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How to Start A Social Media Marketing Agency with No Money

How to Start A Social Media Marketing Agency with No Money

So you want to start a social media
marketing agency but you don’t have a lot of money or you don’t have any money
to start it up right so that’s why I wanted to put this video together for
you to show you how you’re gonna be able to start a social media
marketing agency in SMMA this year for little to no cost at all to you so pay
attention we’ve got some really cool stuff coming for you here alright everybody Jordan Steen Cereal
Entrepreneur here and like I said in the intro we’re gonna go through how to
start with zero to little investment for your social media marketing agency and I
just want to start with guys like this isn’t something that is uncommon there’s
a lot of you out there that want to start a social media marketing agency
but you don’t have a ton of money or any money at all to get started but you know
that this is what you want to do you know you can be successful in it you
know you can start to change your life today you just have to have the tools
and the resources in place to get there right trust me I understand where you’re
coming from if anybody understands I understand I grew up in a very you know
my family did not have a lot of money growing up we grew up very very poor and
there weren’t the resources out there even you know six years ago seven years
ago when I was trying to you know really start an agency you’re looking at
starting an agency the resources out there online and you know just video
content like this that is available now is insane this did not exist several
years ago so you guys are really in a lucky spot you’re in a place where you
can easily start to create this agency you just have to know the tools right so
before I continue into this video and you know talk about some of the steps
that you’re gonna need to be aware of the first thing that you can do to help
yourself right now is starting a social media marketing agency or even if you’re
not wanting to start a social media marketing agency but you’re wanting to
make money online you have to understand digital marketing that is the most
important aspect about doing any business online if you don’t know how to
market yourself online you’re never gonna make money okay so the first thing
I want you to do is in that bottom right-hand corner you’re gonna see that
subscribe button hit that the reason why is because we have a hundred and seventy
plus videos shoot by the time we get this video uploaded there might be a
hundred and eighty videos by that point because we do so many videos every
single month that are free they give you content on how to start an agency how to
price your services how to run the actual campaigns marketing strategy how
to find clients there’s all kinds of different you know topics that we cover
at this channel you just need to hit that subscribe button and then hit that
notification bell so that way you can get updated and continually keep
learning alright so let’s get into some of
tactics that you need to understand about starting a social media marketing
agency okay so let’s go ahead and get into how to start your social media
marketing agency with zero to little investment now something important I
want to talk to you guys about is the fact that if you’re not going to educate
yourself if you think that you just I know enough about social media to go out
there and run a campaign then I’m gonna tell you like straight up you’re wrong
okay if you’ve never done marketing before online if you you know if the
most you’ve ever done is created a business page or created a group or
something like that I’m telling you right now you don’t know enough about
running social media marketing campaigns running email marketing campaigns what
SEO is what PPC is what design and development creating online funnels
outsourcing coursing the work that you need done there’s so many different
parts just pricing selling the services you have to understand this and if you
don’t I promise you’re gonna struggle every single time you go out there and
try and get clients or try to run campaigns and all its gonna do is throw
you backwards and then you’re gonna be hurting more than you’re actually
helping yourself so the most important thing is to educate alright we’re gonna
leave this at the top educate yourself getting small here educate yourself okay
that is the number one priority in understanding social media marketing
okay and running an agency running any business no matter what it is you have
to educate yourself those of you who think that like if you think you’re too
good then please click out of this video right now I don’t want to continue
teaching you because those are the arrogant people who are never gonna make
it they’ll ask me for help and then when I give them the help they don’t want to
hear what I have to say or they have a rebuttal to the help that I’m trying to
give them when I’ve done this for several several years we’re approaching
almost nine years of me doing digital marketing running campaigns working with
agencies all kind of stuff like that so guys seriously if you’re not willing to
educate yourself if you’re not willing to invest at least at the very least the
time to educate yourself and then number one number two is the money that because
