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How to use Google AdWords Countdown Customizers

How to use Google AdWords Countdown Customizers

Hey there! I’m Benjamin from Loves Data. In this video you’re going to learn how to
use Countdown Customizers in Google AdWords. Using a countdown customizer in your text
ads allows you to include dynamic details about when an event is going to take place. For example, we can use a countdown customizer
to highlight when a sale is ending, when a product is launching or anything other event. The countdown will automatically update depending
on when someone sees our ad. So let’s take a look at countdown customizers… Let’s get started! // Here are two examples of ads that include
a countdown customizer… We can see that the ad on the left says that
sale ends in 3 days and the ad on the right tells us that there’s a free webinar in 3
days time. And here’s what happens if we saw these ads
the next day… We can see that now the ads says 2 days instead
of 3… And in the hours leading up to our specified
date and time the ads will look like this… We can see that they now say 4 hours. As we can see, using the countdown customizers
can make our ads more dynamic and more engaging as people see our ads. So let’s head to Google AdWords to see how
e add a countdown customizer to our ads… The first thing we need to do is create a
new ad, so let’s select a campaign… Then an ad group… And select ‘ads and extensions’… Now we can create a new ad… We need to create a text ad. We can add the customizer to the headings
or the description of our ad. So let’s start by adding in a description… And then let’s add an opening curly bracket
to our description. We can see that we can select from different
types of ad customizers. We can choose from ‘keyword insertion’, ‘countdown’
or ‘if function’. Let’s select ‘countdown’. We can now set the date and time that our
countdown ends and when we want the countdown to start. Your ad will only start showing during this
period, so if you leave the default of ‘5 days’, then the ad will only be shown for
those 5 days leading up to your event. Your ad will also automatically stop showing
once the event’s date and time has been reached. You can also choose if you would like the
countdown to be based on the timezone of your AdWords account or the timezone of the person
viewing the ad. If you’re running a sale or promotion that
hasn’t been scheduled at different times around the world, then you will probably want to
use the timezone of your account, so that people only see the ad when the promotion
is available. Then when you’re happy you can click apply. The ad now includes the countdown customizer. You can also use this function without needing
to use the visual editor in AdWords, but as we’ve seen, it does make it easy to get your
ads up and running quickly. So that’s how you can add a simple countdown
to your text ads in Google AdWords. You can also use a countdown customizer for
recurring events. This is useful if you have a series of events
or promotions that you have planned. This requires a little bit more work, but
let’s take a look… First you’ll need to map out all of the events
and dates you want to include in your ad. We need to create a spreadsheet that includes
these details. In this example we can see we have a series
of promotions we are going to run during the year. We have a column for the promotion and a column
for the date the promotion ends. It’s important that the date is in the right
format. It needs to be year, followed by month, then
day and then time in 24 hour format. This file is actually a different type of
customization. This is an example of an ‘ad customizer’ and
now that we’ve created our spreadsheet we need to head back into Google AdWords… And we need to upload this into the ‘business
data’ section of AdWords… You’ll find this under ‘setup’ on the right
of the tools and settings menu. We need to name the ad customizer data source. Now we can preview the ad customizer data… And we can see that looks correct, so let’s
apply this. Now let’s head back to our ad group and create
another ad… And let’s add an opening curly bracket to
the ad… We can now see there is an additional option
that let’s us pull in our ad customizer which we just uploaded. So let’s select this option… And select the data source… And we can now choose the name of the promotion. Let’s add ‘ends in’ and now let’s add opening
curly bracket, equals, countdown, open bracket, promotions, dot, date. This will allow us to countdown to the date
and time. We can then add comma, the language in quotes,
comma, and the number of days before the date that we want the ad to start displaying. That’s it! You can even enter additional promotions and
dates to the business data. You have the option of adding new rows manually
or uploading another file. // So that’s how you can use a countdown customizer
to make your ads more dynamic and engaging. And as we’ve seen you can even use the countdown
customizer for recurring events and promotions. Just remember that your ads will only show
for the days before the event that you’ve specified and will automatically stop showing
when the event date and time is reached. So just make sure you’re ready with other
ads when your customized ads aren’t running. Are you using countdown customizers with your
ads? Have a countdown idea you’d like to share? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below! And if you found this video helpful, then
please like it, so I know to make more videos like this. See you next time!

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  2. I am using Google Ads from last 1 year but today I came to know about this feature, after watching this video. Thank you dear. Great Work.

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