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How to upload ads using Google Ads Editor – Google ads tutorial for search ads 2019

How to upload ads using Google Ads Editor – Google ads tutorial for search ads 2019

So in this video, you’re going to learn
how to upload ads to individual ad groups using Google ads editor. To
achieve this, we will use an Ad Build Template that you can download from the
link in the description below. This specific template is very similar to the
keyword build template that we used in earlier videos. However, this template
includes the ad copy that you will need to include to upload your ads. So, this is
how the Ad Build Template looks like. In this specific template, you have three
tabs. So the first tab is the campaign source info, where all your tracking
parameters will go. The second tab is the campaign name and the ad group tab, so
here you will copy the campaign name and the ad groups where you want to upload
ads to. And the third tab is where you will include your ad copy for all the ads that you have created. You will add them here so that
the template is built and it can be easily uploaded to the ads
editor. So, if we go back into the final URL create a tab. The first thing that we
will need to do is to add our campaign name and the ad groups to these
columns here. To do that, I will go back to my keyword build template, I’ll copy my
campaign name and the ad groups. Go back into the Ad Build Template and paste your
campaign name and ad groups. Here, there’s one thing that you need to make sure
that your campaign name is exactly the same for all the ad groups. So, you are
uploading ads to just one campaign with multiple ad groups using this template. So, once you have copied your campaign and your ad groups where you want to
upload your ads you simply need to go into your AdWords ad copy tab. Here, you
can see that the campaign name and the groups are already appearing on the
column B and C here. What you will need to do now is to upload your ad copy.
To do that, on the left-hand side here on column A1
this is the ad quantity. So, in order to upload 4 ads to this specific
template, what we will need to do is to filter this to select only number 1.
So, this will be our ad number 1 that we will be uploading. So,
I’ll go into the ad copy that I have written for this specific campaign. Just
copy the ad copy. This includes your Ad number, your headline, your
descriptions and it will also include your final URL. So, I’ll go back and grab
the final URL, go back and include my Final URL there. So, that’s my ad number
1. Now, you can see on the left hand side that this specific ad with Ad
number PPC-TT-1 is currently with the ad group TT – eyebrow threading. So, in
order for this ad to appear against all of these ad groups what I will need to
do is copy this ad up until the final URL and simply select the remaining
Ad Groups that are empty and then press Ctrl+D so Ctrl+C and then you select
these ads up to the Ad Groups. Ctrl+D and now your ad is there. when you will upload this ad, this ad
will appear against each of these ad groups in the C column here. Now,
to upload our second ad, simply click on the filter again and select number 2.
so, this will be our Ad number 2. Go back into our ad copy template. You can
create your own ad copy template or you can download this ad template from the
Google sheets and there will be a link in the description below. So, this is my
Ad number 2, I’ll copy that and go back into my Ad Build Template. Similar to the
Ad number 1, we’ll just copy this again but we will need to include the final URL here. So,
I’ll capture the Final URL, place my final URL there and similar to what we
did before for Ad number 1, we’ll do the same for all these so copy and go down so I’ll paste that here. Now you can see
that I’ve gone over the add groups. So, I will not need to copy these ads up
until here, so I will just need to delete them from my template. So, each ad group
has it’s own Ad number 2. Similar to this, we’ll just go back and select ad number 3. Go and grab our ad number 3 from the template. Copy & paste our ads there. And, what you can do
is basically you can add the final URL later as well. So, say because I was
finding it difficult to move across like over to see it to see the final URL. I
can first add the ad copy so say Ctrl+C and then press Ctrl+D to duplicate this
ad. Again, I’ve gone slightly over so I’ll just remove the excess ad copy here from
here and then go back and grab the final URL. There you go! So, now I’ve got the
final URL there. Again, select up all the ad groups and press Ctrl+D to duplicate
this final URL across all of the ads. Select ad number 4, press ok.
Go back, grab your Ad number 4, go back to your Ad Build Template. Paste your ad,
Ctrl+C and again copied against each ad group Ctrl+D and then go back and
grab your final URL. Ctrl + D, so now you have copied in all the
4 ads for your campaign, for each individual ad group, and each ad group
has now 4 ads. So, to upload these ads, you will need to remove this filter
on the left-hand side. If you clear this filter, you will notice that each of
these ad groups will have one ad so if you look at here so they are so this ad
group has been copied in 4 times. So, each of these ad group, has PPC ad number
1 and number 2, number 3 and number 4. Similarly, for the other ad group
as well. So each ad group has 4 ads. For some reason, I am getting an ad over
over here in the bottom, I’ll just remove that from my template. And then, in order
to upload these, I will need to just copy them from the campaign column up until
the custom parameters column Ctrl+C go into your Google ads editor now. Once you
are in the Google ads editor, you will need to ensure that, on the ‘tree view’ you are at the account level and in the ‘Manage view’ you are at the ‘Ads Level’. You can see that there are
currently, 752 ads showing here but these ads belong to different campaigns. These
ads don’t belong to this specific campaign. So, if I select this campaign
which is ‘threading terms-UK-Search Exact’ You can see that there are no expanded text ads appearing here which we are going to upload now. However, we will not need to select this campaign in the ‘Account
level’ to upload these ads. We will need to select the ‘Account level’ when we are
uploading the expanded text ads. This is the mistake, that I used to do quite a
lot, when I was starting out with the Google ads editor. So, now that you have