triskele I bought three courses just last month I probably spent on those
three courses about $2,000 just to continually keep educating myself and
learning from other people so again if you’re not in if you’re not
able to invest number one time number two money then you just need to
get off this channel right now I don’t want to help you like serious I don’t
want to help you if you’re not willing to do at least one of those two things
but hopefully you’ll want to do both of those two things
so the number one thing you need to do once you educate yourself once you
understand social media marketing I have a acronym I like to call sweats all
right I’m gonna put it on the board here sweats and what this stands for is
social media marketing website design and marketing email marketing
pay-per-click marketing otherwise known as Google Ads something like that an SEO
search engine optimization those are the major parts of digital marketing that
you have to understand there’s also also some cousins to swaps like content
marketing content marketing there’s other things like graphic design right
graphic design there’s other things like content marketing can be broken down
into video content it can be broken down into blog content it can be broken down
into website content social media content there’s all kinds of stuff
that kind of go along with swaps but as long as you understand sweats with
regards to the educational side of things you should be at least you should
at least be able to move forward with starting your agency so once you
understand those concepts or what I say when I say understand I don’t just mean
like oh I know what it is I mean how to apply it to marketing how to create the
strategy behind each one of those concepts that I just mentioned that is
all important and if you don’t get it I’m telling you like I’m trying to help
you I’m trying to save you time I’m trying to save you money I’m trying to
save you your energy I’m trying to help you not waste it all right so if you
don’t understand those concepts please go through my channel go through the
playlist go through the videos and make sure you understand each one of those
videos I have a video just on sweats where we talk about that acronym
seriously just check out do yourself a favor
all right all right once you understand the marketing concepts once you actually
have an understanding of how marketing campaigns work what pixels are how to
track data what analytics are creating content creating video content
optimizing content for search engine optimization
once you underst and how all of that comes together how
to build the sales funnels to actually get people to convert once you get that
now it’s time to go start getting you some clients right so you need to start
marketing yourself market yourself ooh we’re getting small again market
yourself and your business just don’t make that easy business
all right market yourself and your business now how do you go about doing
this it’s easy number one thing I always recommend to people they’re like oh well
Jordan D do cold call scripts do you do emailing do you do this the best thing
you can do is just network go out there meet some people talk to business owners
talk to your family talk to friends talk to past relationships talk to anyone
that you can possibly find in your network and then they’re there network
so that’s called an extended network all right so your friends friends your
parents friends go out there and talk to everybody you can possibly talk to about
running digital marketing for them or running their campaign campaigns for
them another great way to market yourself create your Facebook business
page start running ads if you truly know how to run social media marketing
campaigns then run ads right if you create a YouTube channel that’s another
great way to get people to contact you like from my youtube channel alone what
you’re watching right now we get people to reach out to me on a regular basis
asking me to manage their marketing because they see what I’m able to do
right it creates almost a live testimonial
when you’re able to do it for yourself right so create a YouTube channel that
provides marketing tips to business owners that drives traffic you know
focus the keyword strategy and the topics on business owners getting help
with their marketing and I promise you you’ll get consultations you’ll get
meetings with people and you’ll start to land more deals but if you’re not
marketing yourself if you’re not letting people know what you do then you’re
never gonna sell it so obviously you can do the cold calling you can do the
emails you can do I recommend even facebook Messenger that’s a great way to
do it but guys the best way you can do it is just network meet people talk to
them about what you do exemplify meaning show them your
experience show the that you can actually get results
because if you can’t prove it to people that you can get results then they’re
not gonna hire you a great way a great tip for you guys who are looking to get
results with your marketing and don’t have any past experience or prior
experience the best way you can do that is go on a platform of real answer
platform and start performing jobs on there if you’ve never done social media
marketing if you’ve never done ads or social media management then go on
something like Upwork find someone who’s gonna hire you to manage their social
media and do it for them they’ll pay you to do it a lot of people are like oh
