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How to Use a Facebook Canvas Ad to Boost Restaurant Sales

How to Use a Facebook Canvas Ad to Boost Restaurant Sales

Today I’m going to use a Facebook Canvas
Ad to increase sales at my restaurant. Hey everybody, my name is Jim and I’m a
co-owner of a casual fine-dining restaurant called Chef’s Menu. For many
small businesses marketing and advertising plays an important role in
their success. At Chef’s Menu we find that social media & online advertising
are a cost-effective way to promote our restaurant. In my last video I looked at
setting up a Facebook canvas. In this video I’m going to use that canvas to
set up a marketing campaign to promote our lobster dinner. All right, so we set
up the canvas on our Facebook home page here under “Publishing Tools”, and then we
select the “Canvas” option. This lists all the canvases that we currently have
set up on our Facebook page. The one we set up in our last video was this
“Lobster Dinner”. So we can click on view you can see that we’ve got the
right canvas here. So that’s the canvas that we set up. Now to use this in a
marketing campaign we have a couple options: we can we can either create a
page post, which we would do from the Canvas Builder screen. So page post and
then we can type in some text, so “Check out our Lobster Dinner”. Then we can publish it so this will
create an actual page post in the newsfeed on our Facebook page.
Then we can promote that post as we would normally promote a post.
That’s not what I’m going to do, what I’m going to do is go over to the
account manager over here our ads manager for the Chefs Menu marketing
page and you can see I have a quite a few campaign set up here. I usually the break
mine down into either brand awareness or reach. To set up the campaign
for our lobster dinner, under the campaigns tab we simply create a new
campaign. This brings up our screen to set up a campaign. At the campaign
level we select our object. So we have several choices there’s brand awareness,
reach – so as I said reach will try to show your ads to as many people as
possible were brand awareness tries to increase the awareness of your brand.
There’s also other considerations – video views for example if we were promoting a
video we could that option as our objective. I’m going to go with reach
because I want to get this out as many people as I can. We select the reach objective and we give it a name so I’m
going to name this campaign “Reach Lobster Dinner June 8”. Then we continue so that’s create the campaign now we’re into the screen where we’re
going to set up our ad sets. So I like to name the ads, I usually
name it the day that I’m creating it. And then I’ll just call it “Lobster Dinner June 8”. So that’s the ad set name. We can then select the page that we’re going to
promote this on which is our Chef’s Menu page and then we scroll down to set up
the audience. We can either create we can either sort of target everyone so
right now the default is everyone Canada so our potential reaching about
23 million people, if we just go with that setting then Facebook’s going to
try to show this ad to anyone in Canada which is far too broad for what we want
to do because you know we’re just a local restaurant. So what I normally do
is I have a couple saved audiences that I’ve already set up so I’m going to use
the “Chef’s Menu 32 miles”. So basically this will target people within a 32
mile radius of the restaurant. So we select that and we see that that’s going
to reach around three hundred and thirty thousand people which is about right for
our city that this restaurant is located in. The next section is placement so if
we go to the “Edit Placement” button to open that up we can see that Facebook
gives us lots of options on where this ad will show up. The first is device
type: we can target mobile only or desktop. We can also target the different
areas of Facebook so we can ask just to have our ads show up in the news feed or
we can have it on the right hand column you know or other options we can also
have the ads show up in Instagram. So you can deselect areas if you only want your
ads to show-up at certain areas. I’m just going to go with “Automatic Ad Placement” and let
Facebook decide where it’s going to show this ad. Now this is a canvas ad so
Facebook’s really only going to show it on
mobile devices and it’s only going to show up in the Facebook application on
mobile devices. It won’t show up on Instagram. So we’ll leave that as
automatic. The next option is our daily budget and just set up whatever budget
you want. You can either go with a daily budget or a lifetime budget I’m going to
just run a daily budget of $10 a day. What I always do is I always schedule my
ads. So I always set a start and end date that way I’m sure that the ads only going
to run for a fixed amount of time. So we’ll start it today it’s a half hour so
start that at 10:00 a.m.. But I want to give it an end date now this campaign is
going to be for lobster dinner which is going to take place on June the 8th so
there’s no sense running the ad after June 8th. We’ll set it to June the 8th at 7 p.m.. So
we’re going to run for just a couple days here. It’s going to be optimized for
reach. The frequency I’m going to… It’s at 7, the ads only gonna run
to two days I’m just going to change that to two. So this is how many, how
often it will show this ad to the same person. If this was ad was going
to run over a longer period of time and reduce the frequency to every two days
then every two days our ad would have the potential of being shown to a single
individual. Bid amount: I’m just going to go with the automatic. And leave all the
other options as they’re set up there just to their defaults. So we just click
continue and that will create the ad set. The final part is to set
up the ads. So again we’re going to give it a name I’m going to call this “June
