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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019

What’s going on everybody Cereal
Entrepreneur here and just a quick question are you wondering how you can
start a social media marketing agency this year or in the next you know few
months few days that can easily start making you about a hundred thousand
dollars plus per year if so I’m gonna go through the six steps that you need to
take to get your agency started on the right foot so stay tuned here we go
we’re gonna cover some really cool information alright what’s going on
everybody so like I said in the intro we’re gonna teach you how to start a
social media marketing agency quick six quick steps I mean seriously it’s super
easy to start you just need to know what you need to know to get started right so
let’s go into those six deep steps really quickly first and foremost though why
would you want to start a social media marketing agency let’s get real here
because a lot of you don’t even understand that you have a lot of skills
that your weren’t even aware you’ve had that can make you six figures or more
every single you’re working for yourself working from home you know doing things
at the speed and that the pace you want to do it it’s not that complicated you
just need to know what’s available to you so the best thing you can do number
one thing you can do moving forward with technology being the way it is with you
know modern advancements in general being the way that they are is social
media marketing why alright let’s go into it number one you guys grew up in
social media marketing like you grew up in it you have been on facebook myspace
tumblr reddit all of this stuff Instagram snapchat all of this stuff to
stuff you guys are using on a regular basis you just need to understand how
you can utilize that information to make money right if you already have a
strengthen it if you already know what people are looking for on social media
if you feel like you’re intuitive in understanding how people react to
content how people react to online advertisements you feel like you haven’t
standing of that why not utilize that skill that you already have to start
making a really good income for yourself right so social media marketing is
really great because you can go out and you can get one client one client and
let’s say you average twenty five hundred dollars per client twenty-five
hundred dollars it takes roughly about eighty five
hundred eighty eighty five hundred to like eighty nine hundred dollars it’s
somewhere in there to make about six figures in a year right so to do that
that means you would need roughly three and a half clients at twenty five
hundred dollars a month so times three point five that’s going to be
seventy-five hundred half of that is 1250 that’s eight that’s eighty seven
fifty right might be a little off but if it is it’s close to eighty seven fifty
and that’s about six figures a year so three and a half clients so maybe one
paying you about 1250 per month and then three paying you at $2,500 per month and
you’re easily able to make that six-figure income now a lot of people
say well Jordan market someone pay $2,500 a month
for social media management social media marketing well because let’s look at it
like this let’s say you have a real estate agent
or a real estate client right a real estate client on average makes anywhere
from three thousand up to you know thirty thousand dollars on the sale of a
home or when someone buys a home right they make around three percent off of
the listing price or off of the buying price for that home so that means if I
get them one new home or if I hit one new client for them and they’re paying
me twenty five hundred dollars a month they just made roughly anywhere from
five hundred dollars at the very low end upwards of tens of thousands of dollars
on the high end for one client so why would they not pay me twenty five
hundred dollars to do their marketing right it only makes sense so now you
just need to understand okay well Jordan I can do social media marketing I got
that that’s great it’s gonna use some you know some email marketing it’s got a
note I got to know a little bit about website development and stuff like that
you know so how do I actually take this plan or how do I actually take this
business model and start to make money off of it super simple so we’re going to
talk about those steps right here first thing
you’re gonna want to do is get started alright so getting started comes down to
a few things number one you need to assess your knowledge on digital
marketing okay so the first thing we’re gonna look at is education what do you
currently know about social media marketing that’s best that’s the first
thing that you have to understand because if not then you’re gonna be
working backwards because basically you’re gonna go out you’re gonna get a
client they’re gonna be like shit I need to figure out how to do all this so
before you ever get out and get a client you actually need to get educated first
okay and so once you actually get the education once you understand what you
need to know about digital marketing what you need to know about social media
marketing to be able to market for a business then really the first step so
this is just kind of like a pre qualifier it’s neither really the first
step is just it’s like saying to someone who wants to be an attorney well have
you been to school for it No well then why are you trying to be an attorney
right you have to understand the industry first you have to understand
how everything works first before you can start doing the other parts right so
the first real step is creating a business plan and a lot of people say oh
I don’t want to create a business plan that’ll take me you know months just to