well George should I go out and just work for clients for free for two weeks
and let them get a taste of it I don’t recommend that number one you’re working
for free instead of going on freelancer site like up working getting paid number
two if you mess up during that free trial they’re gonna leave a bad review
about your business where if you’re on upward it’s kind of separate from your
agency that you have in real life right so if you leave if they’ll even better
view about you on up work it’s a little different than getting on in real life
so you get that real life experience and you actually get to practice doing the
marketing while making some money biggest tip I can give you right there
all right so the second thing we’re gonna talk about and it’s pretty
important and a lot of people miss this it’s why they have a lot of issues with
their clients that’s why they have a lot you know a hard time scaling the biggest
thing is picking picking I don’t know why I thought that was so fun picking
lucrative lucrative I might spell that wrong but I don’t really care lucrative
might be with a in there somewhere lucrative niches and clients so what do
I mean specifically by that basically they need to be able to make you money
they need to be able they need to be worth the time that you spend and the
services that you have to pay for your expenses to run your business if you
have to hire people it needs to be worth it for you too many times I see people
either going after a business that is never gonna be able to afford their
services for what they’re asking like don’t ask for everything you have under
your entire digital marketing umbrella but they want to pay a thousand bucks
for and that’s it that’s not how this works
you need to number one be charging for what you’re worth if you’re performing
the whole gamut then you need to be doing all of those service
but for you know ten fifteen thousand dollars a month plus more than that you
know maybe more than that depending on how much you’re doing for each service
the biggest thing though is they’re not picking the right type of client they’re
not you know really qualifying the clients that they’re going after one of
the biggest mistakes I see a lot of people typically like to go after
restaurants in the beginning and the reason why is because they’re not really
used to working in a professional environment like with doctors or
attorneys or you know high-level contractors or b2b type companies or
automotive dealerships you know they’re more they’re more professional than a
restaurant would be right so people try to go up to restaurants the biggest
issue is people try to go after the mom-and-pop shops in their local area
because they know the business owner or they’ve been going to that restaurant
for forever or they just feel like it might be a good client when in reality
that restaurant is probably not ever gonna be able to afford your services
until they expand into three restaurants four restaurants so when I talk to
people about going after restaurants I recommend look if they don’t have three
or four locations you don’t need to try and sell them you don’t need to even
walk in the door you don’t need to create an audit for them you need to
wait until they scale or grow their business to a point where they can
afford your services the other thing is the niche that you’re trying to work in
for example and obviously this is a very clear example but if you’re going after
VCR repairman you’re going after a completely useless niche a dying breed
of business like there’s no reason you should be going after a VCR repair man
or salesman at all ever anymore like even DVDs that like even if you’re going
after a DVD repairman or salesman like you are going after you’re going after a
dying industry stick to industries that make money I have guys if you want
videos so in the top right hands or sorry top left hand for you little
section up here no it might be your top right it is its top right sorry I get
them confused when I’m looking at the camera in the top right hand section
you’re gonna see a little bubble come up up here that’s gonna swing across if you
want to find videos on niches that are hot and it’s just that are actually
worth going after because they can afford to pay your services I have a
video on that just click that video all right click that link up there and you
can go watch that video okay but just know that you have to understand how
much revenue are they bringing in how many businesses do
they have what are their expenses like what are their profit margins like do
that do you really think that they can afford to spend you know two thousand
five thousand ten thousand dollars a month working with your business I’ll
tell you right now that I don’t I can’t think of a single restaurant that has
one even most even two locations that can spend five to ten thousand dollars a
month because they don’t have the profit margins to do that and then pay all of
their employees right so pick lucrative niches pick lucrative clients don’t work
with businesses that aren’t gonna be able to pay you and then get paid what
you’re worth if you’re doing everything then get paid for everything stop
charging a thousand dollars for every service that you provide that does not
make sense all right so breaking off from point
number two where we talked about picking a niche and making sure they’re able to
