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How To Use Canva For Facebook Ads

How To Use Canva For Facebook Ads

welcome back to another episode of
Anderson TV my name is Bonnie in today’s video I’m going to show you how to use
canva to create a Facebook ad this video was requested by Diana so Diana this
one’s for you but I also hope everyone else sticks around until the end because
I’m gonna provide you with some tips to make sure that your facebook ad gets
approved by the Facebook Ads management system okay let’s go ahead and dive into
today’s on a tutorial you’re gonna go to canva.com and you’re
going to use the search bar on the home page to search for a Facebook
ad they’re already have the predetermined size and if you watched my
prior videos on using canva my tutorials I always advocate for you to
put a grid in so we’re gonna go to elements and search for a grid and the
reason for the grid is to ensure that we are using the entire space allotted to
us and that we don’t have any white space when we download our image ad for
this video I’m going to pretend that we have a surf shop that we are gonna run
an ad for in Facebook so I’m gonna go to photos and search for surf and find
an image that I like so I like this image here we’re gonna use this one and
it’s been stretched to fit the entire background I have cut his head off a
little bit so I do want to crop that by going to crop moving it down clicking
done I also want to make sure I have some text on here that shows what surf
shop this is if you go to elements you’ll find shapes in this section you
can just click all basically i wanna bring in a rectangle or make a rectangle so
when you’re adding text to a Facebook ad the key is to make sure that the
text is not too large otherwise Facebook will reject the ad and I’m gonna show
you a trick to figuring out if your text is too large for that so
relatively we want to make the text pretty small so I’m gonna add a text box
here but I’m only going to increase the font to 21 we’re gonna put
the name of our the surf shop this one is just surf shop I also want to change the
color let’s go to blue and then we do want that background behind it so it
pops Center this we can even make this box a little bit smaller now next we’re
gonna download I will tell you that I have ran several ads the ads that
usually do the best our video ads so you also can use that option which I
encourage you to do so but if you’re not ready to get on camera to run a Facebook
ad by all means use an image on I’m going to show you trick to determine if
your facebook ad is going to make it through the approval process because if
you have too much text it’ll reject it you’re gonna head over to
facebook.com forward slash ad forward slash tools forward slash text underscore overlay
and I’ll include a link down below in the description box but what you’re
going to want to do is actually upload your image here and then Facebook will
go ahead and tell you if it’s okay to run or not seeing is telling us here
that our image is okay your ad will run normally so the text
isn’t too big we can go ahead and proceed with actually putting together
our Facebook ad in Facebook’s manager and it will run properly comment down
below and tell me will you be using Facebook ads in your marketing strategy
for 2019 also be sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you want to see
more like it you can find me on Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter I’ll
include links down below in the description box and don’t forget to
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  1. Are you wondering how to use canva for facebook ads? In this video, I show you how to use canva to create a facebook ad.

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