do that cool thing is guys in today’s day and age you don’t need the 30 page
business plan anymore you need something that’s gonna be able to outline all of
the key parts of your business that outlines the services what you plan to
offer how much you plan to offer them for your business name your industry all
of that stuff so again creating your plan you want to come up with a name for
your company or company you want to get basically get
legal so get your LLC or licensing I don’t think I spelled license right I’m
telling you on the terrible speller license so you get your license done you
get your LLC you get your name for your company
you determine what industry or your niche and these are the types of
customers that you want to go after right after you know what industry and
what niche you want to do the next thing you need to do is pick out your service
offering and let me get real specific here about this because service offering
you don’t have to do everything in digital marketing though I recommend it
though I you know I strongly recommend that you do web development you do email
marketing search engine optimization pay-per-click social media marketing
content marketing text message marketing all of that stuff although I recommend
you do all that you don’t have to start doing all that at first if you want to
focus on social media and you want to master social media first that’s fine
you can do that just know that to grow in the industry to become a bigger
agency you do have to take on all of the other services eventually because a
business is not going to want to go to different businesses to handle their
internet marketing they’d rather go to one place right have it all in one spot
all right so after you determine your service offering this includes how much
you’re gonna price them for so we have your industry we have your service
offering we have your license the name for your company the only other thing
you’re gonna want to do outside of that is set up the basic website for your
brand so that way some works people have somewhere to go you’re gonna want to
start to get some testimonials of some kind so if this means performing some
three jobs at first what I strongly recommend to people who are new to this
go on up work go on up work do some jobs on up work
and run them through your agency and say okay this is the work my agency has done
we’ve done Facebook posting and management for this company we got them
this many more sales that’s what you guys have to understand you
have to actually go out and work free you can go on upward do jobs on there
for people who need marketing help and use that as testimonial for your
business right so that’s step one once you actually understand okay now I know
what I’m going to do I know who I’m going to target I know what I’m going to
offer those people now we move into the next part alright guys so part number
two is just going to be to start approaching businesses all right
so let’s get this down we’ve got creating the business plan now we’re
going to start start approaching businesses all right and all this means
is you’re going to start to reach out businesses in the industry or in the
niche that you chose to work it what I recommend is if you guys haven’t seen
this on my You Tube channel there is a video for the digital marketing audit
for prospecting for selling there’s tons of content about that stuff so if you
guys are looking for anything about selling social media marketing services
or digital marketing services finding clients how to land the clients how to
get them to actually buy from you we have a whole playlist on YouTube just
about selling and prospecting so make sure you check that out but all you’re
gonna do here you’re gonna start to approach businesses so going out to
networking events going directly to their business and taking them some type
of value the key here what I want you to understand about approaching business is
to provide biggest thing provide value first do not go in there and try to
instantly sell them people don’t want to be sold to provide value first meaning
go create a digital marketing audit for that business and take it into them and
in that digital marketing audit there should be solutions that they can
implement themselves to start getting better results for their marketing
campaign it shouldn’t be here are the issues they know what the issues are
they need to see what the solutions are from you that’s what’s going to make you
valuable to them because you gave them information that they can use alright
so now after we start approaching the businesses after we start reaching out
to them we start going out and making sure that they know who we are and what
we offer we provide value to them we’re gonna
move into the next part alright guys so step number three is pretty easy okay so
now that we have you know we’ve gone out and we’ve tried to are we created the
business plan we’ve actually started reaching out to businesses the next
thing we’re gonna do is start setting meetings and again some keynotes for you
here or don’t was I just cross the apostrophe don’t sell provide value focus on the solution not the product or
service alright so don’t sell meaning don’t go in there and try to sell them
something that is not the point of the first meeting but the point of the first
meeting is for them to get to know who you are and outside of that to show them
why you’re valuable and then to give them that value so that way they can try
and fix it themselves here’s what happens guys people get oh if I if I
give them how to fix it then they’re not gonna hire me bullshit the reason why is
because if you give them those fixes and you do enough of them so so you give ten
fifteen things that they can change and you give solutions for each one of those
they’re gonna sit there and they’re gonna go crap I don’t have time to do
