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– [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, would you please welcome a bloke to enhance your
knowledge and amusement on Facebook, and E-technology, would you please welcome onto the stage and give a big round of applause. (dramatic music) – All righty let’s do this. G’day what’s dolce? Welcome to today’s episode of the vlog. So, currently at the
Crown Towers in Perth. It’s just opened it’s super, super pretty. Super, super fancy! I’m about to do the opening keynote at the Caravan Industry
Association conference for Western Australia, 2017. Gonna be talking about
everything digital marketing, social media marketing, Facebook
ads, it’s gonna be sick! And, yeah, roll on deep gotta, albeit Maxwell Capwell
on the camera (kissing). And the magnificent Terra,
who just corrected me earlier! She’s the best, yeah, I’m
excited let’s do this! Boy these freak me out, hey? We go in once, I don’t know, I don’t know. Pink on pink, on pink, pink (laughs). That Nike ID. (upbeat music) So nice! (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Ladies
and gentleman I want you to please welcome a bloke
to enhance your knowledge and amusement on Facebook
and E-technology. Would you please welcome onto the stage, and give a big round of applause. (applause) – Good morning everybody,
how are we doing? Before I do get started I want to give you a bit of a background, and set the scene. Give you a bit of context
in terms of who I am, my story, how I got here,
and I guess kinda what I do. So, I’m a massive nerd
for all things digital, and all things tech. And this nerdy passion of mine started at the ripe old age of six. This is me and my first day at school. Looking super excited, and
this nerdy passion of mine, it started literally in the
first few weeks of school, because I began to notice that things had a certain way of catching on, right. So, I remember, it was probably about the second week of year one, back in 1996. And I remember going out to recess. And a few kids were playing
with marbles, right. Who remembers marbles? Yeah, a few kids playing marbles,
probably about three kids. And I was like, oh these
marble things seem cool, and wasn’t too interested,
but a few weeks later a few more kids were playing with marbles. And I was like, aha, these
marble things are cool. By the end of term one, there was about 40 kids in my year
group, 40 boys in my year group that were playing with marbles. And I was like, I’m gonna
get on this marble action. Let’s do it! So, you know, went home, I’m like “Mom, I want some marbles! “I want some marbles!” She’s like “Paul, you can
wait until your birthday.” And I’m like “All right.” I was six years old. So, basically my birthday is
in the middle of the year, 25th July, and, you know,
wake up on my birthday, and I got some marbles! And I was like “These are sick!” I was so excited! And, took them, and started playing with all the kids in school. That was fun, by the end of the year, pretty much all the boys, bar a few, were playing with marbles. Now, I found it very peculiar. And the same thing happened the next year. Except marbles weren’t cool. School holidays had happened. Marbles were out. But Pokemon cards were in, right? Everyone wanted Pokemon cards. And the same thing happened. Small group of boys, started
playing with Pokemon cards. Few weeks later, more people
playing with Pokemon cards. By the end of the year, pretty
much the whole year group was playing at Pokemon cards. Same thing happened
again the following year. Except Pokemon cards were out. And, Lego was in! Now, I noticed this
happened again, and again. Year in, year out. So, in year three it was Lego. In year four, it was Dragon Ball Z. And in year five it was Digimon. And I noticed that these
fads, and these phases happened year in, and year out. And in my reflection I realised what I have always been kinda fascinated by. Marketing, and I guess, social
psychology, if you will. And this fascination of mine, followed me all the way
through into my teenage years. And I’m like, my questionable
sense of fashion, when I was fifteen. It followed me into my
years at University, where I majored in marketing at EWA. And this path, and this humble beginnings which all started on
the first day of school, as a six year old has kinda
brought me to stand here, and speak to you guys
today about marketing. Who of you was born in
the Sixties, or Seventies? What’s your name, Sir? – [Alan] Alan. – Alan? – [Alan] Yes. – Alan did you, or your
family when you were a kid, did you have a local
butcher that you went to? You had, yep? And Christmas time’s coming up. Back in the day, what was
your family’s favourite type of meat to eat, when you were a kid? Lamb? Cool, so you’ve got a local
butcher that you’d go to. And I’m assuming you’re
a kid in this story, so, your Dad would take you down there. And your Dad knows the butcher by name. It’s like this, let’s call