afford your services the next thing is to start pricing those services right
start getting an idea of what your gonna charge or those services it’s pretty
simple okay what you’re gonna want to do is number one the biggest thing I
recommend is don’t go below $1,500 so how does that work all right
basically you’re first here so first to your clients you’re gonna charge at
least 999 or 997 whatever you want to charge just for the management okay this
does not include any add spit all right but why did I say 1500 because I don’t
recommend working with someone unless they’re willing to spend five hundred
dollars in ad spend per month okay so that would be five hundred here right so
we have about fifteen hundred dollars it’s actually $14.99 all right and what
I want you to consider is so you have this management fee right this is $9.99
you’re gonna do five hundred dollars in that spend but you need to make money on
the ad spend okay so you can’t just run ads and they get that service for free
that takes time and it takes effort and it takes money really because you’re
paying for services right like software’s to help you get that done so
out of this I recommend that you take an extra twenty to thirty percent out of
that cost out of that five hundred dollars that goes into this management
fee as well okay so you can either include it in the management fee and
tell them they get that much ad spend and say
this includes your management fee for ads been or you can just say hey this is
the price breakdown it’s $9.99 for management of all of the platforms $500
a month is our minimum requirement for ads VIN and we take a 20 to 30%
management fee off the top of this $500 so if it’s a 20% fee that means you take
one hundred and twenty-five dollars off the $500 that means they get three
hundred and seventy-five dollars towards ads but sorry that would actually be 25%
if they take a 20% fee it’s a hundred bucks all right and then you would take
that off the 500 so they get four hundred dollars on ad spend okay so you
see where I’m going with this we charge for everything we don’t just give people
free shit stop giving away free services to people like that you’re never gonna
make it in the business world actually Gary Vee talks about how people are too
afraid to you know stop letting emotion get involved in involved like you you
let emotion get too involved with your business because you feel for them or
they’re not making a ton of money and you want to be able to help that’s great
and all I I applaud you for having you no emotion but at the same time you know
you have to concern be concerned with you you have to be able to help yourself
first if you can’t help you you’re not gonna be able to help anybody else okay
so take care of you first make sure you’re getting paid and then you can
start to you know work out deals with people once you have your business up
and ready then you can start to work out deals with the smaller level packages
but in the beginning stop giving stuff away for free stop doing things for free
all right so that’s a breakdown of the package at least $9.99 and we always
charge a minimum of $500 and AD spend really at this point with my agency we
stopped taking on clients who do 999 and 500 we only work with people who are
willing to spend about 2,000 and 2,500 a month at the very minimum and that’s
what you’ll want to work to okay eventually you can work up to that level
but in the beginning you’ll want to charge for the lower packages so you can
start to bring in some business get some testimonials and some people behind you
so the first tier is $9.99 and remember every package includes at least on top
of the the management fee $500 if it’s the second tier second tier we’re going
to do at least sorry $19.99 all right second tier is $19.99 that’s about 2500
bucks if you include the ad spend – you know 100
from the adspend which means you’re getting roughly 20 2099 instead of 1999
and they’re getting $400 an ad spend but even at this level I would recommend to
start increasing that ad spend level to up to $750 is the minimum requirement
you can do this trust me like you’re you can’t do it you don’t like have to be
afraid to go on a business and say oh yeah but we can’t work with you because
you’re not willing to spend this much there you they’ll fork out that extra
200 bucks if they see that you can actually provide the value you’re
talking about the third tier we’re gonna talk about is $49.99
that’s roughly $500 about 5500 with the minimum $500 ad spend or if you want to
crease it increase it at that level to a minimum of $1,000 I’d spin that’s
roughly five nine nine nine right so you’re making a good chunk of change and
you’re you’re all you’re doing is marketing for this business on social
media you might include some email you might include maybe SEO you know it’s up
to you what you want to include it each package level but just make sure you
understand how much time you’re going to be investing into each service that
you’re providing and how much money you’re able to make versus how much your
expenses are gonna cost how much time it’s gonna cost you to perform each one
of those services everything outside of these three tiers you’re gonna do as an
enterprise level package so anything over let’s say like 75 hundred bucks
right so 75 hundred plus that’s enterprise level you have to also
include a minimum of a 1,500 or 2,000 dollar ad spend up to you and at that
