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– You know what you need to do then, local awareness ads. You will Mate, the return on
that’s gonna be out of control! (upbeat techno music) – Oh, I guess you’re live. – (mumbles) Welcome to today’s episode of the blog. Now I’m with Matt, Matt’s filming. Say hi, Matt. Turn this around. This is Matt. (laughter) We are on our way to one
of my oldest clients, Vinny’s, right now. About to do some consulting. It’s gonna be sick. And, yeah, talk everything Facebook ads, marketing, and branding. So let’s do it! (piano) (pop) (piano) (traffic noise) Get the client a coffee. Yeah. And you want a long macchiato topped off. (pop) Done. Alright, I’ll see you soon. My services also include fetching coffee. – I’ll just have a cup of coffee. – Bare it is. – You’re welcome, guys. Have a good day.
– [Paul] See ya, you too. – Thank you, byebye.
– [Matt] See ya. – They added to the new
bar that’s downstairs. So it’s like a three level venue. Kind of like four or
five clubs inside of one. (techno music) One of my favourite clubs. We’ve been going here since
what, we were like 18? Yeah, about 10 years now. – [Matt] We were definitely 18. (laughter) (techno music) (laughter) – How you doing, man? Good to see ya. (mumbles) This is Matt. Matt, this is Dave Heaton. – They look like something
I bought at the Adult Shop. (laughter) – I brought it home, gave him
my name, my brother was like, “Mate, what the (bleep) is that?” I was like that’s my tripod. He’s like, “Mate, they look like (bleep).” And I was like fair call, fair call. Your media spend on those demographics was a lot lower than what
you spend on 18 to 35. What I find is when you’re
advertising to people above the 45 demo (pop) because they don’t use it nearly as much, not subscribed to nearly as many pages. It’s way cheaper and also
most of other advertisers aren’t really targeting that demo because they’re using more traditional. – Just as a general principle, how I intertwine with that demographic is the most expensive. – Yeah. – And the reason being, well you’ll probably tell
me what it really is, but it’s they just get
bombarded fuckin’ so much every single fucking day. – Put it into context,
every single morning we wake up, we are bombarded with over
5,000 marketing messages from the second we wake
up every single day. So you think about it, you wake up, you hop out of bed, you
check your smartphone, bang, there’s some more
advertising in your news feed. You go and might have a coffee. You might roll in your car, you’ll see billboards. You’ll see bus advertisements. You get into the office and there’s more marketing everywhere. Just like anything that
you guys see, hear, or do in repetition. Our collective bullshit
radar for traditional marketing advertising is at
a penultimate all-time high. – Oh another thing that’s probably not (mumbles) because I guess. – Yup. – I wanna create an online web portal for training of our staff. (ding) – Si. – And what I wanna do is
I wanna create modules and I want a presenter right? So to present those modules and at the end of each module, they have to answer a few questions and then they go to the next module. – Yup, cool, so what I’m showing you right now is my online course, which has been built on (mumbles). You can do everything
from adding curriculum. You can do, like if you wanna
sell shit that’s all fine, but you can do quizzes at the end. You can add videos. This is like the intro
video to the course. And then you got the different modules. Of course, outline questions and answers and the discussions. And then it shows you your progress. And you wanna know what also is great? In the backend, you can go in and see every single person that’s a new employee and you can see whether
they’ve done it or not. So when you ask them have you done it, oh yeah, I’ve (beep) done it. You can literally see what they have and haven’t done. – If you wanna be able to communicate a company culture. – Yes. – So I want it to be presented in a fun way. So we infuse these people
with this is the way we act. This is all about us. You know, this is who we
are, all of that stuff. – You indoctrinate them into your company culture from the get go so that the standard is set
and it’s location is set. So you don’t have any. And you know what if they can’t
make it through the course, then they’re not supposed to (beep) there, and you can weed out the weasels before they (beep) become
foxes in your venue culture. So if you plan all that
and you map all that and I’ll be able to quote you. It’s a big project. – I know it is. – So it’ll cost you an arm and a leg but I’ll help you out. – That’s why I’m giving it
to you, cause like you know. (laughter) I’ve got photographers and everyone’s got an
opinion and all that, but I just can’t pull it
together like you can. You’ve done it before. – I appreciate that. And while we’re there
let’s go quickly plug, if you haven’t checked out Funnels 101, you should check out
Funnels 101, Funnels101.com. – Check out Funnels101. (laughter) I check it out every day. (laughs) – Hashtag always plug. (laughter) You know what you need to do
then, local awareness ads, (ding) around with a backpacker,
place them in Freemont. – Around Freemont. – They will (beep), you will make that your return investment
will be out of control. – I’ve used them a lot and I just didn’t find them really. – Because it’s an