him Nick, Nick’s the butcher. “Hey Nick, how’re you going?” Nick says hello to your Dad. “Hey Alan.” Gives you a little pat
on the head, says hello. And it’s like cool, you know Christmas is coming up around the corner. Got your favourite slice, or
your favourite lamb roast. Ready to go, seasoned the way you want it. Rah, rah, rah. Like sick! Thank you to Nick the butcher. You go home, cook it up for Christmas. It’s absolutely delicious,
it’s exactly what you wanted. You’re sitting around the Christmas table, and basically you tell a great story about where you got the lamb from. And how great your butcher is. And that is old school word of mouth. And we can do that in 2017,
through word of mouse. And the thing is, the thing that makes that experience so great,
and the thing that makes it so powerful, is that it’s just
someone being human, right? Someone building a real
relationship with their customer, actually caring about what
their customer thinks. Actually caring about their experience. And we often forget, especially,
with digital marketing, and social media
marketing, that even though there’s a screen, or there’s
a smartphone in front of us, we can still create
those real relationships with our customers and with our audience. One of the biggest questions
I get asked by clients. Is what kind of content
can I create on social? What kind of content is
working around my location, for my business, in the
hospitality tourism industry? And one of the best
resounding, best pieces of content you can be creating for your business on social
right now, is location porn. What is location porn? Got a little bit of an example here. This was taken down in
Canal Rocks, down South. All we did was, we captioned the comment, “Nothing better than having “a natural waterpark all to yourself!” And then we tagged
where it was, 10 minutes from where the client’s business is, and we tagged the person
who took the photo. We didn’t create the content,
we just DJ’d it, right? And why does it work so well? Well, it works so well, because you need to think about what you’re
actually selling, right. So, you’re selling somewhere to stay overnight when you go somewhere. But you’re really selling,
in a lot of cases, the experience of being in that location. Away from home. Another thing that is working great, is incentive retargeting. And this is amazing! So, who runs bookings to
their website at the moment? Who has a website that runs bookings? Yeah. Who does retargeting at the moment? Who doesn’t know what retargeting is? (audience murmurs) Okay, do you ever go onto
Facebook after you’ve been on a website, and then let’s say, I’m gonna use you again Alan. Let’s say Alan’s being
looking at some flip-flops, some thongs, and he
goes back onto Facebook. Or goes back onto like, news.com.au, and he’s been looking at these thongs, then, bang, he sees an
ad for those exact thongs on that website, that’s
retargeting, right. So, basically what we
do is we pixel people, we follow you around, we cookie you, and then we go and serve ads based on what you’ve been looking at. Bit creepy, if you don’t
know what’s going on. From a return on investment,
digital marketing point of view, it’s absolutely insane! Now, this is an example of
an incentivized retargeting that we run for one of my clients. This is a carousel ad that shows up to people who have visited our website, our client’s website
that haven’t purchased. And it runs for seven days, and then if they do purchase it stops running. So we don’t waste ad
budget, if it has converted. And it’s just a simple, simple ad, that’s promoting every third night free. And this incentivized retargeting
is really great as well, because we’re doing a value-add, we’re not doing a discount, right. So note, to the market we’re
not inherently lowering the value, or the room, the rate, the rack-rate of the
room to our customers. We’re adding on an extra night free. So, it’s a difference in psychology. So, we’re not lowering the value, we’re actually adding value, right. And this works, absolutely amazing. Because to the market they’re saving, $299 for an awesome room, right. And they’re gonna get a third night free. And it’s one of our highest converting ads that we’ve ever run. And we’ve been running
this ad for four years now. The great thing about running this ad, and running incentivized
retargeting ads like this, is, when you set it up in the right way, you’re pixeling new
people every single time. So, you don’t get, you don’t get ad burn. You don’t annoy people. And because they’re only
running for seven days after they visit the website,
and they stop running once they’ve converted,
you’re saving money. It’s an effective
allocation of your budget. And you’re not BLANKING anybody off. All right, who uses OTAs? Who uses OTAs? Right, who doesn’t like OTAs? Whose, like who (inaudible) hates, sending, no (inaudible) seriously, nothing BLANK me off more than giving 10-20% commission to an OTA. I mean it’s great if
you need more business. But that 10-20% commission,
if you were doing a $2000, like five day $2000 piece of
