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How To Use YouTube Ads – Setting Up A YouTube Ads Account

How To Use YouTube Ads – Setting Up A YouTube Ads Account

Hello. Welcome to this video: “How To Use YouTube Ads – Setting Up Your YouTube Account. This video is all about the
steps to be taken to set up a YouTube ads account. This part in the process of
how to use YouTube ads can be very challenging for many. It’s where the
fear factor determines whether a Youtuber takes their business to the
next level. So let’s find out if we – including – you are up to the challenge! In
the meantime, be sure to watch the video to the very end where you’ll get details
of how to download your free PDF copy of the: “Top 10 Tips For Beginners To YouTube Ads”. Hi, my name is Jeff Laming of Video Cashflow and in this video we’re going
to take the steps to set up our YouTube video ads account. So let’s now head over
to the computer and whilst I’m making my way there be sure to read the following
message about to come up on your screen…… Okay, so welcome to the computer. Let’s
get started. So, just as a quick reminder why are YouTube ads so powerful. Well, firstly, they rank your videos higher; secondly, they can turbo-charge organic growth, so
if you’re looking to hit the 10,000 views mark then you need to seriously
consider YouTube ads especially in light of the recent changes by YouTube and Google; thirdly, the beauty of YouTube videos is that your viewers, visitors, whatever can
share the videos getting even more views; and lastly, you can also get a $100 [£100] free credit from YouTube/Google when you spend £25 [$25] on video ads.
And that’s probably the first place that we…..one of the first places you want to
go to as we set up the YouTube ads account. So let’s go to the next stage.
Basically what you want to do is enter in the Google search box here “YouTube
advertising”. There are number of other ways to achieve what we’re going to
achieve but this is probably one of the easiest ways…..and then we want to scroll down and come to this item here and it’s “Advertise – YouTube” so next thing, what
we’ll do is we’ll click on that and we come to this screen here. To get the
promotional code for the free credit just scroll to the bottom and here and we
just click the “GET OFFER CODE” there. Enter your email address (country comes up) and then tick the Captcha box and click “Submit”. So I’ll do
that now and see you back here shortly…. Now when you fill in details hit the “Submit” button – you come up with this page here: “Thank You! You’ll receive the offer code
by email”, so whatever email address you put in you will receive the promotional
code which need to activate before a certain date, obviously in this case 31st
December and in order to participate, you must enter the code within 14 days of your
first ad impression. And it’s got further details about how you can make payment. In this case it’s £25 If you’re in the States, Canada it’ll be
dollars – same with Australia and so forth. When you go to you email this is the
message that you’ll get, confirmation of receiving your offer with the
promotional code, and then give you directions on whether you’re a new advertiser or an existing advertiser. And obviously, if you are a new advertiser, the steps are fairly easy to follow which we’ll quickly run through now. And obviously, the first thing
you’d want to do is copy that promotional code onto your notepad because we’ll be
entering it in the next step or two on another place on the Google/YouTube page. So now we go back to Google and in the search bar we will enter
“Google AdWords”…..and then we come down to here. It’s expanded and this is the link that
we want to click on next. Click on the link there, and here we come to the
“Get[ting] your ad on Google today…..be seen by customers at the very moment you search on Google for the things you offer and only pay when they click to
visit your website or call”. So let’s just click on “START NOW”….”Welcome to Google AdWords!”, and the first thing you need to show is your email address. Now, because I’ve already registered with Google AdWords my email address will already show up….I’ve
blocked it out here, and then it will ask what is your website. And just so
that you get a better view of it now this is what it looks like.
As I said I’m already signed up to AdWords and this message here just
signifies that saying this email is already associated with an AdWords account…. sign in to your existing account; click “Continue” which is this blue button down
here. You can create a new AdWords account associated with this email
address if you want. You just click here and that will take you through to
another step where you set up your account. And we’ll just do that now just
to show you what it’s like. Now interestingly, Google are giving you a
choice of opting for what’s called AdWords Express and then comparing it
with AdWords. Click on the blue hyperlink here just to get a quick comparison and
here it gives you an explanation of Google AdWords Express……”It’s the
easiest way to reach customers on Google” according to Google. Now, you can
click on that and then there’s the more traditional “The advanced controls
for professional marketers” so you now have a choice – AdWords Express or AdWords. For the purposes of this video I’m going to go with Google AdWords which is what I’m already set up with anyway, but I will, at a later date, do a separate video
on Google AdWords Express, as this is a relatively new introduction as far as
I’m aware by Google. Now, coming back to the original “Welcome”, I’m going to now click on the “Continue” button. I’ll put in my website address where we’ll go through
to the next step. Now, once you’ve filled out your new account details (if you haven’t already filled one out) you’ll have to verify your account by clicking a link
in the email that you’ll receive, and then you’ll be brought to the Google
AdWords dashboard which is this page here. So where do we claim the $100 credit? Well if you go to here on the Google AdWords dashboard, go to the
gear icon here. This is Billing, Account Settings and Help. Click on that. Click
on Help and put in: “credit coupon” using “Use your promotional codes” and it will tell you where to enter your promotional code here, so let’s just expand on that so you
can see it, and then you get the instructions; sign in to your AdWords
account; click the gear icon and choose “Billing & payments; click “Settings”;
scroll to the bottom of page; click “Manage promotional codes” and enter your promotional code. Then click “Save” and you can do that by clicking the blue “GO THERE NOW” button which is what I will now do and for my own promotional
code, and I’ll see you in a minute. So, back at the Google AdWords dashboard, just following those instructions. So sign into your Google AdWords account and click on the gear icon here and click on help; type in”Promotional codes”; scroll down to where to enter your promotional code and as I showed you earlier in the
blown-up picture. There’s seven steps here, see. Click on the go there now button and it will
actually take you straight to Step number five. When you click the “+
promotional code” button, put in your AdWords account; click the promotional
code and then hit your promotional code and just put it into there. I’ll go and get
mine right now…..I’ll enter that there and then I’ll click on the “Save” button and
then once we’ve done that it tells you a bit about how to use the promotional credit and the amount that you have spent so far. And then it says here at the bottom: “Get £75 on
credit for spending £25 on TrueView video ads”. And no doubt if you’re in Australia or North America, New Zealand that’ll show up as dollars. So go back to
Google AdWords. Back to the dashboard and we’re now ready to create our first
campaign which we’ll cover in the next video. Hope you found those steps helpful. In the next video we’ll run through the next stage of setting up a YouTube ads
campaign….. …..and here’s a link for you to download
your free PDF copy of the: “Top 10 Tips For Beginners To YouTube Ads”. You will
find the URL link in the description box below this video. Thanks for watching.
Look out for another video on video marketing and YouTube coming your way
next week. Enjoy! Until next time, bye for now.

8 thoughts on “How To Use YouTube Ads – Setting Up A YouTube Ads Account

  1. I still feel that it's challenging to use Youtube ads. Very scary for me personally. I feel that I would overspend on ads.

  2. You've been posting some great videos! Thank you! I have become a subscriber 🙂 BTW, your Dropbox link for the offered pdf is only an image file. I'd like to read the "Top 10 Tips.."! Thanks again for your useful videos!

  3. It sure can be. Glad I set up Adsense a long time ago, as I'm sure it has become even more daunting now. Thinking about doing an ad on youtube but have not done it yet.

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