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How To Use Facebook Ads in 2019 (LIVE) | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT FAST!

How To Use Facebook Ads in 2019 (LIVE) | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT FAST!

Hi everyone in today’s video we’re going into how to make highly profitable Facebook ads quickly and easily in 2019 for beginners Let’s go, right and just before we get into it everyone don’t fear to like share subscribe and hit that notification bow And let’s get straight into teaching you how to make profitable Facebook ads quickly and easily in 2019 Okay so This is working off the pretext that you already have your ads manager Set up that’s in another one of my videos and in a future video upcoming but let’s go ahead and make an ad right now so all we do is We choose create an ad you can choose used an existing campaign. We want to create a new campaign. There’s different types of campaigns We’re doing e-commerce Marketing so for us we don’t I don’t We don’t do any of these We just want to go for conversions which is drive valuable actions on your website in your app or in messenger So for us this is converting people from from Facebook onto our store into paying customers okay, so we choose conversions and Down here. It’s going to have a bit more of an explanation and it’s going to try and encourage you with different options You just want to ignore that you want to give it a name. So let’s call this test campaign We don’t want to create a split test. We don’t want to do budget optimization. We If it asks you to make an ad account then just go ahead and make an ad account Okay, so moving on now, we write the actual ad set level so this is a part where we’re now telling Facebook the type of individuals that were targeting whether they’re male whether they’re female they’re ages the Location where they’re from the very device that they’re on this is where we tell Facebook the where these people are going to see our ads and who they are, okay So we’re telling Facebook that specifically so you give you ad set a name. So we all attest Adsit all right, and we want to choose a What’s called a conversion event? Okay, and a conversion event is really important because you’re telling Facebook what you want to achieve There’s many different types here, but don’t worry. It’s not really that confusing. You don’t need to use most of these In fact, you only really need to use purchase. Okay, so track purchases on checkout or flow completions. Okay, so We what we’re telling Facebook here in this is is that we’re telling Facebook that we want purchases okay, so our goal as business owners for an e-commerce store Is we want people who are going to buy our product? So we tell Facebook that we want people to come and buy our product and that’s where you want to start if you do get This the whole set up a conversion or that you’re not optimized any little message on the here ignore it it’s fine There’s nothing to worry about okay because It’s basically because the pixel doesn’t your actual pixel doesn’t have any data at this stage And because of that it thinks it wants data, but we have to start somewhere. So it’s going to be fine Nothing to worry about then. Okay, so then we scroll down We don’t use dynamic creatives and we’re not using the other form of conversions at this stage now We’re up to the actual audience. So we’re going to tell Facebook Where we’re going to market to So firstly we want to choose people who live in so we want to tell Facebook people who live in this location to start with Okay And now we want to tell Facebook. Could we want to market to now where most sales come from is from the United States? Okay, so we want to add the United States Okay, and as a country to start with we want to add United Kingdom you want to add? Australia Australia Okay, Australia Canada and New Zealand Okay, and we target these countries because they’re all first world countries that have the biggest spending pockets Okay, and they’re the most likely to buy your product that you’re promoting to So we start with those five countries all right, and we do ages 25 and up and there’s a very simple reason for that is that 24 and under year old men and women don’t have as much money and less likely to convert you want to start at a Higher ages because they’re more likely to convert this now for what we do with E-commerce most ecommerce businesses are centered predominantly around Women okay, so you can start by just taking out men. It depends on the product. Of course so at times you have to use, you know, if you’re doing motorbikes if you’re selling something related motorbikes, it’s highly likely it’s men if it’s let’s say jewelry, then it’s Likely women. Okay, so you have to use a little bit of of just your common sense of what? what you believe is the the gender if you’re not sure just leave it all but Try and always narrow that down where you can I’m gonna go women in this instance We’re gonna we always want to choose English all so that we get People that are speaking this the reason is that there as well is they’re obviously in all these countries We have people that speak foreign languages We want people that speak English because our store is in English language Okay, so that’s really important that we have that because they can mean the difference between a conversion and not a conversion or sale Okay, if you’re not familiar with that well now we’re up to the detail targeting. So we’ve told Facebook. We’re Age gender and language there. We want to tell Facebook specifically who you know like what these people are interested in so I’m gonna use an example of an ally Island I’ve seen a lot an LED dog collar, okay, so it’s a dog I all right So we just used Facebook because it comes up with autocorrect option arm sort of auto fine options So we’ve got now docks. Okay, and we can see every time we’re narrowing the audience just a little bit Okay, so we’re just narrowing the audience the potential reach a little bit So we’re cutting out most of the people and we’re making it more specific. So Facebook can find the right type of individual so if we go dogs and again if we go something other I’ll stock related because when we when we I should explain when we narrow an audience what would tie Facebook is that someone that likes option a that’s interested in option a and B and you can go Cdefg can go as detailed as you like, but every time you do an arrow down of an audience You’re telling Facebook that these people have to me that they have to like this. They have to like that You can add multiple Interests within an answer so they could like any one of them if they don’t have to like any of all of them within it Just one of them to meet the criteria Okay So that’s really important to know So you can add as many as you like and then you could narrow it down with a similar interest Okay, so if we put in job Magazine Okay, so we could do dog magazine All right American dog magazine in this instance and you can see how that’s dropped at the