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How to Use Facebook Ad Library to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

How to Use Facebook Ad Library to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

(upbeat music) – [Sandeep] Hey everyone,
Sandeep here from 99signals.com. Today I wanna talk
about Facebook marketing or to be more specific I wanna talk about a Facebook marketing tool that not a lot of people are aware of. This is a free tool, but
despite it being free you can gain a ton of
insights on your competitors and Facebook advertising in general. Now tell me if this has happened with you, you are on Facebook and
suddenly you see an ad that really connects with
you on an emotional level. Now if you’re a marketer
like me you would be more curious to know what
this company is doing, how they’re running all their ads and how their whole Facebook
marketing engine works. So today this happened with me, I stumbled upon a Red Bull ad, it was a six second animation ad. And I wanted to know more about what Red Bull is doing on Facebook. Red Bull, as you know, is
known for their marketing and advertising, and
especially online marketing. They have a robust presence. They have close to 50
million fans on Facebook and I really wanted to learn more about what they’re doing on Facebook and what kind of different
ads that they’re running. And using this tool I was
able to see a lot of ads that they’re running,
not just in my country, but in other countries as well. Now the tool that I’m using
is called Facebook Ad Library and it’s a tool by
Facebook, it’s a free tool, you don’t need to pay a
monthly subscription for this. But using this tool you
can gain a ton insights on your competitors or
any business in general that is really killing it on Facebook. Now if you’ve not had a great
experience using Facebook ads, if you have not see any results, or you would just like to
learn more about Facebook ads then you can really use this tool and get ton of insights from it. You can see how your
competitors are doing. Maybe you have a competitor in your niche who’s really using
Facebook ads effectively to reach out to their target audience and they’re doing a pretty good job at it. You can see exactly what they’re doing, the kind of ads that they’re running, the kind of copy that they use and the landing pages that they use. So it need not be your competitor,
it can be any business, like in this case I’m
talking about Red Bull. It can be any business which has a good Facebook marketing strategy. Now you see a page that is posting content on a regular basis,
chances are that they’re leveraging Facebook ads as well. You can go to their page
and see the kind of ads that they’re running. Now in this video I’ll show
you exactly how you can start using Facebook Ad Library, and the three insights that you
can gain by using this tool. So let’s begin. To access Facebook Ad
Library just go to the page that you’d like to research
on and look for something called “Page Transparency”
on the right side. Once you find that section
click on the “See More” link and it’ll open a new pop-up window, and you need to look for a section called “Ads from This Page.” Once you find that click
on “Go to Ad Library” and it’ll open Ad Library
and it’ll show you all the active and inactive ads of that page in your location. So in this case I’ve chosen HubSpot because in the B2B space they
have really mastered the art of Facebook marketing. They run a lot of Facebook ads, but unfortunately in my country they’re not running any ads at the moment. Maybe India is not a very
critical market for them. You’ll also see some information
under page transparency, you’ll see the number
of admins that they have in each locations, wherever
they have their presence. And since HubSpot is a
Boston-based company, understandably most of the
admins are the United States. And one can determine
that most of their ads are also in the U.S. So let’s select the United
States as the location here. Let me filter by United States, and now I’ll be seeing all the active and inactive ads in the U.S. And by default it will
show you both active and inactive ads, you can
just select active ads to see the ads that are currently live. And with all these ads you’ll be seeing the start date as well, this is the date when they
started running their ads. In the case of HubSpot, many
of their ads are video ads. As you many already know
videos get lot more engagement than images on Facebook these days and maybe that’s the reason they’ve gone with videos for their ads. And most of the ads are
simply sponsored posts, that means someone has posted
something on their page and they just boosting
to reach a wider audience and get more engagement. Aside from this one ad
where they are promoting their free marketing software, everything else is informative content or educational content
that they’re boosting. So it’s meant for their target audience, they have their buyer persona in mind when they’re creating these ads. And some of them are case
studies, some of them are concepts that they’re trying to explain. And most of them are targeted
towards small business owners and marketing agencies. So like I said, in the B2B space
HubSpot has really mastered the art of Facebook marketing, and that’s one of the reasons
why I selected HubSpot in this example. But you can go to any
competitor or any business that you admire, any brand that
is killing it in your niche when it comes to Facebook ads. You can go to their page
and get some inspiration on how to run your ads. But aside from seeing all these ads, there are three insights
that you can gain. One is the different copywriting formulas that these businesses are using. So copywriting plays a critical role when it comes to getting
