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How to succeed as a brand on YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

How to succeed as a brand on YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

Hi, I’m John Green. I’m here today to talk
to you about the YouTube Brand Playbook. So I’ve been making stuff on YouTube for seven
and a half years, stuff like the VlogBrothers channel, Crash Course, Mental Floss. I work
in collaboration with my brother and our videos have been viewed more than 600 million times.
Surprisingly enough, building these channels has involved much more than covering Rebecca
Black’s songs and having hot dog eating contests. There’s even some thought and strategy involved,
and you can learn about specific strategies in this brand playbook. Brands are in a unique position on YouTube.
Many who manage to upload a big viral ad still go on to disappear for months or even longer.
If you’re going to build a loyal audience who cares about your message, then brands
have to apply the same tactics that any other creator would [inaudible 00:00:43]. So the
brand playbook covers some of the actual strategy and science behind getting seen. And plus,
you can learn how to build a subscriber base that returns again and again. You’ll learn
strategies like how to make your videos shareable, sustainable, and consistent. And you’ll find
advice on maximizing your paid promotion strategy to get the most bank for your buck. You’ll
also learn about specific ways to engage and interact with your audience. Like with the
Mental Floss channel, our viewership is typically 30-year-old males, which is why in Wall of
Magic has things like a DeLorean, and Chewbacca, and a My Little Pony. Those are just a few of the topics that are
covered in the brand playbook, but it discusses a lot more. And I think it will be a great
resource for you, so please do read it. Thanks for watching. You can click on my face
to download the brand playbook. And as we say in my hometown, “Don’t forget to be awesome.”

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