reach quite a lot That’s probably not an example. We’re gonna use we’re going to use A well-known brand called Pet Smart. Okay, so you can see how look at that So we’ve just narrowed our audience even further. In fact by now. It’s at what about a quarter? Less than a quarter. So we’ve narrowed it down majorly Just by doing this so now we’ve told Facebook now These people you can say to yourself when you’re making this ad that these people are likely to be interested in a lady dog Collars because they’re into dogs they like dogs and they like pet smart which is directly also related to dogs as a whole as well Alright, so now we it is a general recommendation to not use this option here This will only increase your reach Majorly, and it does not help at all. Okay, so I do not recommend using that Scrolling down we want to go edit placements Okay, and we go edit placements and we go we want to take our desktop Okay desktop is far more expensive to market – especially earliest is on low budget. Okay, you don’t want to market to desktop You want to market to mobile just take out this up as most people buy on mobile now Anyway, we also want to narrow it down a little bit further. You got all these placements so these are areas where you can actually place and Facebook’s gonna have like a little preview of each one and the Placement and and what the image looks like or video looks like in each of those placements? But when you’re starting out, the main two ones is Facebook and Instagram feed Okay, because those are the ones where most people are on when they open up Facebook You’re automatically on the feed when you open up Instagram, you’re automatically on the feet So those are the ones that most people are will get marketed to so what we do is we simply unteach any of the other ones that are we don’t need you the reason that we do this is simply because we’re Trying to maximize our budget. So we’re spending five dollars a day We’re telling Facebook that we want it to be on Instagram newsfeed or Facebook whether most people actually convert the best That’s another little secret for you. Is that most people convert best on Facebook feed or Instagram feed for the most part and We just want to remove those other factors so that a hundred percent of our budget goes to where we want it to for the highest chances of getting sales Okay, whereas You know spending five to fifteen percent of our budget Wasted on all these other areas that we can come back to down the line but starting out this is how you want to set It up. Okay. It’s as simple as that Now we you can specify as well the type of mobile device. This is not recommended to do until way beyond the line Okay, this is a video to get your ad set up. Just leave it as it is I don’t recommend only when connected to Wi-Fi there has not been I have not found it to make any difference personally So there is no need to have that teeth. Okay. So now we get down to the budget and schedule okay, so here we can actually set different types of options for Facebook to try and help our Ad for okay now we don’t we don’t want landing page views. We don’t want others We want again conversions people that are going to come for that and Facebook suggests that because we’re doing a conversion related campaign it wants us to optimize for conversions Alright, and if you get a message like this ignore that that’s completely fine It is nothing to worry about once you start getting data in that message will disappear It’s not going to me affect anything at all. It’s just that because you don’t have that existing data that message appears Okay. So the other part that you want to do is you don’t want to set cost control options You don’t need to do that. Okay? You don’t need to do that at all. You can also have a look at the Advanced Options You don’t want to do budget and schedule so sorry you do. Pardon me You want to set your budget to $5 a day when you’re first making an ad set you want to set $5 a day Starting low and then you’re gonna build on that as you start getting sales in your store Okay, so start at $5 now that’s $5 in your currency as well. All right. Now if you do want to Try and make the equivalent of us and I suggest using a currency converter. But otherwise Just make it $5. That’s fine The last thing that you want to do is change it from the conversion window So select the amount of time it typically takes for someone to complete a valuable action So we don’t want people to convert seven days later. We want to convert the same day that they’ve seen in web So I just go one day after clicking, okay? All right, so that is how you set up a highly profitable Facebook ad set in 2019. Okay guys in a future video. We’re going to be going into how to set up an actual ad creative Where we’re going to be doing a full discussion on that how to set up the campaign and how to set up the actual ad Itself the copy that we use the text Do we use a video do we use an image and we’re going to go into an in-depth discussion on that in this? Ongoing video tutorial to help you start from where you are to go into an expert. Okay guys Hope you enjoyed today’s video on how to set up highly profitable Facebook Ads quickly and easily in 2019. Okay guys now don’t forget to Like share and subscribe to my video so that you get weekly values delivered straight to you Okay, guys There’s a lot of value and I’ll be giving a lot more of that in this ongoing Tutorial on how to set up Facebook ads and so much more I highly recommend that you check out all my other videos as well There is so much value there for you to go from where you are in your journey through to an expert and start Absolutely crushing it in 2019. Okay guys. Thank you so much for your time. Have a lovely day

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  1. Great video Ricky, an awesome level of detail in this one super valuable. Will definitely try some of the tips you mentioned here 🔥

  2. There is a lot of good value in this video. I have a good understanding of Facebook ads and having a title like that makes the sound a bit like clickbait. You teach how to create an ad and how to set everything up. The thing is that you don't teach us how to scale, how we should go about reading data and creating winning ad copies. I know you can't cover everything but I still came into this thinking I could hear your thoughts on the things that are much more advanced.

  3. If you're a newbie in Facebook Ads I would recommend you using LeadEnforce.com for targeting competitors' audience. The point is that competitors' customers have already shown their interest in a similar product. That means they're more than likely will be interested in your product too. LeadEnforce allows creating audiences consisting of people who follow or like your competitors' pages/groups.

  4. Hi man, you said you always start with 2 ads per adset in a campaign. What would you do after that? Kill ads thats not performing & run only ads that is performing? Whats the next step?

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