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How to target members of other Facebook groups

How to target members of other Facebook groups

Let say, you sell baby products and there are these mama groups or parenting groups that you know that these are the people that you really want to target. How can you target them? This is something that you have to play by the rules of course, you have to seek permission, you have to ask if you can do this or not. Don’t actually go in and mess up people’s groups and do something funny, eventually of course you’ll get kicked out and then you’ll actually put up a bad name for yourself. So how can you do this? Very simple, you want to target the members of other groups? The first thing that you should be doing is, you have a Facebook page of course, and in your Facebook page you create a video. Make sure the video is catchy and captivating and it’s strongly related to the groups that you’re trying to target. So what do you do? This is a video posted on your Facebook page and then either you join the group as your personal or as your Facebook page, you share this video into the group. If
you share this video into the group you are able to do what? For videos, you’re able to capture audiences who have watch your video up to 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 95%. That means what? Anyone who watches your video up to 3 seconds, you can actually group them up as an
audience to run specific ads to them.

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