all fifteen of these changes no business owner does because digital marketing is
a full-time job in itself so you don’t need to sell it you you you really don’t
need to you need to provide value first provide value and then when you go in to
talk with them and suspend you actually set that meeting with them focus on the
value you’re gonna bring them what solution you’re going to provide if it’s
getting more sales talk about that it’s getting more customers talk about that
if its rebranding their business talk about that because that’s what they
called you therefore they didn’t call you there to learn how Facebook pixel
works they called you there to understand how you’re going to be able
to use your marketing capabilities to get them more customers more leads more
sales right so step three super simple but most people get this wrong
because they go in trying to sell and trying to show them why that they’re
gonna be able to get all these results and they go way too far in depth when
all they have to do is focus on the high level stuff that they care about which
is again getting leads getting sales getting you know more engagement getting
more traffic rebranding you know whatever it may be that’s the goal so
focus on that when you talk to them all right guys so step four now it’s all
about landing the client right so you’ve had that first meeting with them this is
where again you’re going in to pitch the propose or pitch the digital marketing
on it not the proposal you’re going to pitch the audit to them you’re showing
them why you’re valuable right you give them that value and then at the end of
that meeting you’re gonna want to say something so I’d love to set a meeting
with you and talk to you about a proposal and how I can actually get the
marketing campaign running and get the results that you’re looking for if you
bike I have available time between here on Monday and here on Thursday which one
of those works best for you that’s how you want to close that number
one quick little tip but after you get that next meeting set all right then
we’re going into talking about something more specific which is just landing the
client sorry I had to check my notes real quick Paul’s gonna be landing the
client or clients all right because again we’re getting into business here
we want to get some clients in because that’s how you make some money so to
land the clients it’s not that difficult you just have to figure out okay what is
it that the customer wants to hear and this is where we look at two types of
selling there’s emotional selling and then there’s logic selling all right so
one emotional and then two is logical and this is a part I strongly recommend
you guys check out our blog article for because we went through I think it’s six
different types yeah six different types of emotional
selling or emotional buying depending on which side you’re looking at it from but
six different types of emotional selling so things like greed fear altruism envy
pride shame all of those are six different types of ways that you can use
those emotions to sell a product or service and to get
person to realize okay I need this or I I have to have it because they’re
telling me it’s gonna make me feel this way if I don’t but I’ll feel this way if
I do right you’re appealing to that emotion and a logical sale is just
focusing on it logically you’re saying okay look mr. business owner we don’t
have to do any marketing but if you don’t you should expect to see these
results again and again because this is what’s happened in the past so if we
spend a thousand bucks a month or $1,500 a month and you put this much into
addicts we’ll be able to reach this many more people which means we should be
since you convert at a rate of 10% we should be able to convert at least 10%
of those into new customers so by spending you know $1,500 if we get 10%
of those into new customers you’re actually making about $2,500 per month
off of that so the profit there is roughly about a thousand dollars does
that make sense to you and that’s where you’re actually going to try and
logically walk them through the process but again it comes to knowing the person
you’re dealing with and that comes from paying attention first meeting to
understand are they more prone to reacting via emotion or is it the type
of person where they’re gonna look at things more logically they’re more
they’re more of a realist so they look at things you know pre-cut cut and clear
so that way they know okay I don’t like to deal with emotion because it doesn’t
make for a good decision so I’m gonna you know focus on this logically
understanding that kind of person really is what I’m trying to say is what’s
gonna help you understand how to close that client okay so step number four
super important understanding the difference between emotional selling and
logical selling so this is where you have to understand some parts of selling
to be able to land clients and a big thing I recommend guys is if you’re not
a strong salesman if you’re not a strong in front of people person and you’re not
able to talk and really thoroughly explain products and services to
business owners where they’re going to understand it you might want to consider
hiring on someone who can do that for you someone who’s actually really good
at perk up portraying a message to an audience that
might not have the most background in that industry does that make sense so
that’s step number four so step number five is pretty simple now that you have
a client you closed them down right you’ve landed them for a thousand
bucks a month or 1500 a month 1,500 a month is what I recommend minimum and
the reason why is because that includes a 500 dollar ad spend so keep that in
mind number five fifth thing you have to do is start getting results and I get a