level we do all of these services here and we you know spend this much time be
very clear and what services you provide so spend a lot of time on what you know
laying out your packages understanding okay
SEO paperclip web development face book management social management not face
book manager but just social management ad spend all of that needs to be laid
out and then if you’re doing videos if you’re creating blog articles if you’re
creating graphics if you’re doing web development all of that stuff needs to
be taken into account I don’t do it like this doesn’t even include what
development none of this includes web development what development is a
completely separate cost if we’re gonna do a web design for you that’s a
completely separate project that we don’t even include in this will do web
management you know we might include some web management in one of these
packages where we update content stuff like that or optimized for SEO something like
but we’re not building a website than any of these packages all right
so stick to your price points understand your value and you will make money but I
swear to God if you go in there and you just start like I actually had a student
and I had to correct him on it but he was working with the pawn shop and I’m
sorry if you’re watching this you know who you are but he was working with a
pawn shop and he was actually managing their inventory they weren’t paying him
to manage their inventory that’s not even a marketing related service don’t
do work that you’re not getting paid for don’t do work that is outside of
marketing because again it’s not worth your time or your effort focus on the
packages you have understand your value and you’ll start to make some money with
this all right guys so the number four thing we need to talk about is telling
stories okay you guys have seen in my videos and in a lot of really good
marketing that what what is the main premise right what is the main thing
that really captured your attention or got you to click on to something or got
you to submit your email it usually starts with a story okay and it’s funny
to me because a lot of people will think okay well if I run marketing for other
agencies or it not for other agencies but for other businesses a lot of it
comes down to creating stories right telling a brand story you guys
understand the concept of brand stories but then you don’t tell the story with
your own brand right people want to hear a story they want to hear why they can
work with you or not can but should work with you they want to know who they’re
working with and the best way to do that is to tell a story for example when we
go into a client we tell them all about YouTube in serial entrepreneurs and the
students that we’ve had see success and start running agencies and getting other
clients success and you know the the results they’ve been able to get for
their clients and their businesses and how much money they’ve been able to make
them why because it’s a story that is relatable to them because they’re
looking for your services and they’re trying to figure out how they can
leverage digital marketing to do it to make more money to get more sales to get
more leads and ultimately grow their business but they want to know how they
can do it with you right so again if you don’t have any prior experience it’s
gonna be hard for you to do so do things like up or go on freelancer sites get
some actual testimonials get people who are willing to talk about your business
and don’t be afraid to ask them to say hey I’d love to sit down you know once
you get your client you finally got them some
results and you know things are going well start to actually record those
testimonials and say hey you know John would you mind if we sat down and you
know you just tell your story about working with us and you know where are
you guys were when you first started off trying to do digital marketing and after
my team came in what we were able to help you do how much time we were able
to get back you know what you know how much time you’re able to spend with your
family the things you’re able to buy for your children you know all of that stuff
is what other business owners want to hear because it’s what’s important to
them ultimately ultimately sorry it comes down to a few things number one
they want to improve their personal life right the only reason that people
actually work is to improve their personal life so they don’t have to work
as much or as hard right so improve their personal I tell stories about that
the other thing is they want to actually do something successful a lot of you are
on this channel because you’re wanting to do something really cool with your
life right or impact other’s lives you do that by you know not only telling the
story but doing that action taking that action in improving their life so then
when you get to the point where you improve their life they’re able to tell
a story about it and then you take that to your customers it’s really not
difficult to get customers guys most of my clients or new clients or new
business comes in from other people telling them their story of working with
me alright having shared their experience with those people they are
like oh well I can truly connect to that why because they’re already friends they
already are acquainted with each other this person just told you know the other
business about their story and how they were able to improve their life and
