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How to Thumbnail your Concepts with Markers: Episode 1

How to Thumbnail your Concepts with Markers: Episode 1

my name is Eric Strebel and welcome to
another video of mine about industrial design some of the past projects that
I’ve worked on have been designing kids toys and I really liked designing the
kids toys so I’ve decided to put together a series about marker
renderings and rendering out those concepts and what they look like and
what that process involves you may be wondering how do I even start
a project like this for me it starts by taking the ideas that I have in my head
and drawing them maybe as little thumbnails as I have here using some
references that I may have seen online and just trying to put my ideas on paper
once I put them on paper it’s sort of out of my brain and I can move on to the
next concept in this case I thought it’d be really fun to combine like a big huge
vehicle and some earth moving equipment to something that was sort of amphibious
or aquatic that could travel the globe and explore the planet that we live on
and mister some of the little sketches and concepts that I came up to help me
develop this idea and figure out what direction I wanted to go for kids toys
you know there’s really no limit to the imagination that kids have if you
remember when you were a kid you thought about you know traveling the planet and
going to places that you’ve never been before so I wanted to have a vehicle
that would allow to do that whether it was the deserts
you know Sahara or in the Antarctic and Iceland or something like that or just
traveling your local lake and crossing that and seeing what’s on the other side
what kind of vehicle would you need to do that
live in it year-round and be able to go anywhere do anything and so these are
some of the little thumbnails and sketches I’m drawing in a standard
sketchbook here a white paper I try to get the paper as white as I can so it
scans good I’m using a paper mate pen to sketch out the little side view
elevation concepts coming back in with some prismacolor markers maybe hitting
it with a little bit of a jelly roll for some of the white highlights I’m keeping
it simple just trying to flesh out the ideas this little vehicle right here you
can kind of see it has some of its cargo exposed in the back kind of like a
little dump truck with a little house in the front totally kind of different a
little bit funky vehicle the vehicle to the top right of it that’s a sort of a
orangish vehicle that ends up being the vehicle that I sort of finally set on
that I like the most but I’m still exploring even here and we’re finding
that a little bit more the wheels are a little bit smaller I don’t really like
that I really want some big beefy meaty tires that are really gonna allow me to
conquer whatever terrain I come across I’m just filling out also working on
color schemes you could see each vehicle has a little bit different color than
the last one I’m just trying to figure out what it is that I like I really like
the sort of forward rake of this vehicle that looks like it’s moving
standing still considering it’s a house with two wheels on it it still has some
halfway decent gesture and it looks you know aggressive I really kind of taken
everything that I’ve done on the other sketches kind of pulled it together in
this sketch right here I didn’t put any even a little person in there to show
scale to give the user an idea of exactly how big this vehicle would be in
real life I figured out a few things about how to get in the vehicles a
little door there you climb up on the fender to get inside and you’re ready to
go on your adventure a couple of things about this sketch or all these sketches
are undo everything by freehand at first and then not tell sort of the end once I
got everything worked out and kind of laid in loose do I come in with my
circle templates and my I use my phone here as a straightedge just because it’s
super handy then I come in and kind of sweeten everything else up with my
templates so everything else done sketching freehand in the very beginning
it’s not till the end where I add some of the details and clean and sweeping
everything up adding in the markers here you’ll notice I keep everything super
simple so a gray for the windows to differentiate them from the surface of
the vehicle I add darker colors on the bottom for the wheels and the treads to
help anchor that to the ground you’ll notice also the wheels are almost cut
off on the bottom as well little automotive
design trick just to help anchor the vehicle on the ground and you can see
the back wheels to add a little bit of force one point perspective as well so
there’s just little tricks of the trade to help ground and anchor the vehicle
now I come back in kind of give it an outline give it a little bit of that
product design feel with that dark outline to help contrast and show it on
the plate these two views are the final two views of the vehicle and I do them
next in the series in front in the rear view I hope you like this first episode
of adventure toy renderings and I hope you come back next week to check out the
next episode if you liked the music in this video head on over to Mike’s
website hunch boney comm give him a shout out let him know that you liked it
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3 thoughts on “How to Thumbnail your Concepts with Markers: Episode 1

  1. Fantastic video Eric! I like the insights to the way you approach the project, as well as the sketching tips to give the art that polished look.

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