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What are the benefits of acquiring phone numbers for digital marketing?
I don’t know if you have any experience with that or not.
[Paul] Yes, I have it can be really good, provided
you don’t spam. Getting people’s phone numbers is amazing
for two reasons, one, you
can do bulk messages quarterly or when you have a big event to your engaged warm audience
as a top of mind awareness to cut through the noise. That’s because you can go in directly
to their phone as a push notification like telling them to register for something or
something like that. If you’re sending that to an audience that
is fully about your brand and super warm then that’s super effective. If you spam, you buy
a list of like, a thousand mobile numbers in Perth and you’re like “Come and join our
little league AFL team” it is not targeted, it is just spam.
So if you’re gonna effectively target it to the correct audience and it provides value
that some of them care about then it’s awesome! The best thing about phone numbers is pretty
much like 85 percent or so people on Facebook have their phone connected with their Facebook
page which means if you have a list of say, a thousand phone numbers, you can go and create
a custom audience on Facebook ads based on those phone numbers. So in the same way you
can create custom audience in Facebook Ads from email addresses you can do exactly the
same thing with phone numbers if you’re creating an effective marketing and advertising the
right way, you would dominate the click-through rates in your own score of those ads because
they’re effectively going out to your peeps. Another great thing about phone numbers.
[Questioner] I noticed that ACWAC did it, I went to register
on their website and didn’t have enough money for the registration. Then it was on my Facebook
for literally two weeks until I had to go buy it.
[Paul] So basically, yeah I did the marketing and
advertising for ACWAC and I basically had a Facebook Pixel installed on ACWAC’s website
so for people, like yourself, went on to the website and didn’t actually pay, I then retargeted
you with the incentive based promotion ads and followed you around on Facebook for a
two or so week period. [Questioner]
And that worked. [Paul]
Case and point it works.

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