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How To Use Facebook Ads audience insights 2018

How To Use Facebook Ads audience insights 2018

HI Paul here from PRwilson Media. Today I
want to show you in Facebook ads manager the audience insights feature. Just to give you
an idea of how you can start to plan your campaigns and think about creating customized
audiences to really target the people who you want to reach. Here’s a demo. So first you need to launch ads manager. So
log in as yourself go to the drop down and select manage ads. Click on the 3 bars that
say Facebook ads and there you have audience insights. So your choices here are “everybody
on Facebook” , people specifically who’ve liked your page or the friends of people who”ve
liked the page and these are the kind of ones you can target through boost posts. Then you can create custom audiences very
much more detailed targeting and also you can use these custom audiences to include
people who’ve visited your website , people who’ve signed up to an email list and this
is where the Facebook pixel comes in and I’ll talk about that in other videos. But what
I wanted to do is just show you the custom audience data. It’s a great overall pool of
information. So we start by default the location set to the whole of the United states so you
can see – there’s a potential audience of 200 million people monthly. You cam see the
split of female and male, and the main age groups that are represented so 25-34 still
the predominant age group and you can look through all sorts of other data like which
pages are most popular some food related ones there Locations and who’s in what particular
city, activity.. what devices they use , the breakdown of a particular household and their
typical incomes. Size of household So this is obviously quite broad categories. Then
purchasing habits. That’s what are the most popular items bought. Quite low actually for
kids products that’s what stands out. Food and drinki, f you are in the food and drink
business you are definitely in the right marketplace there. And obviously you can change the age
range where it says 18 to any so if you went to specifically the 18 to 24 year olds if
that’s your target audiene then you can start to zoom in Only 30-35 million reached there.
If you just say female only 15- 20 million. So you can see how you start to narrow down.
So let’s add an additional location so we just click on the drop down and then you can
do region or city. We’ll do United Kingdom as that’s a little bit more familiar to me. I’m going to say United Kingdom and then I’m
going to say London let’s say there. There’s an additional region. So basically here you
had to remove the entry for the other country that was listed there. So now we’ve got UK
and London only. So we’ve got 800,000 people we can look at some of the demographics again.
We’ve selected that age range so let’s go back to a wider age range 18-30 male and female
and you can see , so I’ll say all . You can see how easy it is to get specifically to
the target we’ve not even looked at the particular interests. So if we look at interest in fitness
and wellness . Now let’s say body building. And then we can get the breakdown of the 250-300,000
people. And if we change it from just London to the
whole of the UK how that varies. And you can just type in more interests from different
categories as you go. Under advanced if you click on behaviours what are the things they
are interested in , digital activities , what operating system they use , how they access
Facebook all kinds of things. So I would recommend before you start to run any ad campaigns if
you are looking to go beyond just the boosted posts have a look at this data. There’s a
real gold mine of information available to you, right down to the individual town possibly
even village where you are located. You can really get specific. That’s it from me, I’m
Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers.

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