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How to Use Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Wholesale Investors

How to Use Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Wholesale Investors

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how to use Facebook marketing for real
estate wholesaling marketing stay tuned hey this is all coming to you live from
my empire pro studios on this episode in this edition we’ll talk about how to
apply Facebook marketing in a real estate wholesaling business without
throwing money away obviously everyone is talking about Facebook marketing
Instagram marketing online marketing internet marketing when it comes to
wholesaling and it’s truly really like really really
good times in the eastery of mankind and I wanted to show you with you my
insights my experience with online marketing as regards which relationship
to real estate wholesaling and I want to make sure I give you some
really good pointers here so you don’t get into trouble like most people that
are gonna try to attempt this okay it’s one of those things that you want to
make sure that you have the knowledge or at least be able to hire somebody who
has the knowledge okay my preference is that you do if you’re gonna do anything
you do both okay you can have the knowledge and you can hire you can
decide to hire somebody but my preference is that if you’re gonna hire
somebody make sure you have the knowledge as well before you embark on
trying to use Facebook marketing or any type of online marketing for your for
your real estate wholesaling business okay there’s multiple angles to this but
I think the best way that I should address this is to really come from a
standpoint of answering this question that I received so without any further
ado let’s get into the questions so you say it’s all our thanks for all your
videos I’m learning a lot and creating playlists for the ones I can’t get to
right away good choice great great choice okay definitely yes I do release
a lot of videos and it’s deliberate okay but I also know that some of my best
students and best geez watch all my videos they may not
get to it right away but they create a playlist so what you want to do is under
this video you see like a little plus sign or you know different things like
that you can click on it and then you can hide it to a playlist you can create
a playlist and you can always get back to it and then their shoes they should
be like a little clock on the video as well too if you’re watching me on on
YouTube you can click on that and that’s your have me to your watch later alright
so these are different tools on top of this video that can allow you ensure
that you watch every video that I released so great choice for having it
to playlist so he says so I noticed that you’ve done some videos on Facebook
marketing yes I have I try to think it through on how I can apply Facebook
marketing to generating leads and prospects for hotel I think I need some
insights from you if you don’t mind alright so that’s the thing I have
Facebook marketing training on this channel if you google my name or like
talks I’d be talking Facebook marketing if you search for it on YouTube you see
at least maybe about 11 to 15 videos pop up on the subject Facebook marketing I
suggest that you watch those videos because I instead of those video now in
addition to this video by the way because this video is gonna serve as a
good foundation for you before you watch this video but with those video I go
into a lot of them has a live demonstration of how I tweak and test
and optimize campaigns inside of Facebook and why I do it why I set
certain type of numbers there’s no numbers written and stone anywhere when
it comes to marketing but it’s certain concept behind choosing certain numbers
as a threshold as a as an edge measure when it comes to managing your campaign
so I would definitely suggest watching this video again you can just search on
YouTube after you finish watching this video you can search all that talks I’d
be talking Facebook marketing and you see quite a few of them come up then you
can store them in a playlist and you can watch them right so right so he said I
try to think it through so he’ll think you can watch those videos you can
understand it for my standpoint of you know the same rules
apply in all businesses is the three-piece in all businesses the three
C’s in our business every business in my opinion needs multiple streams of income
because cash flow is king right same concept same several marketing step
ideas in several principles that I teach all the time on this channel but maybe
it’s a little bit helpful if you watch this video today and I and I you know
and I kind of like use wholesaling right real estate wholesaling and its own
uniqueness when I’m explaining this stuff okay so I’m gonna I’m gonna
attempt to do that so lucky day right so he says I think I need okay so I tried
to Google some information but nothing specific to real estate wholesale
marketing on Facebook can you dig into this so hopefully this video is popping
up when you search for facebook marketing for real estate wholesale or
roulette the wholesale marketing on facebook hopefully this video will start
popping up because that’s my goal all right but in anyway let’s get into how
you need to advertise your real estate wholesale on facebook right so there’s
three three different concepts right we have the three C’s on the three P’s
first which corresponds together with 3m s right and then we have the three C’s
which breaks down the third P which is the process into other pieces and then
we have multiple streams of income you absolutely must pay attention and know
exactly what I just said so if you don’t know what I just said what you want to
do is you want to make sure you watch another video which is several marketing
ideas principles several marketing principles when it comes to real estate
wholesale you want to Google my name and then you want to Google that and make
sure you watch that video and I will watch this video multiple times okay but
essentially what that means is three piece you have the product the process
and the people right the first thing you want to do is you wanna identify the
people now you’re clear as a real estate wholesaler then you
wanna help motivated sellers get rid of their property that’s the whole point of
