as In Display or Discovery Ed’s. to meet the huge supply of normal videos that continues
to increase at such a phenomenal rate mentioned earlier. So with that in mind,
take time out to run through this video again. The content is repeated in the
description box below and you can also view the subtitles and closed captions
on the video screen itself. Give yourself the chance to grasp and fully understand
what the term “YouTube ads” really means. All it is is industry jargon that is
misleading and so-called YouTube experts that continually refer to the term don’t
realize that most people don’t understand what it means. To sum up then; 1. We know what YouTube ads means i.e. promoting your own videos. 2. We know how YouTube makes money by allowing big companies to advertise and allowing
business owners like you to promote your own videos; and 3., we know there’s two
types of TrueView ads: In-Stream ads and In-Display/discovery ads. In the
next video, I’ll cover the way that YouTube charge for promoting your
video and the type and quality of traffic that you can expect to generate.
Plus, why you must start using YouTube ads, especially if you have less than 100
subscribers and less than 10,000 combined video views on your channel.
Thanks for watching. Look out for another video on video marketing and YouTube
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own online business. Nearly forgot – here’s a link for you to download your free PDF
copy of: “How Much Cash Are You Missing Out On?” You’ll find the link in the
description box below the video. Enjoy! Until next time….bye for now.

14 thoughts on “How To Use YouTube Ads – Understanding What They Are Is Key

  1. This is perfect timing. I've been having this strong desire to run Youtube ads but I wasn't sure how to best leverage them. Thanks for explaining the different types of ads. I downloaded the freebie too!

  2. This was very helpful! I've been looking at all the types of ads YouTube and Google offer. I test different ideas and see the things others do (then I try them) 🙋 I think YouTube will rank you higher if you let the advertise on your content so it works for both the advertiser and the YouTuber

  3. That is a great question – why I don't use YouTube ads. Probably because I know very little about it. And also fear to loose money. Thanks for your explanation of all the ads on Youtube.

  4. I never really knew much about You tube ads or even what they were …. so this was interesting…. Thanks Jeff.

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