business for like one customer, that’s like almost $400, if you’re paying a 20% commission to Wotif, or TripAdvisor. Like, that’s not fun,
that’s not fun at all. Especially if they are running Google ads against your business’s name
on mobile, and on desktop. Like, you’re paying $400
for them to steal your, I mean they’re giving you business, but you’re paying $400 for
it, and the amount of money, they’re probably paying for that click, like collectively, let’s
say they get 10 clicks, average a dollar a click, that’s 10 bucks. So, they’re making a $390
net profit off your rooms. When you could be playing
in that same arena as well. And this is one of my
favourite strategies, specifically for booking hotels online. And it’s something you
guys need to be doing. I’ve been doing it for all my clients in the hospitality tourism industry for the last five, six years. The return on investment averages 10X. It’s a (inaudible) day, or
it’s a (inaudible) month if we don’t get 10X return. And the reason it is so
cost-effective is on Google, there’s this thing called
quality score, right. You’ve got your TripAdvisors,
you’ve got your Wotifs, you’ve got all your
OTAs, and they’re bidding on your business’s
keyword on Google, right. So, they’re bidding on it,
and they’re raising the price of you to pay, or raising
the cost of that AdWords for you to pay on your
business brand name keyword. However, Google, they, like
levels the playing field with its quality score metric. And what that does, is it
allows you to get way cheaper cost per clicks, than what the OTAs get. And also, place the very, very, very top above Trivago, on Google,
because it’s your business. And it you’re doing bookings
through your website, then you can get wicked
returns on investment that outstrip the 15,
10, 15, 20% commission that you’re paying the OTAs. For example you spend $360
on your Google AdWords media budget every month,
and you make 6,000, 7000, $8000 worth of revenue. And all that’s tracked,
because you put the pixels, like what we were talking about before. Put the pixels on your website. Whose using the booking button, anyone using the booking
button to do their bookings? Or, yep! So, use the booking button. Super simple, you put the Google, I think you’re running
Google AdWords as well, is that, yep, cool, that’s my boy! Right, so basically, you
put the Google AdWords conversion tracking code at
the very end of the checkout. In the backend of the booking button. And Google knows, dollars, and cents. You spent $10.67 advertising this, and you made a return of $460
worth of rooms for that spend. And once you’ve done that
you can measure against to see, is it worth you competing in the arena with the OTAs? I’m not saying replace
what the OTAs are doing, because that would give you a significant amount of business. You may as well take back
some of the pie for yourself, and get a better return. Thank you. (applause) I’m chilling out there with morning teas, so if any of you guys have any questions, or want me to explain some of those strategies in more detail. Please come up, have a chat,
and we’ll go from there. Thank you very much! (applause) (applause drowns out speaker) – That’s it! – Them doing all the blogs,
we give them products that, they’re doing their own little thing. – Mate, that’s it, that will
create the content for you. They get free (inaudible), like. – That’s it, and they post everywhere, and they’ve got like two
hundred, five hundred thousand, twenty thousand followers. – That’s awesome right,
and even if you get, the thing is, if you can
give away free (inaudible), that’s not really costing
you too much, right. And you find like, a few people that are really passionate about
what your business is doing. Give them a bit of free (inaudible), they’ll give you free exposure. And you don’t even have
to ask them to do it. Because if you send them something, “Hey, what’s up, notice you follow us, “like, here’s some
stuff, really appreciate “you stay in the loop, listen, “if there’s anything we can do to help?” Soon as that rocks up, same
with the UberKITTENS thing they’re gonna take the photo be like, they’re gonna tag you in the post, and then they’re telling
their friends about you. It’s what you want. – It was really good to hear you speak. – Scott, right? – All right, yep. – Appreciate it, take care, let me know if there is anything
else I can do for you? Peace Scott! Woo! Anyways thank you very much for watching, that’s it, have the best
time at the conference. Thank you very much to
the CIAW for having me. Apart from that my name is Paul Ramondo, if you’re not already subscribed
hit that subscribe button. Turn on the bell notifications, so you get notified when
the new vlog comes out. And, apart from that
let’s cue the explosion, and I’ll see you next week. Peace! (bang) (upbeat music) – Right thanks very much
M’am, appreciate it. Cheers, cheers, woo (laughs)! This is great for my channel.


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