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How to use a questionnaire to qualify leads from your Facebook Ads

How to use a questionnaire to qualify leads from your Facebook Ads

Hi, it’s Andrew Hellmich from PhotoBizX. If you’re running Facebook ads and you’re
giving away free sessions and you’re getting a lot of people applying for
those free sessions that want to get that free session from you, one of the best ways to qualify those
leads is to send people to a questionnaire first. I mentioned this in a video that I
recorded about Jan who received over 50 entrants in 24 hours. If you want more information about
this exact strategy and you want to see examples of questionnaires,
there’s a Facebook ads course. If you go to FB Ad Promo FBadpromo.com you’ll see the registration form
for the Facebook ads course there, but I can share a lot
more with you right now. So the questionnaire is
where you would send people, you can send them directly from your
ad or you can send them via a pm once someone comments on your ads. So you can ask people to comment in a
strategic way so you don’t get flagged by Facebook. One of the easy ways to do that is ask
the ages of the kids their favorite location to hang out whatever,
ask them some kind of a question. They leave a comment and then you can
follow up with a pm directly from Facebook and from there you can send
people to a questionnaire. If you want to be more aggressive, send people straight to the
questionnaire from your Facebook ad. Now, that questionnaire, depending on
whether or not you’re shooting weddings, portraits or pets, is going to change in
relation to the questions that you ask. If for example, you’re
a wedding photographer, I would want to know things like the
date of the wedding once it’s booked because I want to know whether or
not I’m booked and if I’m going to be available to photograph that wedding. If I’m already booked and I don’t have
associates shooters to cover the wedding, that person or that couple aren’t going
to get a free engagement shoot from me, I’m going to move on to someone
else. That’s a better fit. Particularly if I’m looking to book their
wedding on the back of the engagement shoot. Other things I’ll ask is do you
have a wedding photographer booked? I’ll ask them personal
details about where they met, how long they’ve been together. If they envisage winning this engagement
shoot their favorite location to go for one of these shoots. It could be a
river down by the river, by the rocks, the ocean, a park. I’m trying to get a bit of a feel about
the couple because if they tick all the boxes for me, then when I call
them to actually qualify them, um, I guess more accurately, I’m going
to have some talking points already. I’m going to know a little
bit about their background. I’m going to ask them to even submit
a photo when they apply for this free session. So there’s lots of things, lots of hoops you can have people jump
through to help qualify them as your ideal couple. Now just sticking
with engaged couples for a second, if if you’re like a good
friend of mine, Ian Sim, who’s a photographer based in Melbourne, he’s actually built a great business
around photographing couples but not photographing all their weddings. So he’s happy to book a couple for a
shoot if they have a photographer booked, as long as they haven’t had an engagement
shoot because he’s got the potential to make great sales on the back end of
that shoot and he doesn’t care so much about the wedding. For me, I generally go into these free sessions
with the aim of booking the wedding and making a sale from the engagement shoot, but the engagement shoot goes well
and I have a chance to make a great relationship or build a great
relationship with the couple. I’m looking to book their wedding
and if they do book their wedding, I’m going to give them
a bunch of the files, maybe all the files for free
from that engagement session. So depending on how I’ve got things set
up for that model call for that Promo. Now, if you’re a portrait photographer, there are some other
things you can ask instead. Certainly you want to get some
details and background on the family. Maybe you want to know whether or not
they’ve ever had a family shoot with a professional photographer in the past. You can ask whether they’re interested
in buying more prints or wall art after the shoot. If they say no,
there, you know, off the bat, it isn’t a good family for
you to photograph if you
want to make sales on the back end. If they say yes, you could also mention on that form that
what most families spend is around a thousand dollars once they fall in
love and see their photos. So again, you’re helping to qualify the families
before they get given this free shoot. You want to scare off the people that
really aren’t interested in spending more after you give away these free
session. That’s the whole idea. The whole idea of these Facebook promos, these Facebook ads is to generate leads,
get bookings with your ideal clients, so use your questionnaire to help
weed out those not so ideal clients, but it’s imperative that you still follow
up with a phone call on the phone is where you get to make a good
connection quickly and easily. You get to get a a good idea whether or
not this is the right client for you and what you can do because you’re only giving
away say five free sessions is if you get the feeling that this
isn’t the right family for you, the right couple of the right clients,
then all you do is say, listen, I’ve had so much interest
in this promotion, I have to go through
some more phone calls, get in touch with some
more interested people. If you get selected as
one of the lucky families, I’ll be back in touch to schedule a
shoot. If however you don’t get selected, um, how would you like me to let
you know about future promotions? Cause you’re looking, if they
say yes, you want them to, you’re looking to add them to your
email list so you can follow up in the future. So it’s very easy to find your
ideal client using the questionnaire, using a phone call, a followup phone call. And you’ve always got to get out of jail
card by offering those free sessions only to your ideal clients. You don’t
have to give them away to everyone. You’re looking for your ideal client
who’s interested in working with you, spending more after the
shoot. The tricky part, which isn’t so tricky if
you follow the process, is to weed out the ones who aren’t
going to spend more money with you afterwards. Again, if you want more
information on this, it’s all laid out, over at FBadpromo.com FBadpromo.com. Lots, lots of information there, but if
you do have any follow-up questions, then feel free to leave a comment
underneath the video. Allright, it’s Andrew Hellmich here from PhotoBizX.
I’ll chat to you soon. Bye for now.

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