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How to Test Products with Facebook Ads (with PROOF) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

How to Test Products with Facebook Ads (with PROOF) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Hey, what is up guys, it’s Rafael here your 7 figure e-commerce coach. And today we’re gonna touch the topic of how to test products on facebook ads. This is one of the questions that I get literally every day and this video has been put off for a while So I finally made how to test products for e-commerce Shopify We’ve been making like 3K 4K days even 5K days the past couple days in this week so I absolutely want to tell you the strategy behind this and Three ways that you can test even with a low budget high budget medium budget However, you are in your journey. Now before we go into my computer I do want to invite you to my free absolutely free training how to combine Facebook Ads Google Ads and Instagram ads It’s the one in the first thing in the description to make ten dollars From your dog that you saw there’s a free absolutely free training and then you can schedule a call One-on-one with me so we can discover the strategy that’s best for you. Now now that’s done Click the first link in the description for that training. It’s with my computer and find out All right, so I know we’re here in my computer Now you can see the three different methods low budget testing, which I call sharp testing technique The CBO techniques are called the Blitz and then the high budget testing, which I call the infantry, right? It’s a lot of people just going towards an attack. So there’s three different techniques. We’re gonna talk about the benefits How do you how do you actually test with these three tips? These three methods and which one is better for you if any on where you are on a journey? So now to show a little bit of proof that these techniques work right here. You can see my ads manager I don’t really share that much of my a strategy But today I really want to show you because I’ve been getting a lot of questions like hey Can you show proof do you really do Facebook you yes. Yes. I do. Please guys every single day I’m just some proof right in the past three days here 11 of January 2019. We’ve gotten consistently This is about a totals like a hundred purchases over these whole campaigns And then as you can see on the right hand side the ROI Yes, it’s absolutely huge 3.65 for 498 even ten on this one I have five purchases and this is basically that those strategies that I’m going to talk about mainly the mainly Mainly the CBO bleats blitz technique so you can see like there’s definitely proof That I do this on a daily basis not I’m not lying about these croissants I’m not lying about these methods. I do do this on a regular basis. So now let’s go the actual techniques Okay, so the shark testing technique, how do you actually do the shark testing? So you take one product and Then we’re gonna take that product and divide it into two different audiences so two different assets and to add sets and we’re gonna do one one of those is A completely broad audience. So you’re only gonna check age gender and country. Let’s say they’re your products for women Women in the US and then from 20 to 50 years of age Why do we test broad because we want to see the potential of that product in the long term if it doesn’t do well on Broad it probably won’t do well on a bunch of different interests and bunch of different targeting cellular tests But now that you do one ad set at brought you’re gonna do one ad set Extremely narrow down So what I mean by extremely now is down in the ad matter you can choose narrow audience So what you’ll do is you’ll pick two very specific interests. Maybe it’s brands. Maybe it’s Influencers in your niche, right? I talked about a lot if you want to learn more about targeting if you check the videos about targeting here in the channel But one of those ad sets has to be very broad and one of those ad sense has to be extremely now So what you can do is do one brand in your niche and then one one influence for an image and Then narrow those down in the a schmaderer click now audience. You’ll now those two down into that audience It’ll be a very targeted small audience And that’s how I basically test what I just have let’s say I’m starting off with like ten dollars Let’s say I want to test five and five two different ad sets same product same campaign when it’s has two different ad sets What ad set is very open so just gender age and country and then the other ad set is extremely narrowed down One brand of your niche wonderful answer unique and then narrow down again now Then again with engaged shoppers engage shelters So that’s essentially how I test with with very very low budgets So if in your journey with Shopify right now or ecommerce, whatever it is You really don’t have that much budget to test this go for for that Now, what’s the CBO blitz technique that produces results like this one? right Like twelve purchases for five dollars per purchase and then arias a 4-hour raise of ten arrays of five like this Is a technique that I absolutely love and the technique that just blows everything else past? Just blows every other technique out of the water and it’s a different type of campaign than the regular where it optimizes by accent right The regular campaign is optimized by by ad set this one optimizes by campaign how you created as you click on new campaign? you click on conversions and Then what you’ll do is a budget Optimization so you can do optimize budget across Adsense. What’s that’ll do is essentially it’ll have a budget for the whole campaign so when you create a whole new campaign All you have to do is create budget optimization And as you can see in these you can see that the budget this is per campaign Right, they can pick the budget is set at the campaign Look, that’s why it’s so powerful the buddy decide the campaign level and why I call it blitz it’s because you’re basically letting facebook test for you and do the the Measurements on best like what ad set it should send traffic to a base It bases it like on the under traffic that’s coming So if you get one purchase on one ad set and face, it recognizes that ad set as the best one It’s got to send more traffic and more sales To that ad set so you it kind of really leaves the tension of testing for you and Facebook does the testing for you? Right, so you’ll set that up and then you just create the campaign Normally, it’ll just have a budget of the campaign and then you can’t change the ad set budget now What you’ll do is you’ll divide Different interests and different look-alikes different