awareness campaign, right? So if you wage here victory pain, pervert, a thousand impressions, but also backpack is the transient, right? So you need to constantly run them. But if you can get like
a few people interested and they’ve made friends at the individual hostels
they’re staying at, wherever they’re staying,
they’ll bring a whole crew. Where we goin’ tonight? Oh, the (mumbles) sounds
sick, let’s go there. – [Dave] Yeah, yeah. – And if you’re only spending like, I would run it (beep) drop ten dollars a day
between maybe $20 a day at, create a local window audience, find, map out every single
backpacker place in Fremantle. – Do I have to do a separate
path for every section? – No, no, so what you do is do one ad. Do one ad. And then in ad set, you just do, so you map out every single, get the address of every single backpacking place in Freemont and you just add those
all into your targeting by geographic location and then that’s the ad set. You put it, you can probably do any age, cause if they’re
backpackers they’re probably gonna be one in that party, maybe 18-40, and then you just run the
same ad every single day and you won’t get audience burn for ads or creative burn because
they’re transient, so they’re constantly changing. And you just do it within
the smallest radius possible around those venues. And once you’ve created one, so take a bit of time to create it once. It’ll be a bit of a bitch to create. Once it’s created, that’s your on-going. – Do I have to click on
awareness or can I just use the regular – You get a better return investment if you do local awareness. – Okay, so I’ll call it local awareness and I can put multiple tiers in. – Yeah, this is how to
create local awareness ads for a (mumbles) targeting, for hot clubs. Or any business. – Do you have the interest products? So I can do a local awareness
with two backpackers only? – Yep. – So then I can say – People currently in this location or people that are
travelling in this location. So you can only, so basically it knows that they’re not in their home country, so that way you can get
rid of all the people that walk past on the street cause they’re not gonna be
technically your target market cause what if you’re from Freemont. – Cause I wanna offer
backpackers free entry, but I don’t want every other motherfucker to have free entry. – Yeah. – And they’ve gotta have a
password, like I’m a backpacker. – Yeah, or basically just show your path, show your foreign passport. – Yeah. – Cause they’re bringing
that with them anyway. – [Matt] So then they
can use Friday anyway. – Exactly. – [Matt] Yeah, Wade did it once when we were on a really small club night and did half price entry
with foreign passport. – Yeah. – [Matt] And it worked pretty well. – Did it? – [Matt] Yeah, relatively well. We just did fly drops, so
we only got like 25 people. – Still, that’s quite a group. – [Matt] But when you only drop 155, so we were pretty stoked. – So let’s go, create campaign,
and then we will go to they’ve taken it out of here, alright. So brand awareness. Create new audience. Location, it’s people
travelling in this location. – Yeah and what about people recently? – 53 South Paris? – 58. – 58. So people recently in that
location would be everyone throughout the day, yeah. – So people travelling in that location, what’s that mean? – So basically means people that are away from where
they live normally, so you know on Facebook,
there’s so many dotted points. On Facebook you’re like lives in Perth. And then when I was
living in New York City, I was getting a lot of travel based ads because they were smart and
knew that I wasn’t home. 18-40, so down to 8,600 people. – Oh really? But that’s okay. – It’s good cause it’s a target. – If I get 8,600 people on a
Friday night, I’ll be happy. (laughter) – It’s true, this is true. – If I put backpacking
(pop) into the interests, have they basically? – Depends on which interest category backpacking’s going down from. – Is that a key word search or is that? – No, it’s more like – Where they select, oh I’m a backpacker. – No, so it’s based on people that have liked pages
relating to backpacking. So you know when you set up your – So it’d be more sophisticated than just having you click
on the backpack option on your Facebook profile. It’s actually working out
based on your activities that you’re likely to be a backpacker. – So people that like FY Capitol
and Metropitols Freemantle, then it would fall into
a broad subcategory of people that like going out at night, like nightlife and like
bars, like alcohol, and that’s the pairing category. So you know when you’re
setting up your page, every single piece of
information that’s in that page is then being used by Facebook’s data so when people subscribe to that page, then puts them in different buckets. Thank you very much, Dave. – Thank you. – Appreciate your time. Always a pleasure. – Thank you, appreciate your time. – I’m gonna close with a photo. Let’s do a wide angle. Anyway, that there concludes
this episode of vlog. If you enjoyed it, please
throw me a thumbs up. If you’re new to my channel,
drop me a subscribe. I drop new vlogs every
Monday, but not really, they’re the same vlog. Anyway, peace. (explosion) (rock music) – [Dave] Alright. – See you later. I’m just gonna save this, get one more. Content, content, content. Come back, vicious.


  1. Insane insight, fantastic video intro these are really coming along. Thats my favourite video of the lot. It's just real and raw.

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