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How To Use Facebook Ads for More Page Likes – Facebook Ads Tutorial

How To Use Facebook Ads for More Page Likes – Facebook Ads Tutorial

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here in today’s quick Facebook ads tutorial I’m gonna show you how to get more likes on your Facebook business page with Facebook Ads right now Just guys show you guys the strategy really quick. I use the strategy so you see right here on my Facebook business page I’ve got about twenty nine thousand likes thirty thousand follows. That’s probably like twenty nine points something That’s why that’s thirty thousand right there But I use this exact strategy To go through and grow to my first ten thousand followers without paying any more for likes and all that stuff on my page Right so you go in ads manager obviously you can go through and you? Can set up a campaign for page likes k where is it right here? I think it’s the engagement right here And the ego page likes and the thing is is what I found with this is you can like the likes are pretty expensive Okay, so what I typically do is. I’ll go through and really quick guys I’ve just remembered totally forgot if you guys want one of my Facebook Ads mini-courses go ahead and comment Facebook ads down below and I will make sure that we send that on over to you guys right? So we’ll give you a quick run through of all Facebook ads the Facebook pixel Lead forms all that stuff so comment down below Facebook ads it’ll make sure you guys get that Facebook Ads mini course right so anyway back to this whole concept of going through and Getting more of likes without having to go through and run one of these likes campaign what I found is when you do this It’s pretty expensive like I was paying like seventy-five cents to a dollar every Single like so if you’re gonna get ten thousand or even not like thirty thousand likes like I’ve got you’re gonna spend $30,000 on Facebook ads and really likes a big following right now. It doesn’t really do too much. Okay, cuz what Facebook is done Is your anytime you make a post on your business page? It doesn’t really get that much exposure unless you go through and you run ads and put money behind it right so instead What I’ve done and what I did to get my first ten thousand likes a hundred percent for free well It was free in the sense of like I was going through and running my ads for different Objectives to go generate leads, and then I just invited all those people back to go through and like my Facebook page So I’ll show you guys exactly how I did it so I go through and I set up an ad for a conversion Or lead generation okay, and I go through and I set the whole and once again I’m not gonna show you guys this whole process But you guys want to see how that whole process works comment Facebook guys down below and I’ll get you guys our mini course and then once what would happen is I get the ad all set up and So for example, this is one of my ads And then I’d get all these people starting to like it to share it to comment You can see all these comments down here And so what I would do now is come in here to my likes and I would just click on this write And then look at this all these people so we got seven hundred nine likes 13 Hearts six Wow’s and two people just laugh and think it’s funny or whatever I guess okay, and then all I got to do is just come in here and just hit invite okay I just invite all these people and you can see like you know some of them liked it some of them are invited some liked it and Not everyone’s gonna go through and like your Facebook page. It’s gonna show up. What’s gonna happen this is gonna Show up as a notification up here for them saying okay Hey this person so-and-so jason Wardrop invited you to like their Facebook page right now obviously not Everyone’s gonna go through and like it, but it’s a nice way because you’re already running this ad to generate leads And then it’s kind of like it deserves two purposes you’re getting leaves you’re only paying for the leads then right here this is just a nice free and easy way to go through and invite more people to Go like your page So you can just kind of scroll through invite invite invite Now obviously once you get to a big number like this seven hundred and thirty You might want to go through and like get some type of tool that will automatically invite every single person now I can’t remember the exact name of the tool I’ll have to shoot another video for you guys But there’s a tool that actually it’s a hard percent free to it’ll come over here. I’ll create a button right there I’ll say invite all and I actually have that on my other computer, but let me just if we come over here to Facebook page invite tool Maybe we’ll be able to find something here Okay, so this one’s for inviting all your friends invite post likers to like my page on Facebook Okay, right here so if we come in here This is probably they’ve got a little tutorial little video You can say add to Chrome and that will probably do exactly that so if we come over here to Google Just type in Facebook page and by tool, and it looks like this one invite post likers so post likers would be anyone That’s liked my post right here invite them to like my Facebook page and We just go through download that watched a little video there a little tutorial of how to get it all set up and how to get it going and That is a really nice easy free way to go through and get a lot more likes on your Facebook page like I said guys That’s exactly what I did to get my first 10,000 likes And then I did a little bit of paid promotion to get to the next twenty thousand and then the last like ten thousand or so, that’s Exactly the same thing that I’ve done, right I just go through and I have all these different ads promoting different offers in my business trying to generate leads So we get someone’s name phone and email, and then just anyone who engaged with that page likes my post or whatever I’ll go through and I’ll invite all of them just go through and like my page Okay, so I’ve done that same thing with even if it’s not an ad but let’s say a video right here Okay
So I’ve got some Facebook live videos So this one has this video has a hundred thousand views right so there’s a lot of people that have engaged with that one as Well, and then this one right here 2.3 thousand if we just hit pause real quick right here, you can see a hundred and twenty-one people okay? So if we come over here, and I think I’ve already invited all these people But you got all these people that you go through invite to like your Facebook page right so anyway guys I just wanted to share that quick little tip with you all of how to get more Facebook page likes on your facebook business page your fan page to go through and build that audience Without having to spend any more money on going through and creating a Facebook page like campaign alright now If you guys found this video helpful go ahead give it a thumbs up Also as I mentioned logo earlier guys if you want my free? Facebook Ads mini course go ahead and comment real estate leaves down below and I’ll shoot that on over to you guys make sure you Guys get the mini course which will go through all of the details step-by-step of Facebook advertising the Facebook Ads manager platform the Facebook pixel Facebook leave forms all the different stuff to help you get started with your Facebook ads right so anyway guys Thanks so much for watching today, and if you guys are brand new here. My name is Jason Wardrop I launched a new video every single day Helping you how to generate leads? Make more money and grow your business so if you guys want more videos like this make sure you subscribe Hit that notification bell, and I will see you on the channel tomorrow

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