their business and they were able to get more time back in their day and spend
more time with their family and buy all these cool things and do all these cool
things and take these cool trips that’s what’s important to these people it’s
not about analytics it’s not about the Facebook pixel it’s not about creating
cool a males it’s ultimately about getting a better
life having a better life having cooler things in your life doing cool things
having those cool experiences that you only can think of and relate back to the
fact that you were able to increase the amount of business that you had make
more sales get more customers which gave you more free time to do all of those
things that they love okay so tell stories it truly is
important alright so number five what we’re gonna talk about is tracking
results right so if you get a new client if you start bringing in this new
business you actually have to prove not only to that business but to new
potential clients in the future that you’re able to get results okay one of
the coolest things out there is a tool called sprout social I’ll leave a link
for it in the description below sprout social and if you actually if you use
that link it’ll give you I believe it’s a 30 day it’s either 15 or 30 day free
trial they remove it all the time and you know because this is just how
software companies work they’ll remove it so if you want that free trial I’ll
leave the link in the description below since I have a partnership with them but
guys sipar social makes it so easy all you actually do is go into the platform
when you’re done running campaigns for like the month or the week or whatever
and you just click get report and it actually prints out an entire port a
report of the growth the engagement the amount of clicks the amount of traffic
all of that stuff is what’s shown on those reports if you don’t have the
money to do sprout social at first which if you have a client one of the first
things you should be doing is investing that money back into the business like
too many people think oh I get a thousand-dollar check now I get to pay
myself thousand bucks that’s not how that works
if you’re spending all of that money on you then you’re doing it completely
wrong you’re never gonna grow your business okay take a majority of that
money and put it back into your business because the more you’re able to invest
in the business itself the quicker you’re gonna grow the quicker you’re
gonna get to that goal that you’re trying to cheat to achieve of 5,000
10,000 15,000 20,000 or like some of my students twenty five thousand thirty
five thousand forty thousand dollars per month in revenue for their agency but
again you have to be able to track the results and again it provides that
testimonial even if people aren’t willing to talk about your business in
front of a camera or write out that testimonial all you have to do is take
those reports that you’ve created and show them to the potential new
businesses you just walk in say hey you want me to get you this kind of
marketing results here’s the whole report this is what we’ve done for these
other customers you want new business just talk to us we’ll set up a meeting
I’ll show you will do a free one-hour consultation I’ll show you exactly how
we can do it for your business to track the results because it is important if
you don’t have results to show that you’ve been improving or that you’ve
been helping people right and helping their business no one else is gonna buy
from you so track the results make sure that
doing that that’s all I can really say about that just make sure you’re
tracking all right so before we get into this last part number six there’s two
things I want to mention number one I’m gonna leave a link in the description
below for one of the most effective ways we’ve been able to get new marketing
clients just by filling out this audit it’s called the digital marketing audit
or the digital marketing audit template is really what I’m giving you and this
audit all it does is it goes into the good that a business is doing and and
the bad that this business is doing and you provide actual information to them
on what they can do to improve those you know those results right now you give
them tools that they can use you give suggestions of you know how to create
posts or how to write content or topics that they can use that are actually
going to get them traffic in more sales right so that’s the digital marketing
audit template again the link is gonna be in the description below if you’re
looking to use something or you need something to get more clients for your
business that is by far one of the best ways we get praises all the time like we
have this video the video is actually on our YouTube channel so you can go just
type in marketing audit on serial entrepreneurs Channel there’s a little
search bar if you’re on the homepage just click that type in marketing audit
and you can actually watch that video and see how we do it there’s also a link
on that video to get the template set sent to you but click that link below so
you can get that template the number two thing I want to talk about is the fact
that like I said in the beginning of this video there’s two things that you
have to be willing to do at some point and you don’t have to do them both at
first but at some point you will need to do both the first thing you’re gonna