wholesaling okay so there’s two different hangers to look
at it you want to help yourself make thirty forty thousand dollars per deal
for you or you can say you want to help homeowners get rid of their property
that didn’t want motivated sellers with distressed properties in distress
situation you want to have them get rid of that liability right and that’s how
you make 30 to 40 grand it’s the same thing but the way you say it makes a
whole lot of different you’re helping somebody save their financial life right
and that’s why you’re making 30 40 grand for deal okay and that’s the best way to
look at it when it comes to marketing because the language you speak is gonna
mean everything it’s gonna make all the difference in the world when it comes to
marketing effectively and efficiently and attracting the right type of people
now speaking of attracting we want to be attracting people okay people process
product right when it comes to how do you connect to the product with the
people you want to use attraction marketing okay
why because attraction marketing comes with confidence does people want to work
with you you don’t have to beg them you don’t have to cajole them into working
with you you want to work with you because they’re attracted to you they
don’t get to make the choice of attraction they just attracted to you
how because you created value okay you created value and you blasted value all
over the place so if you’re gonna market online
okay I’m gonna tell you right now your money is gonna go further if you are
creating value in the form of articles and videos and content every day video
content on on problems and questions frequently asked questions about your
ideal prospect so you realize that wholesale your ideal prospect would be a
motivated seller and the other hand of the deal okay it’s your responsibility
to have a buyer for this property as soon as possible you want buyers you
want real estate investors you want newbies and SS experienced buyers alike
you want anybody that’s qualified to put down money and purchase these properties
anybody is qualified to close the deal that’s the person you want to talk to so
you’re dealing with two different type of people okay you yourself as a
hotelier the facilitator of getting rid of this person’s property but you’re
also the facilitator of helping this person secure a property at a discount
possibly to live in yes to live in and then sometimes a lot of times to fix and
rehab and flip back into the market right and all of the above right
so it’s your job to help people facilitate wholesale discounts but it’s
also your job to help this person get rid of a property that’s pretty much a
liability on your furniture books does that make sense so there’s two type of
people essentially means that you have to do marketing on both ends okay you
don’t have to but you should and you understand how all of that works okay if
you focus on one area if you focus on just finding motivated sellers that mean
you have another thing that you depend on for finding your another source for
your buyers if you have a good source of buyers as long as they’re not straw
buyers so buyers can get you in trouble if you have a good source of bias maybe
a trusted partner who focuses on that part which is why again partnership is a
big deal in wholesaling if you have strategic partnership you can make your
life a whole lot more easier but with online marketing it can be actually very
very easy so you’re building a list of buyers but you also have this list of
pre foreclosures a list of divorcees a list of expired listings and you’re
often you’re putting offers out there so you can secure a deal that you can flip
to other people you secure a house under contract you have equitable interest and
then you flip it that’s how also works the idea is you buy low and you’re
selling higher without touching the property at all without putting any work
in that’s the wholesale well that’s wholesaling
and even if you’re a real estate investor this is a process you want to
learn because again not every houses that come across your table will become
a fix and flip a lot of them can become a quick 20 grand 30 grand 5 grand in
your pocket and cash flow is everything in this business and if you know
anything about my seven-step ideas the last the seventh step is all about
multiple streams of income and cash flow and I can’t tell you how much you need
cash flow in your business you don’t have to wait for the one hundred and
fifty thousand dollar days you don’t have to wait for the fifty thousand
dollars days $2 hats off that $3 hats off that $1,000
three thousand five thousand dollars you want all that money coming in because
they had up okay it heads off okay so that’s why the seventh step is always
going to be multiple streams of income so again three P’s which is the same
thing as the three MS and essentially means
media market and message your message is the product you’re selling yes sir
is that your offering right but again we left the wholesaling I wanted to stress
the people okay because we cannot talk about Facebook marketing or Google
marketing online marketing if you don’t know if you haven’t identified a people
you’re trying to serve you’re serving your serving excuse me my act manager
accent was struggling with my the other accent that I made up right but anyway
like if you your your your marketing right your marketing your you’re dealing
with two types of individuals okay when it comes to the people you’re focused on
okay need to identify the market the M right
all the people the P right you need to identify the people that you have chosen
to serve okay you’ve chosen to serve two types of people when you choose to be in
the real estate wholesaling business you’ve chosen to serve somebody who has
a property a liability property to get rid of a property that’s on their books
they do oil way too much they inherited the property they don’t really want it
they filed for a divorce didn’t want anything to have to do with this house
anymore the house they need to get rid of it you’re trying to serve that person
but you also try to serve an investor who wants to buy their first rental
property at a discount who wants to buy their home at a discount somebody wants
to buy a fleet of homes for rentals right you’re dealing with that person as
well too so let me talk about the first type of person when you’re talking about
