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How to Test Dropship Products Using Facebook Ads (The Pair Method!)

How to Test Dropship Products Using Facebook Ads (The Pair Method!)

WHAT is up Ninjas! If you use Facebook
ads to sell ecommerce or anything on the internet that you need to know what the
ninja pair strategy can do for you this video is going to show you how to create
super eye-catching video ads on Facebook and the ninja pair method is going to
show you something that I promise you you’ve never used before
stay tuned in just this is gonna be a good one watch this way hi guys what is up today we’re gonna go
over some very very good stuff I’m specifically related to Shopify and
Facebook ads and what we’re gonna talk about is how to make ads that catch
people’s attention and how to do that by being a little bit different right using
sub title bars like this using emojis catching people’s attention and then
advertising them in two unique ways right if we’re doing things like doing
quality infusers or you know slot t and fusers what we can do is we can target
people who are interested and like it’s a sloth related types of products are
slots in general and we can also dually target people who are interested in tea
right because if you hit people on two passionate niches I’m kind of with a
single synergistic product then you can actually hit them from two different
ways and you can really kind of hone in and laser target your audience and we’re
also gonna target how our we’re gonna talk about how to make these sub title
bars because being able to like make these and using emojis it just really
stands out especially if you have kind of a high quality video so we’re gonna
talk about how to do that even if you have no video editing skills of any kind
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you won guys so let’s talk about how to actually do this right and so the first
thing we’re gonna do is we are going to make sure that we’re choosing our
location correctly right because one of the things that I think a lot of people
do wrong with Facebook ads is they leave it on everyone in this location instead
of people who live in this location right because everyone in this location
means that you’d be showing ads to people who are traveling who are you
know on on vacation here who are touring through the United States for example
when they’re not going to be buying from your Shopify store because they probably
don’t have an address to ship it to here so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
change this to people who live in this location and we’re gonna leave it as
United States but you know you can also target the other big four countries like
Australia Canada the UK and the United States which make up about 95 percent of
our e-commerce sales and so the next thing that we’re going to do
guys’s let’s take a let’s take a quick look let’s say that we’re gonna sell you
know like a slaw tea infuser or even a koala tea infuser right and what we’re
gonna do is we’re taking a quick look at what the kind of demographics that
people have are when they like a page related to koalas right so we’re gonna
choose koala but let’s go over in the audience insights and to get here super
quick just head into audience insights in business manager we typed in koala
here under interest and we can see that almost 70% of people who like koalas are
women right so we’re probably gonna focus a little bit more on women we also
know that people who like koalas also like animal rescue they like National
Geographic right some of these things like if somebody likes kind of exotic
animals like that they probably also like other animals like I love my dog
crazy animals all of these things right here right so I like to kind of go by
affinity score what this means basically is if somebody likes koalas they’re two
hundred and seven times more likely to also like this page per feyo’s right and
so these are kind of the ones that I would take a look at if I was also
trying to kind of split test and test targeting these interests also for
people who have shown interest in koalas right but what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna do what I like to call this the ninja pair method and so if you guys
have never heard of the ninja pair method it basically uses when you’re
targeting products specifically like this right it hits people on two fronts
they like koalas but they’re also interested in tea right what we can do
is instead of doing a create new ad set we can go to create multiple new ad sets
right here and then what we can do is down in detail targeting we can do koala
and then we can also do we’re gonna narrow the audience right so they have
two like koalas and they must also match they must also match that they’re
interested in listen and let’s change this from koala to tea right so people
that are interested let’s do green tea so people who are interested in green
tea 73% of them are women right we can see other things that they like
traditional medicines simple most whole foods market right they kind of have
like the homeopathic five a little bit traditional medicinal is right here blue
apron so we’re gonna do koalas and we’re also going to do green tea and what this
does guys is it allows you to target people who both like koalas and they all
also have to like green tea so you’re narrowing your audience so much and your
laser targeting people because if somebody likes a quality infuser
you know how much more likely are they gonna be to buy your quality infuser if
they’ve already proven through their browsing history on Facebook to both
like koalas and also like green tea right somebody that’s using a koala
green tea infuser this would be a perfect gift and one of the other things
that I want to talk about really quickly is how we can do it like this right so
