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How to target employees of a specific company with Facebook ads

How to target employees of a specific company with Facebook ads

Hey everybody it’s Spencer X Smith. Really
excited to share this video with you because one of the questions I get a lot
– especially when it comes to Facebook advertising – is “How do I get my stuff
to show up for specific people?” Because a lot of us are just kind of putting things
out there hoping for the best. Or we maybe go as far as to boost a post
and say “people who like our page” maybe “people who like our page and their
friends” but what I’m going to show you is a specific case study of a company
here in the Wisconsin area where we’re gonna use an opportunity that they have
to publicize something for a very targeted employer that they’re going
after so this company here in Wisconsin is called HMA fire and as you can see
they specialize in providing ultra high-pressure fire suppression so one of
their target markets would be fire departments another would be race events
where they might have a really intense fire that they need help putting it out
so something like the Daytona 500 and then other things would be large
airplane manufacturers and that kind of thing so fire suppression for really
really important stuff that you don’t want to have burned out so what HMA fire
did is they entered into a three-year partnership with the Daytona 500 where
they’re going to be providing fire suppression technology to them for the
next three years so they could just go that far and hope that people see it but
let’s talk about how we can actually target a specific plane manufacturer so
suddenly HMA fires start showing up in the people who work there in their
Facebook feeds right because there’s this huge chasm in business because
between I’ve never heard of you in my life and for some reason you ring a bell
and I really don’t know why so in other words we can say hey this airplane
manufacturer we’re gonna have ads from HMA fires start showing up in your
Facebook feed so that specific plane manufacturer is one that we all know and
love and Seattle so Boeing has about a million people who’d like it on Facebook
so a lot of fans but let’s really hone in on their employees themselves or
those who self-identify on Facebook as employees of Boeing so how do we do this
well I’m gonna show you my account cuz I’m not gonna go into HMA fire in their
specific account but I’m comfortable sharing with you my facebook feed so I’m
gonna make this as simplistic as possible so any of you who have a
business Facebook page you’ve seen this blue boost post button and you may have
clicked it you may spend some money and you really don’t
know what happened as a result you may have had good results or not so good
results but let’s talk about how we can specifically target somebody because HMA
fire wants to capitalize on this relationship with Daytona and they
therefore want people from Boeing to recognize them right now I see them
they’re obviously safe enough for Daytona so maybe they’re good enough for
us right that’s the implication so if I were to click on this boost Popes boost
post button the first thing that you’re going to see is this pretty typical you
can advertise to people who like your page which is paying to advertise to
your audience right people who like their page and their friends and maybe
some other stuff but let’s walk through how we can actually create this specific
audience of people who work at Boeing okay so I’ll go into create new audience
and I’ll just call it your Boeing employees and we won’t get too granular
with this I’ll to say all and all age ranges I’ll take out Madison Wisconsin
here and I’ll just put in the United States okay as a target area and then
here under include people who match at least one of the following so detailed
targeting is what Facebook calls it I would type in the Boeing Company because
that’s what they say on their Facebook page so pulls up here employer of the
Boeing Company let’s see this is ninety four hundred and fifty-one people now
there’s a lot more people than that at work at Boeing so that’s not the only
way that people would be identifying themselves so if we click on suggestions
here then Facebook it’s gonna say hey how about Boeing Company okay so we
click on that and that is a hundred and twenty three thousand people Boeing
Commercial Airplanes as an employer that is ninety eight
hundred people so if we scroll down here what it’s gonna tell us is that there is
an audience of approximately 3,000 to 8,000 people that we can reach over a
seven day period for the cost of a dollar seventy one per day so in other
words if you want to what we call a count sell in two specific companies
where you want people to see you more often all you need to do is find those
that identify themselves as employees of that company and you’ll start showing up
in their Facebook feed with regularity I hope this helps please let me know if
you have any questions on how to best implement this and I’d be happy to help
you thanks for watching if you like this video please like it
share it with somebody who might need it and
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coming your way thanks so much for watching

7 thoughts on “How to target employees of a specific company with Facebook ads

  1. Hi great video at a really nice speed!
    How can I target a company or audience if it does not show up as a suggestion/an option in the "demographics, interst or behaviors" bar?
    Let's say I would want to target people who relate to SpencerXSmith. It does not show up as a suggestion in the bar I mentioned.
    Hoe can I still target those people?

  2. Weird this isn't working for me when looking for smaller businesses… curious what the breakpoint is for what you can target regarding employers?

  3. No clue why, but this doesn't work. The company doesn't show up. Even when I browser for Demographics -> Work -> Employers

    Is this maybe because limiting this function?

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