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How to Stop Pop Up Window in Chrome 2019

How to Stop Pop Up Window in Chrome 2019

Open your Google Chrome browser Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. Access the More tools>Extensions menu. Visit the Chrome Web Store to find the extension “Pop up blocker” Type “Pop up blocker” and install the extension. Once installation done you see the extension here. And you can navigate the extension from here Some webpages are annoying because of automatically popup opens and force us to visit. This extension will help you to fell free to visit any websites without make annoying mind. This video is very helpful for you if you are use the internet regularly or if you are using limited data plan. Please subscribe to our channel.

100 thoughts on “How to Stop Pop Up Window in Chrome 2019

  1. WOW. Opening the extensions window, there was the problem. something called word cookie was the causing the problem. Removed it and problem solved. Thanks

  2. Bro I keep gettings pops while playing games… I allowed ONE thing to send me notifications and now they pop up every 2 min… SOME ONE HELP

  3. Now let´s see. I will edit this comment, if pop ups pop up.
    EDIT : Well, 15 Minutes passed, and I still get pop ups. R.i.p…

  4. Copy and paste this into your browser "chrome://settings/content" and then go to notifications and remove the one thats giving you trouble. You're welcome… Subscribe to me cuz i help u

  5. ok guys this may work on fixing the popups for google chrome what you need to do is go to your setting by windows click on System then from there go to notifications and actions then go down intell u see google chrome and turn it off live a like if it works thx

  6. Thank you so much I was losing my fucking marbles and was 10 seconds away from throwing my laptop against the wall

  7. It keep automatically opening site from chorme someone please help i added the pop blocker but its still the same

    i accidentally downloaded virus and now it gives pop ups when i click on anything in a website tho i removed the harmful virus

  9. thank you :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. i already have adblock plus, and i'm still getting ads, specifically only i google something, and its the same weight loss ad. how do i fix it?

  11. thats fake just Download a MalwareBytes and you will be good just comment on my video and i make a video and you wil be good 😀 and dont forget to Subscribe if it works xD

  12. Thanks for the video, we owe you a beer! Why horrible music instead of educational narration? You obviously are smart and know what you are doing so please talk to us! Best of luck!

  13. dude i went on this website to check something and my anti virus app dectected ome virus so i scanned and cleaned my files but now every ten min an add pops up

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