conversions on your ads and getting people to notice your ads. So look at their captions,
look at the headlines that they are using,
look at the description. See if they’re using any power words. Power words are words that
trigger an emotional response, they get us to click on ads. So see if they’re using any power words. In HubSpot’s case they using
words like free, unlimited. These are words that really
create an emotional impact and they pack a punch. So look at your competitors, see if they’re using similar
words in their creative or Facebook captions. When it comes to CTA buttons, HubSpot is currently not using any, since most of their ads
are sponsored posts. But if you go to a page like Shopify you’ll see them using CTAs. So “learn more” is the most popular CTA. You can also “shop now”, “book now”, whichever creative make
sense for your niche, for your business. So copywriting is the first thing that I would like you to see. If you have never run Facebook ads before or if you struggling to get conversions on your Facebook ads, just look at the different
copywriting formulas that are being used by your competitors or businesses that you really admire. Because chances are that
they would have arrived at their captions by doing
a lot of A/B testing, they would have used a lot
of headline variations. And only then they would
have arrived at something that is really getting
them maximum conversions. So that’s the first thing. Second thing is look at the ad creative or the Facebook ad type
that they’re using. In HubSpot’s case, like I said, many of their ads are video ads. And the kind of ads that they’re running, most of them are very short videos. 30 second to 50 second videos, where they are trying to explain a concept or where they are trying to
explain how a particular company goes about their marketing. They’re very educational,
they’re very informative and in same cases they
are very entertaining. Very few of their ads
are sales-orientated. Now let’s look at a different page, let’s look at page like Shopify. And in Shopify’s case
their target audience are small business owners
or aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to open
their own online store. But sometimes by looking
at the creative itself you can figure out the
demographic that the company is targeting, and like
I said in Shopify’s case they are targeting aspiring
entrepreneurs & business owners. So in Shopify’s case they have a lot of content marketing assets,
they have a lot of blog posts that they’re trying to convert. And as such most of their
ads are basically blog posts that are being boosted. So that’s what I noticed with Shopify. The third thing you can learn
from Facebook Ad Library is obviously the landing
pages that they’re using. So let’s click on this HubSpot ad. And HubSpot is known
for their landing pages, they tend to optimize their landing pages and they are very conversion-friendly. So in this case this is
an optimized landing page, they are promoting their
marketing software here. And once again, check out the
kind of content they’re using, check out the copy that they have, and you can probably
emulate the same thing or you can probably create a
similar one for your company, depending on who you’re researching on. It may be a competitor who’s
really good at Facebook ads or it maybe someone entirely different, someone who’s really mastered the craft of Facebook advertising. You can go to their page,
see what they’re doing and see the kind of landing
pages that they have. In Shopify’s case, like I said, most of their landing
pages are blog posts. They are promoting their blog posts and most of their recent ads are articles which are targeted towards
aspiring entrepreneurs. So these are the three
insights you can gain from Facebook Ad Library. One is the different copywriting formulas that your competitor is using. You get to see the different
captions, headline variations, CTAs that they’re using,
and what’s working for them. Second is the Facebook ad
type or the ad creative. Chances are they would have
done a lot of A/B testing and they would have seen results for all the active ads on their page. So you can probably do the
same for your business. Third insight you can
gain is landing pages. You can look at their landing pages and see if you can create
an optimized one like them. In HubSpot’s case, I
see this ad quite often, I’ve been seeing it for weeks,
that means it’s working. The landing page that
they’ve created for this ad is working and it’s helping
them get leads and conversions. So these are the three
insights you can gain. It’s a very useful tool,
it’s a valuable tool for any marketer who’d like
to do competitor research. And the best part is it’s a free tool, you don’t have to invest
anything in this tool, there’s no monthly subscription. It’s a free tool by Facebook, all you need to do is invest some time and it can give you a lot of insights. And you get to see what
your competitors are doing on Facebook, you get to
see how certain businesses are using Facebook ads to
generate traffic for their website and get leads for their business. So start using this tool. I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions let me know in the comments section, I
would be happy to answer them. And start using this. You can also go to this URL directly and need not go to Facebook. You can just go to this URL
and you can type in the name of the page that you
would like to research on. So that’s it, get started with this tool and let me know the kind of
insights you’ve been able to get on your competitors. And I hope by using this
tool you also get a fair idea as to how you can gain traction
from Facebook advertising. Thanks for watching this video and I’ll be back very soon. (upbeat music)

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