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How To Target Income on facebook 2019

How To Target Income on facebook 2019

how do you target people with high
income on Facebook? Now do you guys remember the days oh the beautiful
glorious days when you can just go onto Facebook advertising and you could just
select the income level say a Facebook I want somebody that makes over $100,000
to see my ads and anyone who makes under ninety nine thousand dollars a year they
don’t get to see my ads and I’m not gonna waste money on them to see my ads
remember those days oh it was beautiful well those days are gone guys but I have
good news for you we have found some excellent tricks
you guys can use to really work on hitting that higher range of income
levels and guess what leading Eagles we are gonna go over that today let’s go what is up lead Eagles I hope you were
having amazing day I hope you guys are super excited for today’s tutorial
because it is going to be a may zing now beginning a lot of questions from you
guys about how do you target higher income people how you know how do you
really get rid of those people that are just have literally no shot at
purchasing your final expense insurance or really you guys can use these tactics
for anything for gaining leads for anything if you’re looking to really hit
that higher income bracket or just really weed out that very very low
income bracket so I’m going to show you guys a couple tricks that we can use
inside of the facebook business manager it’s going to be awesome all right so
first guys I’m going to chop hop right in here and we are obviously inside of
the face of business manager I skipped the intro section where you guys are
creating advertisements and stuff and I’m going right into the section where
we are targeting different audiences if you guys don’t know how to get here we
have other videos on like intro stuff on how to get to this section if you guys
don’t know how to do this go watch those first before you come here alright so
first one guys is a very simple tactic and I’m gonna go ahead and make this as
real as possible for you guys so let’s go ahead and target our older
demographic there we go alright so first of all guys is location based now you
guys say okay yes I can do location based Jerry that’s that’s fine but what
you guys really have probably not tried to do is be very very specific with your
locations and let me show you what I mean here so I’m just gonna use Columbus
which is my city home of the Buckeyes you know what’s up all right so let’s go
here so you guys when you when you just use like a very basic city what
typically will happen is it will give you a 25 mile radius and you can go from
that 25 mile radius down to a 10 mile radius okay that’s cool that’s great
whatever not that big a deal but where it gets very good is when you guys
actually drop a pin so for example when I do this hit this pin drop
so I know that this area up here let’s say that I know that this housing area
appear is a high-income area and I want to hit that
okay so i’ma hit drop pin and I’m going to take that pin and I’m going to drop
it right on that location now when you guys drop the pin what happens is it
creates this little – longitude thing right here you can see
but what’s really cool about the pin drop is go ahead and click on a ten-mile
and that ten-mile can now go all the way down to a one-mile radius
boom look at that and now you have a very very specific targeted area and
obviously you guys can do this with multiple locations so let’s say ok so I
have that one and let’s say that I know there’s another high-income area over
here it’s like you know has a high population an older demographic I’m
gonna go hit it and hit drop pin and I’ma drop and if you guys want to zoom
obviously you can zoom just like this it’s pretty simple move over but let’s
go ahead and drop it right here boom drop the pin and same thing guys I can
go down all the way down to one mile and now you guys can do this as many times
as you want so you can have multiple of these little pockets and obviously if
you guys want to go bigger if you guys one of the two miles three miles four
miles whatever you want to do you guys can do that inside of here but that just
gives you a lot more control of where you’re advertising and when you guys are
doing this one mistake that people make so we can just get rid of this Columbus
here and we just have our two little pins one mistake that people make is if
you leave this at everybody in this location that is going to hit everybody
that actually physically goes through this location so they can be on their
way to work and that’s going to be in this location because they are in this
location what you guys want to switch to is people who live in this location kay
very very very important little trick there that you do and Facebook does that
everyone in this location so you could see potential reach over here 3300
people everyone in this location you can see 5700 people so the reach is higher
that’s what Facebook always typically once is to give you a bigger audience it
wants more people to advertise to and that’s why it does that so don’t fall
into Facebook’s a little sneaky trick there everyone who lives this location
you guys can again plot as many things as you want right you know your area is
better than me now next one guys detailed targeting now with this
detailed targeting there are so many things veganize can actually do on this
detail targeting that makes it really really nice so if you go to browse here
it’s going to show you a list of demographics interest behaviors that you
guys can obviously choose and it has a bunch of different things like just a
ridiculous amount of stuff you guys can also just search in here as
well so for example if you wanted to do BMW you can just search a key term and
it’s going to come up anything or related that’s not always going to be in
this browse section so you see the interests this is uh this is people are
