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How to Start Winning on Instagram (2018) | Job to Job 004

How to Start Winning on Instagram (2018) | Job to Job 004

We just connected microphone to the phone to make it easier to record and with my Special friend who doesn’t want to be in on the film. We’re gonna talk about Instagram or whatever Whatever you want can’t even start like an page or something. It will grow really fast Like BTS or like twice like kpop or something but the thing is like when you want to change the personal brand it will be pretty hard because you need to know your audience If like your audience Like 90% of like I don’t know girls from Japan and from I don’t know Southeast Asia, they will not Watch your content. You don’t need to put like ads or anything people just search it and people just find this content You know what I’m saying? so what which niche are you thinking but you got to be interested in this niche at least maybe cameras or something like This person you’re in the block block But you never were devoted To say things will be better bitch ain’t stupid. Stop thinking you clever one step ahead of you always remember best of luck to you all know your endeavors are Because they heat content and we produce content and they share this content It’s like fuckin it Fred You make video and other pages they share your video and they just credit you they just won’t like following and they just meant like some attention, but we also want our video to When karma comes around you should tell them I said hello when Karma comes around so Alright the thing I wanted to share this you can either create content by yourself making content if you’re an artist if you’re a youtuber or if you’re just a travel blogger you can create and distribute content for example you can find groups or you can find some Like I don’t know Facebook group or Instagram group anything like that or read it and share your content there and or Some groups they might share your content and credit you that’s how you can grow and for Or either you can also make these kind of groups related to these niches for example, you can make something with travel something with a Smaller niche, let’s say barber shop in your CD or something and you can post these photos taking other like you can just curate these accounts you can do this and It’s also pretty like easier to grow because you don’t need to actually make this content You just need to share this content and credit is people who make this Pictures or videos so that’s basically what I wanted to share today Alright, so see you next time

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