8th”, actually, “Canvas | June 8 Lobster Dinner”. So that’ll be the name of
our ads in the ad set. So again it’s asking us…, we have a choice, we can either
create a new ad or we can use an existing post. So if we had set up a post
from the Canvas Builder, as we saw earlier then I could come over to this “Use existing
post” and we can select from posts that are eligible on our news feed. So we can pick a post that’s already set up and use the
ad to promote that post. I’m going to create a new post. So we’ll just go with “Create New”. We Have a choice of which pages so we’re just
going to go to our Chef’s Menu Facebook page. It also gives us the option of
going to the Instagram account that I have linked to this. So for a lot of ads
they’ll show up in Instagram as well. For a canvas it’s not going to show up so
I’m just going to leave that once I select the canvas option down below,
Facebook will remove that placement because it can’t show
canvases on the Instagram feed right now. So now the format. So I’m going to
leave this as “Single Image” and we’ll come back and talk about that in a
second, but the next section is “Full Screen Experience” and this is where we
tell it that we’re going to use a canvas ad,so if I check that box then I get a
drop-down where I can select all the canvases that I have that are eligible
for ads and I’m going to pick this “Lobster Dinner June 8th” as my option.
And see here it’s given me this warning that it can’t show… that it will only show on
Facebook feeds in the mobile placement so it’s going to remove any extra
placements where it can’t show this ad. So I’m going to say remove placements. If
we scroll back up to this pages you see that that Instagram option is now gone.
So we’re going to go with a “Full Screen Experience” and for this one we’re going
to go with a “Single Image”. What’s going to happen is Facebook’s going to
create ads that will have an image associated with them and when the user
taps on that image it will then open the Facebook canvas. So we can have a number
of images and create a number of different ads. So as you can see Facebook
has just grabbed our cover image from our Facebook page to use in our ads. I’m
going to actually change that I’ve got some images that I want to use that are
more associated with this lobster dinner. So from over here we just click “add more
images” and if I browse out to a folder where I’ve got some images set up … just
taking a second here to remember where I got that … So I’ve already created these artwork
ads that I’m going to use. I’ve got five different versions of this art working.
Let me just bring those in and I’m going to delete out the default one here. So what
I’ve done is I’ve imported five different images and Facebook is giving
you a recommendation on what these image sizes should be. Facebook has taken those five images and it’s basically going to
create five different ads you can see down here where it says add previews it
says four or five, so I can kind of scroll through and you can see down on
the bottom here that the image is changing. So I’ve got five different
images… you know some of them are just I’ve just changed the color background
behind the text just to see what impact that has, some of them the image is
completely different, so that sort of shows the dinner being plated and then
this one shows the lobster being taken out of a boiling pot of water. So I’m
going to go with those five different ads and Facebook will try… Facebook will
show those ads to people in their newsfeed and it will determine which ad
seems to work best for us and then it will start promoting that add more more
frequently than the other ones. So we’re almost done here the next section is to
give this some text. For the headline I’m going to call this “Chef’s
Menu Lobster Dinner”. And then I can give
it some text down here, a bit more of a description. So I’m going to call this “$29 Lobster Dinner at Chef’s Menu”. In fact, I’m going to put the date:
“$29 June 8th Lobster Dinner at Chef’s Menu”. So we’ll give it some sort of description.We see that it’s
updated on the right-hand side here we’ve got the title as shown down
here and then the text is shown at the top there. So we can scroll through the
ads now for some reason it doesn’t update the text on the the sample ads
but it does once it creates the ads, it’s just, there must be a bug in their little
display here. So you have to be on the first… first of whatever ads and then
you’ll see your text changes. Last section down here is this tracking
pixel, so I’ve got this linked to a tracking pixel so we’ve got a pixel installed on
our website on our Chef’s Menu website so when people go to that
website, Facebook can track that they’ve been there and then it can use
that to target ads to those people. I’ve just got that turned on. So once we’re ready we can place the order and Facebook will go off and then create a
series of ad based on those images and they’ll all take the user to our canvas. We’ll see over here now that it’s
actually created a number of ads. And we’ll just refresh that so
there we go we’ve got all five of the ads have been created and the
image you could see the image is slightly different over here. They’re all
scheduled to run, a couple more still pending review – it usually takes a few
minutes or an hour or so. Once these are ready to run once the scheduled time
hits, Facebook will begin to show these ads to eligible people in their
Facebook news feed on their mobile devices. So that’s how I set up a
Facebook Canvas Ad to promote our restaurant. I hope you found that useful
and if you’d like leave comments I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for

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  1. I watched at least 10 videos before this one..from so called experts..but yours was the most elaborate and simple one. Thank you.

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