interested in BMW this is employ your employees of BMW this is job titles that
have BMW you can see the audience size right over here is actually the amount
of people that you’re hitting so what we have up here is we have our targeted
areas and what I’m gonna go ahead and do is I’m just gonna go ahead and drop one
more pin and make it a little bit bigger because our audience is going to be
significantly small so again we want to stay up in this green but you guys will
see once we start doing some of the detailed targeting this will drop down a
little bit alright so now interest we’re gonna go right into here we’re going to
hit browse the first one we’re gonna go over guys is we’re going to go over
demographics and we’re going to go ahead and hit education and then you can see
here it has a couple things education level field of study schools
undergraduate years so we’re going to go ahead and hit education level and what
we’re going to do is we’re going to click everything except for high school
graduates so we’re going to go associate’s degree we’re going to go
college degree we’re gonna go doctorate degree we’re
gonna skip the in college because that one wouldn’t make sense for the older
population but you guys can do that grad school master’s degree professional
degree and if you guys want to you can go some college as well it’s probably a
good idea to some grad school there we go right so this right here guys is
saying that when you’re doing this detail targeting when you have it all in
this box it is saying that it will be any one of these so they can either have
an associate’s degree or a college degree or a doctorate degree or in grad
school or master’s degree it’s an or now if you guys wanted to exclude people you
can hit this little exclusion button here where you hit exclude people and
then you could choose interest or demographics you want to exclude if
wanted to narrow the audience further so the narrow audience right here is this
and when you hit narrow audience and let’s say we wanted to do this and let’s
let’s just make this a live example so for the next one we can do interests is
a good one and business and intercept or you’re going to go ahead and click this
and this one guys you can just make some assumptions here that a person that is
interested in this particular type of business or industry is going to be of a
higher income level again you are making an assumption yes but it’s a pretty
educated assumption right so it can be business we can go business we can go
economics we can go engineering and again you guys can go bonkers wild on
this and just go ahead and include any of the ones that you think a higher
income level will be associated with and again guys these interests are they they
like Facebook pages that are associated with these types of things their actions
on Facebook are associated with these types of things and that’s what Facebook
says okay these people are obviously interested in these types of things but
now when we have the narrow so we have the narrow audience here so what we have
done is we have told Facebook that they must include one of these and they also
must include one of these okay so that may shrink the audience down a little
bit to small that is totally up to you guys if you want to say they must have
this education level plus they must have this type of thing that is just going to
refine your filter more refining the filter is good sometimes but not always
good if you shrink your audience size down too much for facebook facebook says
you know we’re using a lot of information here and it will actually
charge you more per lead okay so you don’t want to necessarily really go fine
toothcomb on this one what I like to do is I like to put all of them all up here
at once so instead of having this this where they are they have to have this
plus one of these what I’ll do is I’ll just put them all inside of this list so
we’re going to go browse here we’re gonna go interest and we’re gonna go
business and let’s just click some of these again just making general
assumptions here economics will go engineering
we’ll go entrepreneurship will go management and again we’re just assuming
somebody this interested in management is at an income level that you guys can
obviously advertise to and is going to be able to purchase your type of
insurance or whatever you guys are selling okay so now we’re saying that
Facebook they must have just one of these if they’ve have just one of these
then Facebook is going to advertise to them and say hey this is a good person
now if you guys are wondering okay Jerry that’s all sounds good and great and all
but is this actually a good filter and how do I know this is a good filter I’m
going to show you guys a really really cool tool right now okay so we’re just
going to hop out of here for just a second take a small little detour and
then we’re going to hop back alright so if you go up to your audience insight
section and where you guys find that if you guys click on this three little
buttons here you click audience insight and that is going to take you to this
page right here and this page is an amazing collection
of all of Facebook’s information that you guys have access to it says hey you
want some info about who you’re targeting here it is so what we can do
is we can go we’ll go to Columbus Columbus if I can spell Columbus Ohio
and it should auto populate here right there it is okay so Columbus Ohio we’re
saying hey Facebook I want all the information you have on people in
Columbus Ohio and you can see right here the age and gender it has all the
information here so it says 700 to 800 thousand active members is the
information it is Facebook is pulling from and Facebook actually actually also
purchases this information from outside sources so this is not just Facebook’s
information this is a collective of information so we can go down here to
our age and we can go to our whoops we can go to our 55 and we can go to our