we can do and must also match further right we can do birthday if we type in
birthday here what we can see is here we can do close friends close friends with
people with birthdays in the next 7 to 30 days right so we can target people
who have who have friends or close friends or best friends right close
friends and best ones to be the same thing close friends of people with a
birthday that’s coming up we can do close friends of women with a birthday
in seven to thirty days and think about how amazing this is because we have
looked right here that when we type in green tea seventy-three percent of them
are women and when we typed in Koala sixty-nine percent of them are women
right so seven out of ten people who like both of these things or more about
71 percent of everyone who likes both of these things is women and we can
literally target close friends of women with a birthday coming up if they have a
birthday coming up it’s likely that their close friends are gonna buy them a
gift and what an amazing gift that it would be like a little funny gag gift
especially if they’re close friends they probably know that this person likes
koalas if they like koalas enough to actually go out of their way to like a
koala related page on Facebook then they really like koalas right and their
friend and their close friends probably know that and so this is how you really
get creative with Facebook Ads guys you can literally target people in such
unique ways and you can target them you know they have to like koalas they have
to also like green tea and they also have to have close friends of women with
a birthday in seven to thirty days so these are the types of ways that you
actually take your Facebook Ads to the next level and become profitable right
from the start all right so let’s talk about the ninja pair and strategy
because this strategy is one of the best ways to kind of split tests up front
using these kind of pairs right like usually I’ll have to but sometimes I’ll
put three if it like works perfectly I’m just a kind of illustrated though I’m
just gonna keep it as two right this koala being one korean t being the other
targeting people who would be interested in kind of a gag gift which is a koala
tea infuser which is probably like almost nothing when it comes to actual
cost so what we’re gonna do guys is for the second version of the pair we’re
gonna click add a detailed targeting variation so we click Add util targeting
variation right here now we’re gonna split his Facebook is gonna create split
tested ad sets for us automatically and this is a beautiful time-saver if you’ve
used Facebook Ads in the past you understand how exciting this feature is
it’s amazing right so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna head back into
audience insights and we’re gonna look at page likes right so let’s do a
traditional medicinal medicinals because people who like green tea are 56 times
more likely to also like traditional and medicinals which is really hard to say
try saying that five times fast so traditional medicinals we can type this
in right here traditional medicinals has a million people right and we’re gonna
narrow the audience so they also must match whatever is closest
according to audience insights for koala all right so we’re gonna raise green tea
here and we’re gonna go back in and we’re gonna look at koala and now we’re
gonna see according to a fit the affinity score per face is one there’s
not that many people who like it though I guess they have nine hundred forty-one
thousand so let’s do awesome ocean I’m so we’re gonna do awesome ocean right
and let’s take a quick look just to make sure that this is like reasonably
related so awesome ocean looks like it’s okay so it’s like a brand yeah and they
have like cute animals like seals and stuff like that and like animals yes
this is perfect so we’re gonna do awesome ocean here and so now we have
two pairs right so people have to like both of the most related thing to green
tea and the thing that’s most related to koalas so these are two sets of pairs
right the ninja pair method and these is um this is a fantastic way to really
target people I’m kind of from the start on two fronts right they have to they
have to match two things one thing and also right we see that it’s very
important and must also match the and this is a good way of laser
targeting your audience kind of from the very start and so you know what we would
do next is take a look at kind of the demographics so you know 70% are women
most of which are kind of the 25 to 34 year old range so if we wanted to get
even more kind of aggressive here or we wanted to make our audience size smaller
you know we could narrow this by only doing women and we could only do like
for example 24 year olds through 35 year olds because they do happen to be the
largest kind of data set here oh yeah 20 25 to 34 year olds I mean so 25 to 34
year olds and so that’s a great way using the ninja pair method to kind of
hit people on to two different fronts to make a super super targeted audience
from the very start and then also split testing based on these two pairs because
what you’re gonna see is you know koala and green tea might be might perform
awesome and it’s getting you a ton of sales super profitable and then
traditional medicinals and awesome ocean is just complete crap right and it’s not
doing anything for you and it’s not making any sales and so then obviously
you know you’d create automation rules to automatically scale the ad sets that
we’re winning and automatically stop or pause the ad sets that we’re losing if
you don’t know how to make automation rules they are a kind of a more advanced
technique that we do talk about a ton in the Facebook ads ninja master class
