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How to use facebook video ads to boost sales

How to use facebook video ads to boost sales

in this video I’m going to show you
three ways you can use facebook video ads to boost sales for your business
that’s coming up in just a moment hey I’m Francesca from get ahead media and
I’m all about helping busy owners entrepreneurs to create better videos
faster so they can grow their businesses online so make sure you hit that little
subscribe button down there if this is your first time here so on today’s topic
facebook video ads but why would you want to use them I mean most people
think they just cost heaps of money and they’re not really worth it or
they expect that they put in a dollar they’re gonna get $2 out immediately
it’s not entirely how they work you have to be strategic and how you use your
video ads but the reason they’re so powerful is because people want them and
people are compelled to buy after seeing them in fact
Animoto reported that 64% of consumers made a purchase after watching a video
on facebook and in all my tests of using video ads throughout my business my ads
have always outperformed my photos by about 78 to 88 percent so they’re super
powerful and engaging and converting your audience so I want to get you
started with three ways you can use facebook video ads to boost sales in
your business number one drive leads into your email list so have you ever
heard the expression the money is in the list well this means that your email
list is where the money is out and you need to keep building that that list in
order to be able to sell to a wider audience and in facebook video ads are
brilliant at getting people into your email list and then when they’re in your
email list you can sell to them happy days, so you do that by way of a freebie
or a lead magnet and create a short 10-15 second video that gives the audience
everything they need to know to make a decision to sign up to your email list
and get that freebie offer it has to be something they want and when I use this
strategy to get people into my email list it cost me only 75 cents per sign
up for getting people into that email list from Facebook
and that’s what the 15-second video that I made in five minutes on my phone
number two promoting high value video content and then retargeting this
audience so this is next-level marketing here and it costs you literally pennies
so what you do is you create a video on your Facebook page that gives a lot of
value to your audience and use it to create an ad within the ads manager then
you promote that video to a khole audience so you can start warming them
up and a warm audience and you keep them super engaged and ready to buy whatever
offer you put out there but the really cool thing is when you use this strategy
before a launch it means you can retarget the people that watch 25 50
percent or 90 percent of your video and those the people that are gonna be most
likely to buy you’ve warmed them up with high value content that cost you pennies
number three using video to retarget non buyers have you ever heard about the
marketing rule of seven which is about people need to see your hear from you
seven times before they’re in a position that they would be happy to buy so these
types of ads retargeting ads can take people who have seen your sales page and
redirect them back they’re reminding them that that’s off is still there
that’s still available and not to miss out so you’re showing up hopefully seven
times in order to get them to buy from you and this video because they already
know you can be really simply made as long as you’re talking to your
audience’s challenges or their goals and their needs and how your product serves
that so that’s just three simple ways you can use video ads but the power of
the video ad is phenomenal it can be across your business there are so many
ways you can use it they’re specific to what you want to achieve but if you know
you want to use facebook video ads and you’re not really sure how to go about
it or how to use the ads manager it seems overwhelming we don’t want to
waste your money then I want to let you know that this Black Friday I have a
special offer on my get ahead with facebook video ads program so click the
link in the description and sign up to the early bird waitlist so you’re the
first to know about that special offer I thank you so
much for watching get cracking with your videos and until next time happy filming

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