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How To Use YouTube Ads To Steal Your Competitors Audience – Tutorial

How To Use YouTube Ads To Steal Your Competitors Audience – Tutorial

Hi this video is about How To Use YouTube
Video Ads To Steal Your Competitors’ Audience What if you could show your YouTube Video
before your competitor’s videos which get millions of views and subscribers?
It will get you a ton of laser targeted traffic to instantly promote your video
You literally steal some of your competitors’ audience to rapidly grow your own audience.
This is called Placement Targeting Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com
Here’s how to set-up Placement Targeting Inside Google AdWords
Let’s enter the popular keyword phrase “six pack abs” in YouTube
Click “search” Now you can see there are a number of ads
at the top here..I’ve got a very popular one here called “extreme six pack abs workout”
Let’s check that out to see if it’s monetized You can see that an ad is playing before the
video so that means it’s monetized and we can play our ad before that video
You also see that it’s got over 18 million views and has over 3 million subscribers so
this is a good video that we can play our video in front of
So we simply copy that URL and we can add it to a text document
Ideally we’ll compile a list of maybe several hundred URLS of different competitors’s videos
Next you want to sign in to your Google AdWords account
So here is all our campaigns Let’s go down to a test campaign..go to test
4 And then we select “video targeting”
Select “Placements” Click on the Placements box
Select your ad group that you’ve set up..in this case instream ad group
And then you just go to your video that you’ve selected…copy it and paste it in here and
then click “add placements” And here it says “YouTube Video Placements
1” “Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout” You can repeat this process by creating a
list of competitors videos that are monetized and add all the URLs in this box
You can also “Search for suggestions” so say I put “six pack abs’ in here
Click “search” Then check “YouTube Video Placements” “how
to get six pack ab in 3 minutes for a kid” Click on that and here it’s got “how to get
six pack in 3 minutes for a kid” in your YouTube video placements
After you’ve done that just click “Save” Keep this important thing in mind…
Monitor your campaign over the next few days to see which placements are receiving the
most views Pause the placements that didn’t receive any
views so you can focus on the ones that are performing the best
That’s it! Now you know how to steal your competitors’
audience using YouTube Video Ads If you want to learn how to set up your first
video ads campaign or receive advanced training then download my video ads cheat sheet
Click the card icon or click the link in the description below this video
Thanks for watching

27 thoughts on “How To Use YouTube Ads To Steal Your Competitors Audience – Tutorial

  1. That's the kind of ad I did but guess what. It was approved but adwords is having some kind of glitch and it hasn't started to run yet 🙁

  2. Awesome I video, will you have to mention the video has placement ads when you upload a video on that editing section where it says monitize if the video is for example a how to video etc….so the advert will play before your video? sorry if i sound stupid but this was very interesting perhaps might give me a little bit of a boost with the $

  3. G'Day Herman No question mate, YOU ARE THE MAN. I am keen to get clarification on the price of your program, MASTERVIDEOADS.COM. I sent you and email asking for clarification because there was two different prices. Can you help me with that, and thanks heaps for today's amazing info.

  4. Another EXCELLENT video! Thank you so much for sharing you expertise so generously! Dr. Debbie Thompson – +Life Reset Chiropractic

  5. I was wondering if I can put ads on certain peoples videos on You Tube. I guess you answer my question. Given that this video goes back to 2015, I have to see if this still valid.

  6. Very good,. but do I still have to worry about demographics, or do I just add the video links and thats it? thanks

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