shameless plug link in the description if you guys want to check it out this is
completely free training it will be the first link down in the description all
right so let’s talk about one more very important hack because this hack has
given us a bunch of really profitable results because you can actually target
people by if they’re engaged shoppers right and what this means is
Facebook actually has kind of data surrounding people who spend more money
right because they partner with credit card companies and they purchase you
know for huge sums of money all of this data pretty much on all of us right and
it’s creepy but it’s good for us as advertisers right so we’re gonna choose
engaged shoppers here and then if we kick suggestions it’ll give us other
kind of options here and what I’ve found to work really well is people who are
active credit card users and people who are top spenders so we’re gonna click on
top spenders here and this is also something that is worth noting right
like this just popped up I’ve never seen this before
Facebook changes all the time right we will be removing
some detailed targeting options your audience contains interest behaviors or
demographics which will soon no longer be available on our platform you can
still publish these changes for now but eventually you won’t be able to use
these items right and so this is a good kind of idea so you know like any
business we have to continue to evolve continue to change continue to find
things before other people and use them to our advantages right continue to find
interests that are converting and you know if you’re part of the ninja family
you will always have access to the best ways to target things whether it’s
ecommerce Shopify Amazon whether you’re creating a Facebook ad agency you know
if you’re trying to create like your own personal brand it does not matter right
if you are a part of the Facebook Ads ninja master class you will always be
you know not one step ahead but three steps ahead guys we just did a literally
live QA for like two hours yesterday in the private student group where I
answered questions personally alive sharing my screen for all of my
different students in the Facebook as a ninja master class really going into
their specific businesses right we talked about a shipping and logistics
company that somebody just got hired to run ads for we talked about a ton of
things and it was so much fun I love going through all of that with you guys
and so the last thing that I want to talk about guys is actually how to kind
of make these ads right because if you want to make you know ads like this for
example but you don’t have kind of the video editing skills um it’s very easy
to do this and I could teach you you know how to actually do this yourself on
Camtasia or I could teach you the lazy way to do it which is actually the
better way to do it so if we go to fiverr.com and type in video editing
here i like to sort by best selling and if you contact any of these like that
and give them a video and say hey i need a video that fits you know facebook ads
and that you know they’ll probably all know and if not you know just do like a
quick google search and you’ll be able to figure out what the dimensions are
just say hey I need a Facebook ad that looks like this ad like the top subtitle
bar you know with this text ad emojis just like this you know add emojis down
on the bottom and these ads guys they work right trust me when I tell you that
ads with subtitle bars like this work and people on Fiverr can probably give
you a video like this where they’ll add these you know top and bottom subtitle
bars for like five to ten dollars and it’s so so so so worth it for your
products guys and make sure that you outsource things like this because it’s
gonna save you a ton of time and it’s gonna make it’s gonna put you a step or
even two steps above your competition because most people aren’t willing to go
this extra step and create beautiful kind of eye catching ads like this and
so the last thing I’m gonna say guys is if you guys are interested in what I
like to call the ninja carousel hack there’s a way to actually use pictures
write pictures of products that you can take from all the Express you can take
them yourself right there’s a way to use pictures to create video ads on facebook
and then for literally pennies on the dollar
you can retarget people who watch for specific percentages of your video ad
that you made entirely from pictures and this is probably the single way besides
maybe dynamic product ads that we’ve made the most money specifically related
to e-commerce and to Shopify guys so if you guys are interested in learning
exactly how to do this do me a favor like this video right if we get a
thousand likes on this video and we get five hundred comments that say Facebook
Ads Shopify then I will make that video and show you how to do the ninja
slideshow hack where you can use only pictures to make super super high
quality video ads and then retarget people in a very very profitable way
even if you don’t have a video camera if you have no experience I’m gonna teach
you how to do it completely from scratch even if you’re a complete beginner so
comment Facebook ads Shopify on this video look like and if you haven’t
ninjas make sure you tap that little subscribe button turn on the
notification bells and if you want a chance to win our hundred dollar daily
giveaway plus thousands of dollars worth of courses check out the description cuz
we teach you step by step are we sure you set my step exactly how to enter to
win guys and we’re giving away so much money every single day so watch all the
videos and see if you’ve won guys so I hope you like this one I hope you
enjoyed it I hope it was helpful and we’ll see you on the next one

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