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How To Upsell Online & Triple Your Customer Value

How To Upsell Online & Triple Your Customer Value

In this video you’re going to discover how
to upsell online and instantly triple your customer value. Before I get into that, if
you’d like to know some strategies that insiders are using right now to get a 248%
ROI on their ads, I put together a special video for you, just click the link that’s
below right now. So the first thing we should talk about is what exactly is an upsell and
an upsell is basically just a chain of different products that you offer to clients after they
make an initial purchase. One of the best and easiest ways to generate upsells and make
it a fast and easy transaction is using what’s called one click upsell technology. So after
somebody buys the initial product, you send them to a page and you can use software to
have your order button instantly charge their credit card when they click on it so they
don’t have to complete another order form. This will allow you to get conversion rates
anywhere up to 60% on an upsell which just instantly adds additional revenue to your
bottom line. Now when you’re creating an upsell chain, all of the products have to
really relate to each other and enhance each other. What a lot of people will do with their
upsells is they will cannibalize their initial offer by leaving pieces out and trying to
make people buy an upsell in order to get the complete product. That creates a lot of
ill-will among your customers so you never want to do that. All of your products should
relate to each other and enhance each other. On your upsell pages, the sale is really easy
.You don’t have to go through a complete sales message like you do for your initial
product. It’s simply here’s what I got, here’s what it will do for you, here’s
how it’s going to help the initial product, here’s how you order and the price. That’s
it. It’s a very simple format. You don’t have to get complicated with it. And then
if you add two to three upsells to your funnel, you can easily triple the customer value right
out of the gate and it will make your ads profitable on the front end. One of the biggest
mistakes I see people making is having one product and they’re trying to monetize paid
media with just one product and it’s almost impossible to do that. That’s why if you
see all the successful launches, all the successful products out there, they have two or three
upsells in the chain because that’s the only way to actually be in the black when
doing paid media on the front end. One thing that you need to understand is that online
advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to pull off successfully using the traditional
methods because people are simply becoming blind to them. The most effective way to combat
this is using native advertisements which is just a fancy term for ads that look similar
to the content around them. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best way to get noticed is to actually
blend in. Think of soap operas and infomercials. They are the original native ads and have
been running successfully for decades, selling billions of dollars of products. Now if you
want to start leveraging native ads, there’s two choices you can make. You can go out and
spend all the time and money trying to figure them out on your own. Or you can just click
the image on the right. That will take you to a page where you can get free, instant
access to a special video I put together just for you. It’s called 17 Advanced Native
Advertising Secret Insiders Use to Get 248% ROI Right Now. These are all techniques that
have been proven to work through multiple tests across the 22 accounts I manage for
clients and myself. You can use them to drive sales of products or to generate leads for
selling high ticket products and services over the phone. It will literally save you
massive amounts of time and money. So go ahead and click that image right now to get this
video while it’s fresh on your mind.

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