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How To Use Facebook Ads in 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT Part 2

How To Use Facebook Ads in 2019 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT Part 2

Hi everyone in today’s video we’re going into how to make highly profitable Facebook ads quickly and easily in 2019 for beginners, let’s go everyone and welcome back to the video My name is Ricky Hayes And we’re going into how to make highly profitable Facebook ads in 29 and quickly and easily right now So don’t forget though to like share subscribe and hit the notification barrel. Let’s go straight into it so Moving on from last video where we’ve now made this and I’ve explained the the strategy how to double quickly how to do it easily Now we need to make the actual ad so we’ve told Facebook the who where what why Now where what we’re doing is we’re setting up what these people are going to see. Okay, and So you’re gonna have to have a Facebook page set up So I’ve already gone ahead and set up a Facebook page that’ll be in another video where I’ll teach you how to do that and Optimize that but in this one we’re going into if you already have a Facebook page now You can also have an Instagram page It has to be a business Instagram page and you can connect it into your business manager under the business manager Instagram settings, okay? But in this case if you don’t have one that’s nothing to be worried about You can just use your selected page. Okay? Now I wanted to explain there’s multiple formats for how you can make ads on Facebook based on many different things It can be based on Based on for instance where you want to place your ad for instance You might want to choose a different type of ad that converts better for that placement If you’re doing Instagram you usually need a different video resolution or image resolution as opposed to Facebook because of how the Platforms are both set up. Okay, so it’s really important. You understand that and I’m just gonna teach you What each of these are so that you can use them and I’m going to tell you which one is is my preferred? And and how to go about setting it up. Okay, so there’s carousel now carousel as the name suggests It’s basically you can use videos but it’s predominantly images you will see it a lot with Fashion and jewelry related stores because the image basically says the whole product in its, okay So you only need an image to remind people of what the product really is So that’s where a carousel is and you can see down here. We’ve got the carousel and Facebook’s got some different Preview images and so you can set up it always comes up with this new stuff, but you can set up manually inputting text So let’s put in this is a test Okay, and we’re gonna see that straightaway. That’s where the text is So this text field relates to above the carousel Now always recommend leaving these ticked if you’re doing carousel and you can add multiple more carousel slides if you want As well in the case for this one. We’re just going to use the one slide and we’re going to add this product here that I’ve just brought in and you can see how now populates and the good thing with carousel is it resizes the image automatically so it has Optimal chances of conversion which is really handy So you want to set up a headline and you can see a headline here correlates to headline one so Stanley So we put in Stanley knife and that’s gonna update straight away and we put in a description, this is our Stanley knife Alright, and you can see how quick and easy that really is All right and then you want to put in your mute for every one of a carousel add you might have different products or collections or Just different pages that your marketing these different products to because you might make a carousel all on the one product with different images you can make a carousel of different products In the carousel to different landing pages, so it’s important that you make sure you get your destination URL Creek Which is usually just you know, it’s the web site the web page of where you want to send these people Okay, so that’s really important to do that Otherwise, you can potentially miss out on conversions Ignore you see more URL once you have your page connected it will auto populate That okay as well as you learn more call to action because we’re doing e-commerce There’s a lot of different types of call to actions we want to do shop now. Okay, because we want people to shop our store We want them to buy So we changed that and that’s changed the shop now button for all but for all of the carousel slides, okay? And you can add all of that. Okay, so Facebook gives you recommendations on the sizes as well So you can do all of that and you can change that I also recommend leaving these ticked again, and that’s how you set up a carousel in a quick and easy fashion You can have a single image as well So you can feature a single image whereas carousel is more aimed at multiple images a single image is really trying to convey a point in a single image and single image works best when you have a highly Optimized image okay, it’s really important if you are using a singular image that you are using an image that’s going to That is optimized for the dimensions that Facebook recommends, okay so Facebook will always recommend our different dimensions and you can look at always the dimensions here a thousand eighty by a thousand eighty ratio wonder Wow, okay, so if you want to use this It’s definitely important that you make sure you have that because you want the image to look optimal Otherwise, it may not achieve the result that you are after Okay, it’s really important and you can see how again you basically have the text You have the website URL and the headline and the call to action Okay, we don’t use we don’t