marketing you’re talking about the people you need to speak their language
if you’re not speaking their language your marketing will fill does that make
sense so let’s talk about finding motivated sellers okay
the traditional way is you send direct mail a letter offering to help people in
foreclosures offering to help people in expired lists to offering to buy the
house putting an offer in for expired listings and people calling you saying
yeah I do have the south and in to get rid of and you negotiate the deal that
makes sense you’re negotiating an ARV type of deal right a RV 65 percent 50
percent of ARV ARV stands for after repair value right so you’re looking for
discount significant discount equity that’s already in the house it’s not
accurate to owner because they have other situations and they need to get
rid of the property to you is actually because you’re in the business of
what you do right and you’re making money because you help them get rid of
this headache right so when it comes to motivated sellers you can you can you
can create content that serve these people so for example for me personally
I have two types of people people that are trying to avoid foreclosure and
people that are trying to sell a house fast I would create content hundred
pieces of content each okay over time not one time just one a day one a week
you know just a heads up and you know each one of these pieces of content will
attract people to you and when they do decide to work with somebody to help
them get rid of property guess what they’re gonna call the expert the person
that I’ve helped them by actually helping them the person that I’ve
Hansard a lot of their questions so you want to find out what questions this
ideal prospects are asking a person that’s facing foreclosure and they’re
thinking about getting a getting rid of a property what kind of questions are
they ask him you want to answer these questions in the form of a free article
of videos and you want to publish them online on an ongoing basis on a regular
basis you want to keep doing that okay so you want to do that for both like if
you and me you would do that for both avoid foreclosure and sell your house
fast okay and when you publish this content out there this content if you
optimize them properly the way I show you in my in my free masterclass which
you can see the link if you do them properly right you will this video will
be ranking on the search engines when people search for terms and phrases and
keywords that pretty much asking Google questions when you ask Google questions
is people like you that provides the answers okay you want to be a producer
of content on Google because Google does not produce content Google provides a
platform but Google provide a platform where you join the the consumers of the
content with the producer you want to become a producer of this content and
when you do that you will attract keyword attraction you will be
attracting prospect to yourself other people they don’t know about this will
be sending the mail but people still have questions that go on Google at
Google they find you and they sign up with you in the sonic contract for the
house with you and now you’re securing contracts now that’s one aspect that’s
the first people right now you gotta flip the
property right you need buyers you need to build a list of buyers okay so how
are you gonna build a list of buyers right where they talk about how you’re
gonna get people contacting you because you’re answering their questions already
about foreclosure about the risk of foreclosure about the six seven
different ways of avoiding foreclosures but why did you sell a property and when
did you sell a property people just need to know sometimes when they need to get
rid of property a lot of people just don’t know a lot of people ask their
family and friends but they just don’t know right if you become that person
that they see all the time they found you to subscribe to your channel they
subscribe to your newsletter and you keep serving them with all this
frequently asked questions by people that are in that typical situation you
become the expert does that make sense now the second type of person which is
an buyers cash buyers mortgage buyers people that just want to buy this town
you’re looking for people that specifically want to buy wholesale
discounts okay not necessarily cash buyers cash buyers can come in if a deal
fits their criteria but you don’t want to depend on cash buyers because most of
them are not even cash buyers really okay there’s just a bunch of people that
went to a guru training they pay 14 grand 13 grand and now they’re a cash
buyer okay so you want to be careful with that you want to keep your spectrum
wide open for anybody who’s willing to pick up properties real estate
properties that’s wholesale discount how do you capture up these people’s
information first of all again as usual you want to be answering commonly asked
questions about buying rental property about buying a property at the hotel in
your local area in New Jersey in whatever your town is your county is you
want to pretty much create content around that and those content if they
are properly optimized the way I train you in my free master class they’ll be
ranking in the search engines when people search for this keyword phrases
and this commonly asked questions on google your videos your articles will
pop up and when you do decide to do business guess what they want to do
business with with you because you have exactly what they want you solve their
problem first and you have the products for them to execute and start making
money to to start fixing and flipping as well you have the properties but you
want to be the person giving them value want to create value first but hey
there’s two C’s okay that’s create you right I talked about create value
there’s about three P’s three C’s now you want to capture that audience
because not everybody that lands on your video would do business with you on the
first day it makes sense right because they don’t know you yet most people when
they don’t know you yet they’re not gonna do business with you which is why
you wanna have multiple videos do you want to keep watching video you wanna
keep creating videos you wanna create all type of variation and angles to any
particular questions so here’s what I mean by that
one question could be how to buy wholesale properties how to buy
