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How to Target Devices on Google Ads

How to Target Devices on Google Ads

hey what’s going on guys john here with
nonstop affiliate and just want to make this quick video to show you how to
target devices in your google ads when i first started using google ads i was all
excited to promote my affiliate offers now one big mistake i was making is not
separating my devices separating my mobile from my desktop so a lot of times
i would be wanting to promote a offer only on desktop but it was being shown
up a lot in mobile and i didn’t realize i was wasting a lot of money and so I
went through my analytics and checked out that a lot of my tricks were coming
from mobile so I definitely wanted to figure out how to do this right away so
let me show you and hopefully save you some money before you start any of your
video campaigns all you’re gonna do is go ahead and log into your Google Ads
account click on the campaign that you want to change the devices for so once
you click on the campaign you’ll see the name of the campaign up here what you’re
gonna want to do is go down to the bottom on your left hand column go down
to where you see devices right there you’re gonna say come right there you’re
gonna see computers mobile phones tablets and TV screens now for affiliate
marketing I’m basically always only targeting computers or mobile devices so
tablets and TV screens are definitely a big money spender that’s gonna waste a
lot of your money if your ads are being shown on these devices so quick easy way
that we could turn these devices off it’s just go ahead and click on the
little pencil on the side what you’re gonna do is type in 100 for 100% and
you’re gonna click the down arrow and click on decrease so this is gonna
change your bid software example if you were betting five dollars per keyword in
this ad right here it’s gonna decrease it by a hundred percent so the five
dollars is gonna decrease to zero dollars and if you want to increase it
also works the opposite way if you want to increase by a hundred percent the
five dollars would increase to ten bucks no a double obviously so you want to go
ahead and decrease it or by a hundred percent you’ll see down here that it
shows zero zero click on save and do it for the rest of the devices that you
don’t want to be showing up on so for TVs
means again 100% decrease save now like I mentioned if you’re
doing this for affiliate marketing what you really want to do is go ahead and
separate your campaigns set up on mobile only and set up a desktop on me to see
which one’s working better and see which one’s costing you money so that’s
basically it all you have to do is come back to your
back-office click on devices and increase it by one hundred percent on
the device that you don’t want to show up on now if you’re doing this to earn a
few extra bucks online I want to recommend to you my number one online
business system it’s the first link in my description it’s a full-blown online
business system step-by-step teaching you how to set up and start your own
online business it’s my number one source of online income right now so I
definitely recommend anyone who wants to get started in online business check out
the first link in my description and you could get started for free right now so
that’s basically it for this video you know you want to test devices test
locations test them a graphics test keywords audiences when you’re doing
online marketing it’s all about testing all the options you have to see what’s
working our best and kill what’s wasting your money so I hope you enjoyed the
video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below I’m coming out with a lot
more great content guys I hope you’re enjoying it hit the like button and I’ll
see you guys on the next video

4 thoughts on “How to Target Devices on Google Ads

  1. when I should Decrease or increase for a specific target ? after getting live or before getting a live Account?

  2. Big help. Thanks.
    I just created my first campaign and only want it to be seen on laptops and desktops.
    At the moment there is no option to choose devices but I guess that's because it takes a few hours for the campaign to get approved then I assume the option will appear?

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