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How to Structure Facebook Ads

How to Structure Facebook Ads

To begin advertising on Facebook, you must have admin level permissions to company’s Facebook page, as well as Facebook ads account. The Facebook ad campaign structure is comprised of three tiers. At the top of the structure our campaign types. These are designed to align with your business goals, so you’ll begin each campaign by choosing an objective that best fits your needs. At the bottom tier are the individual ad variations with different images, videos, wording, buttons, lengths, and calls options. These separate ads are organized into ad sets, the level which budget, scheduling, targeting, sitting and ad placement are defined. Let’s break that down into an example. Say you’re an online retailer and you want to run a campaign to promote your spring collection. You’d begin by choosing a campaign objective, in this case, ‘send people to your website.’ Next few organize your assets by audience for example you may have separate add sets in that men and women, or different age groups or a combination of both. You define budgets, placement, and scheduling for each ad set. If your customers are mostly young adult women, you may allocate a creator portion of your budget towards ads that target them versus another demographic. The last step is selecting separate ads for each ad set. Here you might consider testing photos of products versus lifestyle shots and changeup the wording from one to another to see how it impacts performance. You can preview how your ads will look before launching your campaign. Detailed design specifications are available from the Facebook ads guide. As your campaign moves forward, you can track which ads and ad sets are performing bestt and reallocate budget accordingly. To maintain a historical record of performance, it’s best to turn off ads rather than delete them entirely. Figuring out what your audience finds enticing takes time, so don’t get discouraged and continue tweaking your campaign as it progresses to achieve the best results.

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