lot of people who message me saying you know I’ve been doing this for this
client I just haven’t been able to get the results I’m looking for why am I not
getting the results well guys that all comes back to your education that’s why
the first thing I mentioned and it’s still there is your education it is the
most important thing because if you’re not getting results that means you don’t
know enough probably about that industry you don’t know enough about digital
marketing to get results for that client so getting results is all about getting
them fast and making sure that you understand what the results are a lot of
people get confused and they say okay well how do I get a sale for a real
estate agent you’re not getting a sale for a real estate agent you’re getting
leads for a real estate agent that agent then takes those people and tries to
convert them into sales but there is a difference between the quality lead and
a bad lead right so understanding what it is what is necessary to get results
for each industry is number one different but also number two super
important because if you don’t understand what you’re doing wrong or
what you’re doing right to get those results then you really don’t have a way
to move forward and get better results or to improve on their marketing
campaign so education guys again you’ll see why we bring this up so many
times because if you’re failing you probably lack in the education arena
somewhere right so partner five pretty straightforward just get results the
sixth and final part and this one’s actually funny to me and it’s funny
because it’s not really a part but it’s my part sixth and final part get in the
digital marketing school oh my god I just trap stilts I
hope I like that one school okay now that we can spell school and I don’t
need to go back to elementary school yeah you guys get what I’m saying
get in the digital marketing school so let’s talk about this really quickly why
is this school the school you want to get into pretty simple I mean every
student comes to me and says I wish I would have taken this course before I
paid for this course that was $5,000 or this course that was a thousand dollars
of this course that was seven hundred bucks or this course that was very very
broad and didn’t go into any practical information or useful information that I
can actually use for digital marketing right so understanding that you have
resources available that the digital marketing school is by far rated one of
the best digital marketing courses out there that you can possibly take and
it’s because of the fact that it’s done by people who have done this before I
bring guests in to my course so that way they’re able to talk about their
specific areas of expertise I’m not an expert in every single specific area of
digital marketing I don’t like the analytical side I don’t like
pay-per-click so I don’t run those I bring in people who are experts in those
areas to take care of those tasks for my clients that’s something called
outsourcing which again it’s another thing we go over in the course in depth
so that way you know how to maximize on how to capitalize on your agency but
guys these are the six steps six one being a little special but you guys get
what I’m trying to say it’s all about your education it’s all about knowing
the steps and knowing what’s available to you guys can make six figures this
year but you need to understand that it’s going to take some work it’s not
just this this is not some get-rich-quick scheme and I hate that
people think it is because it isn’t it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of
dedication and it takes a lot of you know drive for you to be able to get
through all of the hurdles that you’re gonna have to get through and it starts
when it comes to starting a digital marketing agency it is easy but it’s
easy once you actually try most people just trying to get into this and they’re
like okay well I’ll just start looking at Facebook ads and looking at Wix or
Weebly and building websites no that is not how you get success that is
how you build a successful agency so go through these steps that I went through
in this video what I strongly recommend there is a link in the description below
for Cerealentrepreneur.Academy if you’re considering starting a social
media marketing agency I strongly recommend you check out that link
outside of that make sure you head over to our YouTube channel and view all of
our videos over there we have over a hundred and thirty videos just on
YouTube that go into digital marketing starting a digital marketing agency
running campaigns getting results you know things that work versus things that
don’t we go over all of that in our channel so make sure that you’re
subscribing number one so you can get updates that button is right over there
and then number two make sure that you’re actually going through the video
content and paying attention taking notes because without that you’re not
gonna see success so guys thank you all for joining me very much I appreciate
everything you’ve done for me if you’re a returning visitor thank you guys so
much if you’re a new visitor again make sure you subscribe and one last thing
make sure you leave a like on this video so other people who are looking for this
type of information have access to it last thing is start a car not start a
comment but leave a comment down below I wanna know when you started your
marketing agency or what you plan to start your marketing agency in 2018 so
thank you guys very much I hope you enjoyed it all I will talk to you on the
next episode until then Cereal Entrepreneur out ready to start living
the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our
free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see you in the
course Cereal entrepreneur out