audiences inside the CBO campaign. So for example you can do for interests for different interests in that inside that campaign inside the CBO campaign for different interests in for ad sets and Then you can do for look-alikes in For Adsense, so you’ll have one campaign that spreads the budget out into four interests and for add sets and four interest for look-alikes and for ad sets so to spread the budget out and they don’t Okay. This one’s the best one That’s what I’m gonna send more traffic and then you’ll see that the campaign starts Optimizing by itself as I kind of it’s it’s like having a Facebook Ads manager Like hiring someone to manage your Fisher Cats on Facebook So it’s very very cool how it does this and essentially like that’s how it does this It’s $35 a day. And then you divided like Facebook basically divides that traffic and those sales based on all the assets that you have So this essentially like how you do this technique and it’s the best one that works So as soon as you do the smaller one if you have, you know medium budget Let’s say like a thousand dollars to test you can do the CBO and go straight into CBO and then you can just set a CBO campaign of like a hundred dollars per day per product And then you’ll do a bunch of different audiences inside that CBO and you don’t have to wear it like eight Eight accesses the maximum you do but you can do from four to eight and I wouldn’t really worry on the different audiences that you’re testing in there because Facebook is Gonna choose the best one for you So in a day or two You’re gonna know well know in a day in less than a day if you’re doing at $100 a day 2.35 You’ll know in like two days So in a hundred dollars a day you’ll know we’ve done one day which audience is the best and Then what you do is you take that audience and then you test it separately on a brand new campaign so this is how like this is the bread and butter of testing It’s you make a campaign budget up to ization and you let it test for itself with all those ad sets inside But Facebook is doing the testing for you, right? You’re just telling Facebook spend $100 on all these ad sets and choose the best one for me So that’s essentially like the best one that works and then you test interest you test brands, you test influencers and then you test everything you demographics whatever you want to test inside that campaign one campaign per product now the Third one high boy to testing the infant 3 method right a bunch of people just going towards an attack It basically means creating one campaign or product and Then creating a bunch of ad sets not CEO not putting the campaign budget per campaign Not putting the budget per campaign putting the budget per accept. So what you do is have let’s say 10 assets add Like 50 dollars per day or not 20 dollars per day And then testing a bunch of different audiences like very different audiences in those ten assets and then you just let them run for two Or three days. That’s why I don’t recommend you have a high budget, right? It’s like putting these ten people right there They’re going to attack you put these ten people these ten assets and you just let them fly You just let them go for one or two days And then the best ones are gonna start, you know, you got to start to see the best one So once I get your sales But once I get you more check outs And that’s essentially how this infantry method works and you’ll find two to three ad sets that are top top top and then you scale Those so if you want to learn how to scale you can check out the other videos here in the YouTube channel But that’s essentially the third method that I do and that’s when I have like, okay let’s have $2,000 to test the product then I do this I do one campaign and then I put like 20 at sets inside 20 different audiences and then I just let them run for 20 to 40 dollars a day and then they just go and fight and fight It’s like I don’t recommend this if you’re a beginner, you’re gonna lose a lot of money if you if you do this but I recommend this if you’ve already tried to campaign by the Optimization if you already tried the shark testing then I recommend going there just doing the infantry Just testing a bunch of stuff at the same time But those are the three main ways And remember this is like 10 at sets 10 different audiences like 10 to 20 access 10 to 20 audiences But you set the ad set budget ad at some level so you don’t set it so CBO, you set it at the campaign level on on Infantry method you set it at the ad set level so you said it one second You said it Right here right here at the ad set level so you would set 20 per day and you have like 10 different ads of spending 20 a day on 10 different audiences and then just letting them flat the difference between CBO between campaign by the Optimization and this is that CBO will optimize for you and will spend that budget on the best one so if you want to so how how it differs from CBO by doing that for three one is that you’ll test You’ll test those audiences more thoroughly third thorough I don’t know how to write sir, but you’ll test those audiences very very thoroughly and you’ll essentially know Okay, this is the best one with CBO Facebook. Does it testing for you? that’s why I recommend that if you if you have a bunch of money to just test and find a mess audience that works on like 20 or 30 then you do the inference you want to use to let those run with CBO is more about a very Controlled testing letting facebook test for you But a very very controlled testing like you’re making sure that those audiences do perform if they don’t perform You know face it will kind of D optimize them. It’ll optimize the top ones so it really just depends on how much money you have if you have let’s say like Two hundred three hundred dollars to test a product that would go with CBO if you have a thousand plus I would go with high budget if you have like 50 or less I would go with the shark testing just a few ad sets five dollars a day for that specific product. Yeah, that’s it That’s it for today If you want to learn more about this click that first thing in the description and get on a call with me one-on-one So we can determine the best strategy for you If you haven’t yet join the inner circle program, its what am I mentoring with me? It’s a full course full mentoring program and access to me one-on-one so I can teach you Exactly the things you need like these and show you more proof into building your seven-figure ecommerce business Thanks so much for watching subscribe to this channel like this video down below if you liked it. Thank you for watching I will see you in the next

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