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How To Use AdWords For YouTube – Tutorial

How To Use AdWords For YouTube – Tutorial

Hi this video is about how to use Adwords
for YouTube So you’ve just finished creating your video
master piece and uploaded it to YouTube You sent it to all your family members and
friends to generate views and subscribers Now what?
How are you going to rapidly expand your audience so you can generate lots of traffic?
One of the fastest and most effective ways to promote your video is to set up a video
ads campaign inside Google AdWords Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com
Here are the steps to promote your YouTube video using Google Adwords:
Log into your YouTube channel Click your profile icon
Click “Creator Studio” Click video manager
Select the video that you wish to promote I’m going to select this one “how to add a
YouTube Channel Trailer to attract unsubsubscribed visitors”
Campaign Budget – daily budget..start off with $5.00
Audience – Everyone Click “next step”
Headline “Generate YouTube Traffic” Description Line 1 “How to generate more subscribers”
Description Line 2 From your YouTube Channel Trailer”
Click “next step” It says “Sign in to Adwords”
So you need to link your YouTube account to your Adwords account
You’ll find a tutorial at the end of this video
Click “Sign into Adwords” – Sign in Ok here is the Review Page
I’ve got my ad copy, budget, Potential reach..it says 500 views/day
This is how your ad will appear to users So I’ve got an in-stream ad here
I’ve got a True in-display ad on YouTube The ad appears on the right and the ad appears
in search View your payment information..so you’ve got
to add your payment information in there Once you’ve done that click “create and launch
campaign” I’ve got 2 ad groups that have been created
I’ve got an in-stream ad group and an in-display ad group
They are both “under review” It takes Google about a day for them to be
approved If you want to stop these ads from running
you just go over here to the green button and click “paused”
If you want to edit the ad just click the drop down
Click “edit” It says click ..”Yes, I understand”
The display URL is your channel URL and your final URL is also your channel URL which is
your destination URL You can change this to a landing page or another
video After you’ve edited your ad click “save ad”
You can adjust all these settings by going to the different tabs
You can adjust your ad groups, go into your main settings and you can adjust all these
settings..countries languages, etc Here are your ads…you can adjust these ads
Here’s your videos tab..you can click on analytics and get your analytics
And you add a call to action Here you can put your call-to-action overlay
and this will display for the first few seconds on your video
Click on the “video targeting” tab then you can adjust your demographics, interests, remarketing,
Placements, Topics and Keywords If you want to adjust your in-display
Click on the drop down Click “edit”
Click “Yes. I understand” Here you can see the boxes I’ve filled out
before and you can see where it’s displayed on YouTube search results, on YouTube related
videos at the top right You can do it as an overlay that plays right
before your ad and also on partner sites After you’ve finished just click “save ad”
Keep this important thing in mind If your video ad doesn’t receive any impressions
or views within 24 hours then increase your daily bid amount or your maximum cost per
view Click this image to download my video ads
cheat sheet so you know how to set up your first video ads campaign or
You can click the link in the description below this video
Click here to receive more videos like this one every week
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86 thoughts on “How To Use AdWords For YouTube – Tutorial

  1. Great video . one question when you pause you ad you will not get charged future clicks and in this example do you pay $5 per view ?

  2. Thanks for this.

    I noticed you selected a video to advertise that was monetised (it had a green dollar sign next to it in your video manager), are you allowed to advertise monetised videos or do you have to disable monetisation before and during your campaign?

  3. does anyone know how much you pay per click or view? YouTube doesn't tell you and doesn't allow you to set a bids.

  4. I just uploaded my first video, and I was planning to kick start my channel with Adwords.  I planned to do this because most Koreans aren't familiar with the topic of my videos, but I think they would be interested in they knew about it.  My channel is about traveling the world by campervan.  It's definitely not something Korean's would search for.  Anyway, just wondering what you think of this idea?