selected the account level and you have selected the expanded text ads in the
‘Manage View’. Simply click on ‘Make multiple changes’ in the data
view and then if you go back into your Ad Build Template. Ctrl+C, go back and
Ctrl+V. So, now we have pasted all our data from our template. So now, this is
our campaign name. Just make sure that each of these parameters appear
against the right column. So, this is our campaign, this is our ad group, these are
our ad numbers. So, it will show that this will not import the ad number but don’t
worry about it. It will import the Ad number. I don’t know what’s the reason
behind it but for some reason it does not pick up the Ad number as one of
the parameters in this editor. So, this is our headline 1, headline
2 and so on and so forth. Also, just make sure that you have the
custom parameters updated as well because, sometimes, you have to manually
go down and select custom parameters when you are uploading your ads. Once you are happy with the overall look of the campaign and the ads,
just click on the process button. So, now this is your confirmation screen that says there
are expanded text ads they have been uploaded or added and these are 40 so
because we had 10 ad groups and each ad group had four ads so 10 x 4 is 40 ads.
So, this is how you can review and see that the correct number of ads have been uploaded. So, click on ‘finish and review’. So, now once you have uploaded your ads into
your ads editor, you will notice, once you click on the account level, if you click on this campaign, we can see that there are 40 new ads that are
appearing and these are all in bold text that
means they still need to be uploaded to your actual account online. Before we post these ads online, we will need to make sure that they have
the correct tracking template appearing against them and the custom parameters
have also been uploaded correctly. To do that, we will need to go in our ‘Edit
view’, click on the URL options, drag this to the right to the left sorry
and you can see that the tracking template is appearing on the top there.
You have your campaign custom parameter value. This is your campaign name
that’s appearing, this is your ad group that’s appearing and this is your ‘Ad
number’ which is ‘PPC -TT-1’ which it’s said in the beginning that it will not be
importing this ad number when it does! Right, so similar to that so what we can
do is we can just select the ‘Data view’ and just go down and you can see
now this is PPC-TT-2, so, this is our ad number 2 and you can see that the ad
group is still the same so if you go back so this ad group is ‘eyebrow
threading’. This is our ad number 1. Go to the second one this is again ‘eyebrow threading’. This is our ad number 2. This is eyebrow threading again, ad number 3 and eyebrow threading, ad number 4 and then it goes on to the next keyword or ad group and
it will upload all the 4 ads against those ad groups. Once these ads have
been uploaded into the Google ads editor, and you’re happy with them,
just simply click on ‘keep’. Now, you have these ads ready to go live and this
campaign ready to go live you can upload these to your account
online but before I upload these online I just want to make sure that this
campaign has been ‘paused’ so that when you’re uploading once you have uploaded
you can have a final review of your ads before you turn the campaign to go live.
Once you’re happy, simply select on your account level and click on this
button on the right hand side which says post changes to this account click on
post changes and what it will show you is that it will post one new campaign
that will have ten ad groups and it will have 10 keywords because we are using
these ‘SKAGs’ which are ‘single keyword ad groups’. If you have not seen my previous
videos, you can watch my previous videos on how you can upload your keywords with
1 ad group. So, each keyword will have a single ad group they will be targeting
one location and there are 40 text expanded text ads
in that campaign because each keyword has four ads attributed to that specific
keyword once we are happy click on post and now this data will be posted to your
account online so simply click on close and go into your online account once you
are in your campaign account online if you click on the campaign’s tab on the
left hand side you can see all the campaigns appearing here now the
threading terms is the campaign that we have just uploaded so if we click on
that campaign you’ll be able to see all the ad groups that are included in that
campaign and if you click on the ads you can see all the ads within the
threading terms campaign that we have just uploaded. Here I want to share with
you one tip so say you are in all campaigns and these are all the
campaigns that you have in your account and you click on ads you have the ads
appearing from all the campaigns here now so in order to quickly access the
ads that you have created for a specific campaign in this
case say for example we have added the the ads for the threading campaign so I
will just type in here the ‘campaign name’ and ‘contains’ ‘-‘ and I’ll put thread and
I click on apply. So when you are using hyphens or – I have been able to
easily filter my campaigns to view the content that I quickly want to see so
whether is the keywords or the ads or Sitelink extensions that I may have
applied to this campaign. Because we got a filter applied, I will only see the
ads appearing against the threading campaign that we have just uploaded. The other thing that I want to check once I’ve uploaded the campaign is
going to the Settings tab so if I go back into the campaign’s select the
threading terms campaign going to the Settings tab and you can see that this
campaign is currently paused it has a 10-pound budget the talk the location is
targeting is United Kingdom is on the search Network and this is using
enhanced CPC bidding you can change that here to just manual CPC bidding. I will
also, talk about the bidding strategies in the coming videos so also if you
scroll down all the settings look okay for us to go live with this specific
campaign I hope you have learned something new from this video if you
have any questions that you need to ask come in down below and I’ll get back to
you if you like this video please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to
this channel so that you don’t miss any videos I upload in future. Thanks for
watching and let’s catch up in the next video!

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