want to do is invest your time right you have to put in the time it’s not
something that just happens okay if you’re lazy leave this channel right now
again it’s not good that none of this information was gonna help you the
second thing you have to be willing to do is invest some of your money right so
you have to be able to learn if you’re looking for a marketing course look I
tell people all this I tell people this all the time if you don’t want to buy my
course that’s completely fine I understand you might have someone else
you like better that’s great but if you are looking for a resource that’s gonna
teach you all of this stuff plus tons and tons more in a structured fashion
because that’s really the benefit of taking a course you have structure you
know the pieces that and how they need to line up in order to get the results
you’re looking for if you’re looking for that course we’re also gonna leave a
link in the description below it’s HTTP a little colon
and then you slash slash and and then we’re gonna do serial entrepreneur
Academy that is my marketing school that is where we have taken like at this
point we have helped I have a person who reached out to me yesterday and said
that I’ve been able to help them make several thousands of dollars one of my
students called me yesterday and told me that she was able to add another $15,000
client and a three thousand dollar client just this week she’s up to about
I think forty five maybe fifty five thousand dollars in revenue per month I
have several other students who are doing ten thousand five thousand three
thousand guys if you want a course that’s proven to get students results
then you’re gonna want to start sign up for the digital marketing school it’s
the digital marketing school over at serial entrepreneur Academy check that
out but the number six thing that you have
to actually do once you start to you know get clients you’ve pulled you’ve
built your business you’ve laid out the pricing strategy you built your packages
you’ve got clients right you started tracking the results and running the
campaigns right the sixth thing you actually have to do as soon as you get
up to I would say at least spending or you have clients spending around two to
three thousand dollars per month the sixth and most important thing to do is
again stop worrying about paying yourself and build your team what’s
funny is that forty five thousand fifty five thousand dollar a month student
that I told you guys about just a second ago she reached out to me and said
Jordan I can’t do all of this all by myself I’ve had to get people to work
with me I have to spend that money to get them to perform specific jobs or
specific tasks otherwise my agency would not make it the sooner you can start
investing money and other people to perform jobs for you the sooner you’re
able to start spending your time where it’s gonna generate you more money you
have to think about it there’s only so much time in a day right if you’re
spending three days out of the week creating content and ads for a business
that leaves you two days to find new customers but if you hire someone that’s
able to create content and you even get just one day back where you’re able to
go out and find new customers you’re gonna spend more time on tasks that are
generating revenue for your business instead of the actual monotonous work
right the the drone work and I’m not saying that you have to be a drone to be
good at Facebook pads because seriously to be good at Facebook Ads you have to
actually be pretty intelligent you’re not a drone but it’s drone type work it
doesn’t actually generate you new revenue the only task that’s really
generating new revenue is going out there selling getting new clients and
new business consistently okay so build your team start finding people who are
going to manage the let’s see content creation so that could be copy that’s
design design work could be you know editing photos editing video editing
banners editing logos or creating logos all of that could be design related
again I mentioned your copy people so people who write the post ads are the
the the post topics those topics the post copy like the the captions sorry
that’s what I’m strongly for the captions that go at the top of Facebook
post or Instagram captions somebody who’s gonna manage that I have someone
who’s called my creative director the creative director actually comes up with
post topics right and what each post will be about every single week I have
an admin who manages billing who manages payroll who manages proofing she
actually goes through and once topics are created and videos are edited she’ll
proof all of that to make sure that it lines up with what I’m trying to do I
have a scheduler all the schedulers job is to schedule content that’s it that’s
all she does guys until you start building your team you’re never gonna
scale you’re never gonna be able to see the success that you want or you’ll just
be stuck at $5,000 per month and you’re gonna be managing all of it and feel
like you just don’t have any time to do anything because you won’t have any time
to do anything so the most important aspect once we get through all of the
first five steps is to start building your team you have to have people that
support you and are able to do jobs for you that you otherwise couldn’t do and
that again allows you to focus all of your time on going out and getting more