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    रिपरचेस के नाम पर वो भी कटिंग के साथ,

    नेटवर्कर घर-2 प्रोडक्ट पहुचाने वाला सेल्समैन बन जाता है।

    👎💰इन्वेस्टमेंट बेस प्लान में कैपिंग बढ़ाने के नाम पर नेटवर्कर को पहले तो खुद लाख रुपए चाहिए इन्वेस्टमेंट के लिए,फिर 10-15% के लिये टीम का लाखों रुपया फंसवाना पड़ता है,🙉🙉

    4-6 महिने में ROI के नाम पर अपना ही पैसा वापस, कम्पनी की उम्र 5 से 7 महिने और 100% लाईबिलिटी।

    👎सेलरी प्लान के नाम पर 500 का प्रोडक्ट 5000 में देती हैं,

    पहले खुद इतना पैसा लगाओ और फिर टीम को भी 5000 लगवा कर वही प्रोडक्ट दिलाओ, सरकार की नजर में ये प्लान आ चुके हैं।

    ✍ दोस्तों ध्यान दीजिए इस business पे जो पूरे दुनियां में और कही ऐसा इनकम प्लान नही है।

    Please Study & Contact Me for more info…

    अब सिर्फ 2 Direct & easy team development के साथ ही आप


    मतलब कंपनी अपने टोटल टर्न ओवर का 20% बांटती है सभी अचीवर को हर 6 घंटे में🙉🙉🙉

    Fantastic Marketing Plan & Strategies..
    1st Time PayOuts in
    -Daily 4Times
    -Weakly 28Times
    -Monthly Min 112Times &
    -Yearly Min 1460 Times…

    Main Advantages…
    1) Going to start Mega Trade 1st Time in the PLANET.
    – Online , Offline, Tie Up with Major Manufacturer's + Shop Keeper's & Direct Manufacturing Selling in Very Reasonable Price…

    Full plan details-
    JOINING 55000 KA PACKAGE ONLY 5500 AMOUNT🙉🙉🙉🙉👆👆👆👆👆👆 MRP Rs55000/-
    DP Rs.5,500/- + GST = You Pay Only Rs. 5980/-And Get
    Total 4 types of Product Benefits on your Purchased Package Worth Rs.55,000/- (Approximately) as Follows.


    1. Energy Cloth (for 3 Shirts prices)🙉🙉

    2. 3 Days 2 Night Holiday package with Breakfast,2+2 (Anywhere In World)🙉🙉🙉

    3. Total 84+ Computer Courses with Audio and Video, Spoken English Skill Development🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉

    4. Total 34+ test of Thyroid and Body checkup🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉

    4 PACKAGE ONLY 5500👆👆👆👆👆👆
    (One Package = 4000 BV)
    1. DIRECT BONUS – 25% (Rs.1000/-) 🙉🙉
    2. MATCHING BONUS – 25% (Rs.1000/-) 🙉🙉🙉
    First Ratio 1:2 OR 2:1, Then 1:1

    Capping Rs.2000/-
    Cut Off Cycle Time Every 6 Hours

    Means , Rs.2000 x 4 = Rs.8,000/- Daily👈👈👈
    3 ID PE DAILY 24000👈👈🙉🙉🙉🙉

    Capping on a Single ID, You can take multiple ID

    Auto Bank Withdrawal After Every Cycle (Every 6 Hours)

