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How to use Hubspot’s Facebook Ad Integration (Demo)

How to use Hubspot’s Facebook Ad Integration (Demo)

Hi guys Nick here from campaign creators. And I want to welcome everyone to a very special episode of Nick’s ad chat. We’re talking all things PPC. A little while ago some of you might remember I put together a little video about integrating Facebook lead ads with HubSpot using a platform called Zapier. Now for a while using a third-party platform like Zapier was the only way to make this happen. But I’m happy to announce that that’s no longer the case. We now have full HubSpot Facebook ad integration and the people over at HubSpot gave us special beta access to the new Facebook feature and I had the opportunity to take a look around. So I’m going to show you guys how to set everything up, how everything works and also a nifty new feature called the ROI Calculator, which is really just going to change the way you report back to your team. So let’s hop onto the computer and take a look. If you want to connect your account, you first have to activate the HubSpot ads add-on. So to do that, open up your browser, go to HubSpot.com Open up your portal, go down to “settings” ,click “products and add-ons”. Once you’re there, once it loads Scroll down to Ads Add-on. Now if you haven’t already activated it, You’re just gonna see a “Learn more” button and you click that. Of course, it is a paid add-on, but luckily if you just want to try it out ,HubSpot offers a 14-day free trial which of course I’m currently utilizing. So we’re going to click “Use it now” and open it up, So let me open up the new tool. We first click “Get started” and of course it’s going to open up this page and you can see the different channels that we can use. Of course AdWords and LinkedIn is available. Some of you might already be well acquainted with those and over here is our good friend Facebook, so we’re gonna click that icon. And the first thing that’s normally going to happen is it’s going to ask for your auth, your password to authenticate the account. Since I’ve already done that, it’s not going to make me re-input it. So all we have to do now is select the Ad Account that you want to use the one that’s associated with your personal page, so we’re going to select campaign creators and hit “save”. And there we go! Welcome. The big green checkmark means that we made it. So we’re going to click “Continue to Ads” and we’re fully integrated. Super super easy. In this first “Manage” tab, You can see stats like impressions Click-through rate Clicks, and then of course the number of leads and customers your Ads have generated. Although, one thing to remember is it will not take into account any leads you have generated before you activate the Add-on. So that’s why these two are showing zero and zero. If we scroll down a little bit further, we can see a breakdown of our campaigns. And if you click one of them, you can see a lot of the same functionality that you can find in Facebook Ad manager, you can turn Ad groups on and off. If you open up to see the individual ads, you can actually pull up a preview of the ad which is really really cool and also you can filter your views based on the timeline that you want. This month, Last month, Last 30 days anything like that. And then if we go back, then we click the “Analyze” tab, we see some excellent stats on Basically tell you how your ads are performing and the main treat here is the ability to see the progression between the progression from compressions, to clicks, to leads, all the way to customers, so really taking in and focusing on the trends there and completely full loop reporting. Now one thing I really wanted to show you guys was something called the ROI Calculator, and it’s a really awesome new feature that HubSpot has implemented. Basically define that to set it up you go over to “Settings” tab, and you hit ROI calculation, And then you input roughly your bet the value of a customer to your business, so we’re gonna leave that at $10,000 Just for now, just for a test and then afterwards, also, roughly, how many leads your company needs to convert a Lead to a customer, so let’s just say it takes us about 200 leads to convert one customer 0.5% conversion rate. We’re going to hit “Update” and once we input these numbers, we can see an ROI calculation for our Ad spend, so we go back to “Analyze” or go back to “Manage” and then this top right corner right now, we see negative hundred percent and based on that the answer to the question are our ads giving us a good return on investment It’s a clear and resounding no. But then again we have to remember remind ourselves that the system hasn’t registered any of our leads or customers that our ads have generated. So the value I see here from the very start is you can see whether or not your ads are really doing what they should and advertising in general is a very number heavy business. But that number that ROI number is just one of those numbers that can’t lie. So immediately you know if changes need to be made if you need to boost any budgets if you need to turn off any channels and that sort of thing it also gives you the ability to quickly compare other channels and That’s especially obvious if you’re using the Google Adwords and LinkedIn integrations, so say for example, I want to compare my Facebook ads to my LinkedIn ads. For example you’re not bringing in as many leads on LinkedIn, and you’re spending a bit more money, but then your leads are actually converting at a higher rate than on Facebook, so I can go into my ROI calculation, I can change the conversion rate, Let’s say 5%, updated it, go back into my “Manage” tab and then if I’ve activated, my LinkedIn ads account I can switch to LinkedIn and that number in the top right will change so I can immediately compare whether or not my ads are giving me higher return on investment between channels. I think another thing is that this ROI calculator really encourages the collaboration between marketing and sales. So say another hypothetical situation, maybe marketing is delivering a very high number of leads to the sales team, but none of them are converting. So this just gives the marketing team an opportunity to reach out to the sales team. Learn a little bit of information about why these leads are not converting and then immediately input and implement this back into the ads and like I said everything is very conveniently available in this portal. So all in all just a great reporting tool for your team. That’s all we have time for today guys. Thank you so much for watching. This is a really really great tool It’s gonna make at least my life a lot easier Connecting your account is really simple. There’s some great functionality, and there’s tons of possibilities for growth. I don’t see it completely replacing Facebook Ads manager and I don’t think that’s HubSpot intention either, but I would like to see them add the ability to create new ads or at least make small edits to your existing ads so we’ll look for that in the future. Anyways, thanks so much for watching guys. I’ll see you next week!

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