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How to Use Paid Ads on Social Media to Scale to 6 Figures (FAST in 2019!)

How to Use Paid Ads on Social Media to Scale to 6 Figures (FAST in 2019!)

(futuristic exploding) – What’s up? My name’s Los. This is a sparkler. That’s my friend Mikey
holding a $10,000,000 plaque. This is our whiteboard, and that’s my Maserati that I didn’t rent, I own it. Now that I got your attention, I’m gonna talk to you
about why your business is not scaling. And it has nothing to do with the cars, and it’s got nothing
to do with the plaques. It’s gotta do with the fact that you don’t understand how
to have conversations with the people that you’re
trying to sell things to. See, I created a method,
and it’s called C4. It stands for content, conversations, community, and conversions, because that’s what you’re gonna get. Your business is gonna explode if you have these three pieces. So let’s talk about the
first piece right now. It’s content. See, a lot of you guys, kinda building a business to ten, twenty thousand dollars a month, but then you’re stuck
and you’re wondering why. The big reason why is content. You’re not expanding your content or you’re not creating enough content. The easiest places to start doubling down and making more money with your brand, and building influence, having influence in your ecosystem, in your niche, in your
marketplace, is with content. We’re gonna do that through all social, including YouTube. And if you really wanna scale
and get to seven figures, you’ve gotta figure out
the content side of things. You’ve gotta start posting more stories. You’ve gotta start amplifying your message and you’ve gotta start
expanding in situations, working on things like YouTube, Facebook Messenger, and
things like that, okay? So that’s number one. If you guys aren’t focused
on content, you’re losing. The second thing, is conversations. So conversations are critical for you to actually start having success. It’s critical to the conversions that you have more conversations. And if you’re just doing
one of these things you’re not gonna have
enough conversations. You need to focus on your content and you need to amplify your
message, paid advertising. This is how you amplify your message. You are losing to people like me who are amplifying their
messages with paid advertising. See, we’ve used paid advertising to grow every single one of our businesses. That eight figure plaque, that’s
just one of our businesses. We do another eight figures combined with all of the other brands that we have and it’s because we’re focused on amplifying the message
through conversations. Now let’s talk about the third thing. See, a lot of you guys are
not building community. If you’re not building communities you’re not really building brands. The world that we live in, is
people buy things from people. People are focused on community. You see all these Facebook
groups that are huge, that are growing. You see the communities that
are building on Instagram. These are platforms that
are based off community. That is how they grow. But you’re not building community. You’re just focused on this one thing, or you’re afraid because you think it’s going to waste your time. It’s what’s going to amplify your message and it’s what’s going to get you to grow. So the big thing that we say here is that you need to focus on community, and that’s gonna be Facebook groups. Starting a Facebook group
is very, very simple. Everybody that’s coming
in through your ecosystem needs to go into that,
continue the conversation, build community, engage,
create relationships and grow. Okay? And the last one is conversions. If you have all of these
three things combined, you’re going to get sales, and that’s all conversions are. Conversions are sales, but conversions don’t happen overnight. Conversions happen when you put content into conversations, build community, then people just buy your stuff because they know every single thing about that product or service. Now, if you’re struggling,
we have a system. It’s called The Influence Engine. We help you set up the C4 method to help you scale your business from 20,000 a month to
100,000 a month and above. So, we’ve scheduled some time for you guys to have conversations with us and see if you are a good
fit for our community, and if so, we’ll let you know what it’s like to work with
us on The Influence Engine. So, click the link below, or swipe up, but stop wasting your time and caring about things like that, because the cars, that’s not what matters. It’s the people you impact. I’m out. (engine revving)

12 thoughts on “How to Use Paid Ads on Social Media to Scale to 6 Figures (FAST in 2019!)

  1. Solid points! It's more than just throwing a product in someones face and expecting them to buy it. God level marketing 🙏

  2. Dude this is incredible. I see people doing this approach without mentioning that you use pix advertising as if that was a bad thing… thanks for the transparency and the dope video!

  3. Can you do an in depth/how to video on marketing/advertising on Facebook and paid advertising in general? So confusing

  4. I am totally overloaded right now with my social media.
    I did exactly what you said in this video, I found groups of people with the Interests that I’m selling, joined 4-6 of them, added massive content, helped so many people, Keto newbies, answered 1000 questions, then my inbox starts lighting up, people asking for one on one advice, my fb page grew 183 lines in 14 days or less.
    Then I mentioned my course is almost ready to launch, got customers, next week I do a live Q&A to help people start up, announced it and got a massive response, now they asked if I have a group of my own………. I can’t believe it!!!! I can thank you guys enough for this.

    I know it’s not a 10,000€ a month job yet, it’s maybe 100€ at the moment, but I can only go up!!

    Amazing and I am super buzzing happy right now!!

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