money right so again guys that’s pretty much it for this video that’s how to
start a social media marketing agency with little to zero startup capital or
zero to little startup capital really I mean the biggest thing I would suggest
investing in is some sort of education and don’t go very specific like don’t do
video don’t spend $700 on a Facebook Ads course if that’s all you have unless all
you’re trying to do is run a Facebook Ads agency if you’re looking for
something there of digital marketing courses out there I
would tell you this don’t waste your money on a younameit course it’s gonna
give you very very basic knowledge that’s not really gonna help you in
getting your agency off the ground and getting new clients there are other
courses out there there are some that I would definitely stay away from so make
sure you do your research look at people’s reviews look at what they say
about those people creating courses before you just go out and buy one and
if you’re interested in anything that has to do with my course then just send
me a message that’s the coolest thing that’s one of the best parts about my
course and one of the biggest you know praises that we get from our students is
the fact that I’m the one that communicates with you guys and if there
ever reaches a point where I’m like you know I have so many students that it’s
hard to keep up with my next goal and I have understood this ever since I saw
so-and-so’s course aka telophase um if you don’t have someone who’s able to
communicate back with you and provide the help that you need as a new person
or as a beginner you don’t have that teacher to have a relationship with and
consistently you know talk to and get advice from it’s gonna make it difficult
for you to grow right you need that mentor that teacher right so I answer
those questions for my students and when I reach the point where I have too many
students to do that myself I’m actually going to hire people who are experts
like myself to answer those questions and that’s all their job will be is to
work with my community because I understand how important that is to you
guys and how important it is for your growth right so that’s everything I have
to say about starting a social media marketing agency very very cheaply or
without any money at all what I recommend guys again you can see
at the top here educate yourself this is the most important part there are so
many moving pieces to digital marketing if you haven’t found that out by now I
promise you you will very soon so educate yourself in some sort and some
form or fashion again in the bottom right hand corner click subscribe and
hit that notification bell so you can get updates on when we release new
content just like this outside of that check out serial entrepreneur Academy
and if you have any questions about starting a social media marketing agency
like whether it’ll work for you or what niches should you work in you live in
Africa is it going to work in Africa you know whatever questions you might have
about a social media marketing agency I want you to leave them in the comments
section below that way I can get back to you with
other than that reach out to any of my social media platforms Facebook snapchat
Instagram preferably and should be a message there I chat with everybody who
sends me messages so just reach out ask for help and help will be received but
if you never asked you will never receive so that’s it everybody I hope
you enjoyed this quick lesson on how to make money online how to start a social
media marketing agency and really more about you know just digital marketing in
general again if you have any questions let me know but until next time guys
Cereal Entrepreneur out later ready to start living the six-figure work where
ever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy will teach
you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital
marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the
description below guys see you in the course Cereal Entrepreneur out

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  28. Y’all better be taking Notes! But in case you aren’t, go ahead and screenshot mine. Hands down one of the first videos anyone should watch when starting an agency.

    1.) Educate yourself, be aware of how to actually apply S.W.E.P.S. and understand digital marketing
    – Be ready to invest into yourself, either investing time or investing money or better yet, both.
    2.) Market yourself and your business, network & work as a freelancer on Upwork. Choose Clients to go after- Lucrative & profitable niche (Real estate, Car dealerships, Dentists)
    3.) Price your services- Get what you’re worth
    Tier 1: Management Fee Total: $1499 Breakdown: $999 + 500$ ad spend + 20-30% management off ad spend also. PRO TIP: Don’t let emotion get in the way of pricing your service, DON’T GIVE SERVICES AWAY FOR FREE
    Tier 2: More services, more time, least $1,999
    Tier 3: $4,999
    Enterprise: 5K and Up + Ad spend

    Take into account Creating video content, graphic, web development and consider charging separate for it.

    4.) Tell Stories: For yourself and For your clients. Build & Record testimonials. Help improve their lives.
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    7.) Go to CerealEntrepreneur.Academy.com , invest in yourself. Change your life and grow your business.

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