older like this okay now you could see over here this age and gender changed to
this 55 and 55 and over right here okay you can see this there’s they’re not
talking about anybody under that age and we can see our population so 150,000 to
200,000 active people pretty cool pretty sweet not too bad and now here’s world
interesting part comes in relationship status okay it shows you if they’re
married if they’re single no big deal people at that age you know who knows
what’s happening but education level over here
okay so education level 31% graduated high school and then 60% were college
grad school you know or over so 69 percent essentially went to college and
or grad so some type of higher education so when we are over here and we are
actually refining out the high school grads where they have to have some
college experience we have now xed out basically the lower 30% of education
level again this doesn’t directly late relate to income level obviously but
there’s typically a decent correlation with high school and college education
levels okay so we now have successfully filtered out just from this one filter
filtered out those people now again if you want to make it a little bit broader
you can include these other interests and again that’s going to give you a
little bit more so you can see right now our reaches 82,000 people so let’s take
this out and see what happens you guys can see that this number going down okay
boom so 67,000 people right there is what basically it is and if we took out
some college if we took out that that should take us down 63,000 associate’s
degree college grad Doctor degree in grad school we can take this one out
here master’s degree professional degree some grad school okay perfect so
sixty-three thousand right there is basically our number of people that we
are just targeting in this demo or this specific area so again we’re going this
specific area and this thing here okay so what also we can do guys one other
little trick that’s really cool in this browse section you guys can go to
behaviors and inside those behaviors again there’s just like an absurd amount
of information if you guys want me to do another video on like really diving deep
into this audience insight and direct targeting and stuff like that I’m just
being very general right now because I think that generalities is like what I’m
showing you guys is really all you guys need to succeed as far as like
expense insurance and Medigap insurance like this is really the only filters you
need so I’m keeping it simple for you guys but if you’re like do this is
really cool I want to see some more stuff like what kind of powers does
Facebook the the platform have you guys can comment that down below and if I get
enough comments we’ll call it five comments that are like Jerry I want to
know more about this stuff it’s pretty cool I’ll make that video alright so
another cool thing my last little trick that’s pretty sweet you go into
behaviors here and you’re gonna scroll down to travel click that travel and you
can go frequent traveler frequent international traveler return from
travel one week ago return from travel two weeks ago boom and what that is guys
that is basically saying this person regularly travels or this person
regularly travels internationally or this person just returned from travel
and you guys can imagine that if a person is traveling they’re going
different places they obviously have money to some expendable money to do
things that they need that you guys need to make them to make that purchase okay
so you can see that increase the audience size quite significantly just
from taking that and adding that into our audience selection that actually
increases by 40,000 people so quite a bit just by including this traveler so
those basically those 40,000 people could have been people that they didn’t
fall into this particular category and Facebook is not perfect guys it’s not so
when you say a college degree or a college grad or a master’s degree there
may be some people that are just undecided they don’t know they or they
don’t have it inside Facebook Facebook doesn’t have that information so if they
don’t have that information Facebook’s gonna say well I definitively know that
they don’t have a master’s degree a doctorate degree a college degree
associate degree I know that for sure so we are saying Facebook you must they
must have this for sure so again if they don’t have that information inside of
Facebook Facebook doesn’t really know what to do with them so they won’t
include them in your audience so that’s why putting all these filters together
gives you a little bit better idea because you can see if we take this off
so again with that at a hundred and ten thousand on our
audience and here we go ahead and take these people out and before that we had
63,000 so people that are travelling regularly that have that disposable
income to travel to internationally travel that have just returned from
travel those 40,000 people are not gonna see your ad so you are excluding those
people and again is not always good to exclude those people is not too good to
get too tight and too exclusive on your advertisement especially when we’re
working with final expense and Medigap you really want to keep it open you want
to keep it broad spectrum and that’s the way you guys are gonna do it those are
some amazing helpful tips for you guys scenario audience down to really get
those really low income people out so you guys don’t have to show them
impressions and waste time calling them and waste money on advertising on them
alright I hope you guys freaking love this video because the head was packed
full of awesome stuff right hope you guys loved it if you guys did like it
please go ahead and subscribe to our Channel if you guys have questions about
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see you in the next one

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