  5. Thanks, but when i click on promote the screen just becomes empty… I think its a YT glitch but I don't know what to do about it

  6. To sign in AdWords, it said must have a website ! I don't have it !!!
    but i did enter my channel URL to the website box.
    is it right ???

  7. Hey, Excuse me, I was wondering how much does it cost to promote a youtube video, is the budget I put is what I pay? Thank you for this awesome tutorial and I hope you are having a nice day!! Please reply fast, Thank you for everything!

  8. isitebuild- I'm having a problem with Adwords on YouTube. When it ask's me to sign in & I do it skips over everything that you showed in your video and takes me right to the page in Adwords that you showed at 1:30. No ad will have been created and it will ask me to load and build a new ad in Adwords. Your video seems so much simpler than the way it keeps asking me to do it. Can you offer some help?

  9. Is campaign budget a monthly budget and is it more useful than daily I'm just getting into YouTube and really wanna grow

  10. I think that not only your video are fantastic but also you are great man! After watched a couple of times of your video, I started to run my first short music video ( one minuet ) with AdWords. I selected $5 daily budget, it says 200-300. But only one day, I have got over 3.5k views, is that normal?

  11. Are we supposed to pay or get paid $5 ? Couldn't get much of the video, I'm a complete beginner. Thanks for reading @isitebuild.

  12. lol I'm still not getting it I'm wanting to buy my way to the top but if I pay $10 It's going to come with 1,000 and no more except people watching and it's earning me views? does it charge me every month or just once period unless I make another campaign? how long will my video last at the top?

  13. I have been trying to figure out how to put "bumper ads" on my videos…the six second nonskippable ones….. instead of the shippable ones but I cannot see where to do it! please help!!!

  14. Please my monetization has been disabled since I started posting videos last month, have written several emails to YouTube and gone to adsense forum for help, my account still disabled. I don't know what to do, I feel discouraged posting more videos. What do you think I should do, please?

  15. its say's approved and everything but nothing is happening !!! how can i activated is there like a start button ??

  16. #isitebuild hey, I've been doing YT for just over a year and just finding out about how Adwords works, so do you have to pay $5 a day to have them ads up ? Thanks and great video

  17. Hello! I Followed your tutorial, but after 1-2 days I'm still not getting any impressions, I increased cpv,which doesn't change anything, What should I do?

  18. Thank u sir for this valuable info i really need i have good content but my growth views and subscribers r not reflecting my hard work passion and determination. I m going for this and i know it s going to work and enjoy my youtube career😇

  19. Quick question, is there a maximum budget i can input? so say i only want to spend a total of $100 overall could i set it so once iv'e paid a total of $100 my ad would just stop playing?

  20. anyone tried adword? does the ad show up in similar search or it's just random? any info will be great. God bless!!!

  21. Hi, I'm interested in using adwords but am not entirely convinced it's right for me. I have a channel in which I write original poems and make videos of them. Viewing numbers are not too good and I really need a boost. Is adwords the right campaign for me? Or is it more for business owners? Or would I be better seeking alternative? Subscribed to your channel and hope you will reply.

  22. Right im super freaking out right now! So i did exactly what you did but i set my daily budget to $0.50, and my video has almost 2000 views!!!! When i only have like 3 subscribers and normally 10 views! Am i being charged for these views?!?!?!

  23. Why do I keep getting redirected to Google's cancerous Adwords Express page? It stops my Youtube promotion and tries to make me start another campaign. They have thousands of people working on Youtube and Adwords and they managed to break one of their most lucrative sources of revenue. ARGH

  24. bro i have recommended u r channel in my channel .
    here is my channel link just subscribe and support me

  25. bro i have recommended u r channel in my channel .
    here is my channel link just subscribe and support me

  26. bro i have recommended u r channel in my channel .
    here is my channel link just subscribe and support me

  27. You move around a lot and then when you are done talking you smile. It’s kinda funny haha looks like you had to pee but I still enjoyed the video

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