really use single image all that much We it’s in commerce Digital marketers we mainly use the one that I was going to which is single video Okay, so video for e-commerce works best The reason that to justify while it is is it’s dependent on the niche, of course So as I said if your fashion jewelry carousel does really well for instance but if you’re Let’s say promoting a garden tool or an LED Let’s say the LED dog collar Okay, people want to see how it works and the best way to see how something works is a video okay, and so it’s really important that you Use the video I have other videos on How to find that in other videos we’re not going to go into that today But you want to use a video? Okay, and so if we so if you have a video upload it there again, you’ve got There it can be up to 15 seconds. It gives you the dimensions and Facebook and Instagram as well do have different dimensions So keep that in mind All right. So now that we know how to do that let’s say we have uploaded a video and You can also use templates if you only have images I want to add as well. You can use templates so if we only have a template you can You could just use if you only had images you can use one of these templates to make it into a video Which is actually quite good if you have a number of good images and you want to make it into a video quickly and easily Facebook give us that option Okay, so you want to add text again now? I have other videos on how to set up text. That’s a high converting text For Facebook ads. Okay. So I suggest going to watch them are plenty of links in the description as well as in my channel the website URL you always want to send them to your Specific product page okay because it gives you the highest chances of conversion So if you’re doing the LED dog collar on dogs comm send them to your LED dog collar page on your dog’s website Okay, and your headline again? You want to put in a headline? And I have a video on that so you can see yeah, they’re all very similar Just you know It’s mainly the actual creative which is the creative being the image or video predominantly in a different fashion But the text website field headlines They’re all pretty much the same and it’s always important that you just used the SHOP NOW called action bar Okay So that’s important and you go confirm at the end now just lastly I wanted to explain you can create a slideshow as well So you can create a slideshow using images or videos for e-commerce We don’t really need that all that much. You can create a slideshow and you can also create collection adds all of these work best for fashion jewelry related items for the most part and those are in other videos, so We don’t really need to do anything there Basically, you just I would always recommend using video and just uploading a video that you have gotten for marketing your product and then following Setting up these text fields. Okay, so it’s always really important. You set up the text field take the time to do it properly Because it really does make a difference To if you get a sale or if you don’t get a sale and if you do want to get sales I highly recommend that you take that action. So if we choose so once you have done all of this, let’s say hypothetically if you have Completed this whole process we have now gone ahead and we’ve got an ad account So I will be making another video on at accounts and how they work how to manage them and why they’re so important for us But we have an ad account because you need an ad account in order to be able to market. That’s how Facebook habits set up You we now have the who where what why people and now we know how to make ads And we know how to make them quickly and easily And then we just go confirm and once you go confirm you can go review So you can actually see an overview of the ad and Facebook is actually going to tell you if there’s any problems in the review So it will tell you if there’s anything that you should be fixing and usually that comes down to if you’ve missed a field If you’ve missed a field if you haven’t uploaded the image if Facebook admittedly I’ll be honest does have a number of bugs where you do do something and then it revert sit back So that’s just something to be mindful of but it’s important to have a quick look at these reviews and you can click the fix errors to have a look at that but For the most part once you have it set up and you get the hang of it then you just go confirm And once you go confirm Facebook is going to go through a review status. Okay, and that review statuses they have a technology in place to audit the ads as well as I have dedicated teams in place to To manually review your ads to make sure it adheres to their policies of course various things that are illicit Material, you know all gambling things like that. Go heavily against their Terms of Service So it’s very important the facebook mandate that we’re not doing any of that Of course, there’s nothing to worry about but that’s important to keep in mind. Okay is very important to keep in mind So that you’re not Your account or you don’t have any troubles with Facebook? okay, how everyone hope you enjoyed today’s video on how to set our highly profitable Facebook ads quickly and easily in 2019. Okay guys now don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my videos so that you get weekly valued delivered straight to you Okay, guys There’s a lot of value and I’ll be giving a lot more of that in this ongoing Tutorial on how to set up Facebook ads and so much more I highly recommend that you check out all my other videos as well There is so much value there for you to go from where you are in your journey through to an expert and start Absolutely crushing it in 2019. Okay guys. Thank you so much for your time. Have a lovely day take

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