wholesale real estate properties another angle to that could be 18 mistakes that
most people make when they are buying a hotel so that’s called multiple angles
you want to answer each one of those angles and variation and each one of
those need to become a piece of content out there from you the brand okay and
when you have information out there like that guess who everybody I want to do
everybody wants to do business with well guess who’s gonna attract most of the
leads in the marketplace you you’re gonna attract most of the leads in the
marketplace oh yeah by the way when it comes to the light and the green I
figure out is the light that’s creating that green light in my hand so my hands
are not dirty by the way all right does that make sense so yes you just
wanna how do you capture them you create content a little bit of a premium
content into a PDF it could be a twenty page special report that you’ve put
together really nicely on how to do it you can compile it you can interview
other people that are doing they successfully compiled it nice into a PDF
and you say hey I have this download ebook if you download this you know your
email address you’ll be able to download it enter your email address on this form
on this web page and as soon as they enter the email address booming we
direct them so they can download that but guess what you’re building the list
of potential cash buyers or potential buyers of your wholesale deals okay but
every time you have a property that’s ready to go you just put on that
contract or you want to do this you want to blast that list and then you have
people knocking on your door calling you calling you and you not just that color
you about the property right but not just that you also have other people
that have properties that are not necessarily the one you could under
contract but you can also share with your list and you can partner with you
can create partnerships and make money together like that all day long
why hmm let’s think about that why because
you have a list a list is an asset in any type of business you are in the
media business you are a marketer you’re not a wholesaler
you are a marketer okay so when you build a list like that that that list
become an asset because when other people in your local area and your local
real estate association they have a property they can’t move you send it to
your list boom you could make two grand five grand 20 grand just in simple
partnerships like that and you want all those cash coming into your business
that’s how you run a real estate wholesaling business like a pro now when
it comes to Facebook marketing okay let’s talk about Facebook marketing how
does this apply to Facebook marketing this applies to Facebook because you can
take that that PDF downloadable and your videos and you can market those on
Facebook your marketing your brand on Facebook now you cannot necessarily
market the motivated seller part of it on Facebook you can you can rank videos
in such energies on YouTube people can google these videos they can find these
videos right but when it comes to the buyer end of things you can target
places like the fortune builders which is a company that trains people had to
become how did he come real estate investors right you can target targets
like that and you can put an ad in front of that audience Facebook allow you to
put an ad in front of that audience they can download a simple calculator on how
to calculate property rentals they can download a PDF report on 18 biggest
mistakes made by most people buying real estate properties you can when people
download the stuff you’re building your list and these people become potential
and not only that you can geo target that means you can say I only want
people in New Jersey I only want people in Colorado I only want people in Miami
you can do target by zip codes by state obviously by country right you can do
all those kind of things when it comes to Facebook but again when you go to
Facebook here are the rules you want to use the 3 C’s you want to make sure
you’re creating value that means if the Google your name they will find other
information all the content from you and you want to capture ok you want to give
something away in exchange for their contact information because that reduce
your marketing over time because this is a list you’re
building now and you can market to that list over and over again and never have
to spend the same marketing dollars or the same cost of marketing anymore right
and conversion the Treacy is converting you’re converting these people so how do
you convert them is in a very sort of way using attraction at the bottom of
every email you send to them about a property you want to make sure there’s a
name and you also want to make sure you create articles and videos from time to
time that can help them if you find a piece of article that can help them send
it to your list so they can see you to see you truly as a two-litre that you
really are by building that list in the first place okay and that’s really how
to do it so the rules I’m gonna tell you right now when it comes to Facebook
online market make sure you’re using the three C’s all day long you want to be
creating capturing and converting so if you’re not sure what the three C’s means
what I want you to do is I want you to Google three C’s of real estate
wholesaling all that talks or you could go backwards all that talks three C’s of
real estate wholesaling you can search it on YouTube right here or you can
search on Google it should come right up it’s a video that you want to watch
because if you watch that in video you understand that and you’ll be able to
set that off when you’re setting up Facebook one thing you don’t want to do
is set up an ad of Facebook and there’s no way that you’re capturing this
audience you will lose a lot of money you lose a lot of money so that’s
something I want you to be careful so that’s what I have for you hopefully
that that makes a lot of sense to you go check out those other videos and the
meanwhile make sure you give me a thumbs up they’ll like if you have comments you
have questions or anything like it your thoughts please share them in the
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our talks calm / Master – oh la tu XCOM / master
and hopefully even enlightened and educated now see you on the next one

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