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How to use Digital Media Marketing for Business Promotion?

How to use Digital Media Marketing for Business Promotion?

it’s a year since mr. Zulu has expanded
his business as other folks are still confused he explains his business promotion
techniques but in vain he calls jasen over the phone Jason
thinks about explaining the importance of business promotion by using the folk
media Jasen is due to gather along with other
fishermen and convince the elders in the village Jasen also shows a small presentation in
his laptop the fishermen wonder that what the
talking instrument is as they see it for the first time he shows the story of
java who increases her flower business by latest farming techniques she later starts her online flower
business and adds innovation to it by getting orders online the second story is about Rob who from a
simple apple store ended up having a huge and well-organized store it well as online grocery store his
business profits were huge so he decided to start an online juice
service center of all natural and fresh fruits Joe had a small handicrafts business he made use of digital media and saw an
increase in his business these people promoted their business using digital marketing as a tool for the next episode check out our next video next
week same day

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