    💦SINGLE LEG BONUS 15%👈👈🙉
    💦Royalty Bonusu 15%👈👈🙉🙉

    💦Laptop club👉25000👍 5%+3%

    S j Zore:
    = 8%👈👈ONLY 2 DIRECT👈👈🙉🙉🙉

    💦Bike club 5%+3% = 8%👈👈🙉🙉 65000

    💦Car club 5%+3% = 8%👈👈🙉🙉🙉🙉11 LIKH

    💦House club 5%+3% = 8%👈👈🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉52 LIKH

    कंपनी आपको ICICI बैंक का ATM 💳 डेबिट कार्ड भी दे रही है🙉🙉👈👈

    कंपनी का खुद का ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग पोर्टल भी है🙉🙉🙉👈👈

    कंपनी हेल्थ सेक्टर में भी काम करती है🙉🙉🙉🙉👈👈

    कंपनी एजुकेशन सेक्टर में भी काम करती है🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉👈👈
    (कंपनी का background बहुत बड़ा है )

    🌏हमने आज तक कई कंपनियों को करोड़पति बना दिया पर हम आज भी रोड पर हैं।🛣
    कंपनियां हमारे करिअर के साथ खिलवाड़ 🏌‍♂करती रही हैं।

    🏢पहली बार किसी कंपनी ने एक नेटवर्कर के बारे में सोचा है।
    तो वह है सिर्फ और सिर्फ SMART INDIA PVT LTD कंपनी जिसका Head Office🏣 Pune Maharashtra में है।

    🤔सोचने में समय मत गवांइये क्योंकि ऐसे मौके बार बार नहीं मिलते।

    ✌अब आपको पहले जुडना है।
    👎🏻या लाखोंके नीचे👥👤👤👥👥👤👥
    👌आगे फैसला आपका- जिंदगी आपकी🙏

    (Multiple ID Options also Available)

    For More details
    Whatsup :-
    कंपनी का सबसे बडा + पॉइंट
    👤कंपनी मे शुरूवाती मे आपकी अच्छी प्लेसमेंट है.



  23. I am having a classroom facility near to andheri west station Mumbai, i would like to offer my premises for digital marketing franchise or branch sort of, pl revert if any such proposal. gangadhar,
    [email protected]@t 9820597057

  24. hi i ve just subcribed to your channel cos i found that you re offering interesting courses about social media marketing really awsome videos keep up👍

  25. You did not offer anything except a shallow outline of a business. You did not educate the audience as to what exactly is social media marketing and how it is done. Also there is this simple tool called PowerPoint and infographics get some and stop writing on a whiteboard like your stuck in the 20th century. Your handwriting is terrible other than that lol nice outline.

  26. 2019 and this video is still a treasure.
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  27. I have been running marketing agencies for almost 2 decades. Started on Myspace & message boards. I am the proud owner of FairSkinMedia.com. NO it's not easy, AND YOU WILL WORK 24/7 I have not had a weekend off in over 1year LOL – it takes guts, blood and glory to start getting $2500 per client- cause let me tell ya. I get the results, but I am definitely not getting that pay lol

  28. Wait why are you telling people to get an LLC for something they don't know will work yet? Why get an LLC first? That doesn't make any sense.

  29. Aye bro, all I want is a business plan template.. Recently launched my Social Media Marketing Agency and having a few issues with certain areas of my plan.. do you have a template for social media marketing agencies that I can use or follow??

  30. I have a couple questions.
    1. How are you able to analyze and research the companies you want to approach to provide value before being able to gather their current marketing strategy and sales analysis?
    2. What if you do the analysis for the proposal for the second meeting and they don't approve or want to move forward? How much of your time is costing you a lead that doesn't buy?

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  34. Is it possible to close deals without meetings or calls, like automated processes or through email, I am living in a Germany I can speak german and understand it but I can’t be talkative in it and it’s hard for me to get a sales man to do the job for me

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