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How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency As A Beginner In 2019 – STEP BY STEP

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency As A Beginner In 2019 – STEP BY STEP

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video, I want to break down how to get started with social media marketing even if you are a complete beginner have no experience no tech skills or anything like that and how you can actually Start making money with all these different social media networks Now I could be pretty confident and going through and breaking down the strategy because just over two years ago I was probably in your same exact spot. I was making no money with social media All right. I had no idea I had no experience of what was going on But I started implementing the exact steps that I’m gonna shown you guys in this video And in just 90 days I was able to take my business from basically zero I wasn’t even making fifteen hundred dollars per month to over 25 thousand dollars per month and in the last couple of years I’ve been able to make multiple seven figures implementing these exact strategies that I want to share with you today All right, so let’s break down What social media marketing is in a nutshell and how you guys can actually use these social media platforms? To monetize them to be able to make money So the best way that I have found to go through and make money from all these different networks is by starting a social media marketing agency Now what is social media marketing agency is is basically you find businesses so they could be local businesses it could be any type of business and Every business needs clients, they need leads they need sales and so a great way to go through and get them clients is by running Facebook Ads or Instagram ads for these clients, so That’s basically it guys you get Clients you run Facebook ads for those clients and then you get them on a monthly retainer where they’re paying you $1,000 $1,500 a month $2,000 a month And then you start getting more and more Clients and the more clients that you get you can see how you can easily scale up your business from basically zero To $10,000 per month right now. You might think well Jason I have zero experience Why would any business trust me with running their Facebook ads? I’ve never run a facebook guy before well I’m gonna show you guys and break down exactly how to do all that in this and by the end of this video, you’ll see how it’s actually pretty simple to go from zero to $10,000 per month in just a very short time and that’s exactly how I went from zero to twenty-five thousand dollars per month in Just 90 days And if you guys want my exact size you want me to dive deeper into this just go ahead and give this video a thumbs Up and I’ll share with you guys a training where I’ll dive even deeper into all these different strategies but the first thing that you need to do Okay, when you’re jumping in and starting your social media marketing agency is you need to pick a niche Okay, so like there’s so many businesses out there and they all need help of getting new leads new clients and all that But it can be distracting especially as a beginner when you’re like well, I don’t know who to help I might help identify my hope at an insurance agent a realtor a Chiropractor and two and a half years ago. That’s where I was. Okay I was trying to help anyone and everyone because I was desperate for money and It was during this time. There was trying to help anyone and everyone that I was making less than $1,500 per month. Okay. It was very rough times and Then it was I remember his August of 2016 So it was a little over two years ago and I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna focus 100% on real estate I’m gonna become the expert I’m gonna specialize because if you look at all the doctors out there all of the generalist doctors They’re never the ones that make a lot of money. They make good money, but not the great money We’re all the specialists if they’re like a you know A brain surgeon or a brain surgeon for like children or something like that All the specialists are gonna make the most amount of money So I was like, you know what I’m gonna specialize in real estate and real estate lead generation. I’m gonna become the best I’m gonna be you know Like I’m gonna go get all the experience and get all these case studies all these results and I am pretty soon after that I actually had this big insurance company come up to me and say hey We’ve got 500 plus agents we want you to do all of our marketing and Guys, that was one of the hardest things that I had to do and say no to that company But it was by making this commitment and saying I’m only gonna focus on real estate I was picked my niche and within 90 days I went from zero to $25,000 per month and very soon after that. I hit $50,000 per month and it just kept scaling and scaling from there so guys the number one thing is pick a niche and you guys have probably seen some my other videos and if you haven’t I love real estate and if you guys are like that wondering what niche to pick I would say real estate and the reason why is because Every single person knows a realtor. Okay, and if you think about it for two seconds, you know at least one then chances Are you probably know multiple Realtors where you know? You’ve got multiple clients just right out of the gate and on top of that When you get into the real estate space when someone buys a home They need to work with a loan officer to get their mortgage to get a loan for to be able to buy that house that same lead can also be a Lead for a home builder and a real estate team a real estate brokerage So it’s just like once you nailed down the specifics on how to get lead for someone that’s looking to buy a home There’s just so many ways that you can go through and sell that lead or utilize that lead So if you’re like manjae’s I don’t know what niche to start in. I would say real estate It’s really easy to go through and find those first real estate clients and I’ll show you guys I’ll actually tell you guys here in Just a second the best way to go through and do that And if you’re wondering well, you know Jason like I’d be competing with you then Well, the truth is there’s over two million real estate agents in the US alone That doesn’t even include Canada or any of the other countries So I mean if I had all 202 million real estate agents then man, that would be awesome. But guess what? I don’t have the time or bandwidth to go through and handle all those And so if there’s really more than enough room for everyone to jump in and help out the real estate industry All right So the next step of getting our social media marketing agency up off the ground so you can be making money and start making $10,000 per month within the next 90 days. You picked your niche. Okay, and maybe it was real estate. Maybe it’s dental or chiropractor Whatever it is. Maybe you got some background in another niche. The second one is you need to get clients, right? You need to find people that actually want you to help them So the best way that I have found to get clients With absolutely no experience with no money to go through and invest into your own facebook ads Is by simply making a post on Facebook and saying something like this Hey, I’m looking to learn Facebook ads and I want to help I’m looking to help real estate agents So I’m looking to help a dennis or i’m looking to help Chiropractor to whatever niche that you picked and I’m just gonna do a seven day trial basis All you have to do is invest on the ads. You don’t have to pay me anything so then What’s gonna happen after you make that Facebook post people are going to comment on that post? They’re gonna like it they’re gonna maybe tag other friends that are Realtors or anything like that on your post and then you set up a free 7 day trial where you’re gonna go through you’re gonna run their Facebook ad campaigns and It there’s nothing like there’s no risk to you because you know, you’re not spending any of your money It’s just a little bit of a time investment and it’s no real risk to them because they’re not paying you quite yet Okay, and then at the end of the 7 days if you they had good results Which I’ll show you guys how to get good results here in just a second, then they’ll be like, okay, man I want to actually work with this person and at that point you can say great, you know My fee is fifteen hundred dollars per month and guys at fifteen hundred dollars per month It just takes about six to seven Clients in order to make that ten thousand dollars per month now after you’ve made that first initial Facebook post and you maybe got your first one or two clients or anything like that. Then you go take that same exact post Copy and paste it and go post it on LinkedIn you’re gonna have a completely different network on LinkedIn and Then what you can do in addition to that is there’s going to be several Facebook groups with real estate agents in your area Or in other areas around you as well as LinkedIn groups and go in join those groups and don’t start Spamming the groups or anything like that but start connecting with other agents or other people then it maybe it’s a dental group or Chiropractic group or a personal trainer group or whatever niche that you picked start connecting with people adding them as friends or adding them as connections on LinkedIn and Then the next time you go through and make that post on Facebook Okay, more people are going to see it and it’s just gonna be able to grow your entire clientele Alright, so quick recap guys number one We want to go pick an itch something that we can specialize in not be a generalist but a specialist number two We want to go through and get our first clients And so we have those freeways you can go through and get those first clients Then number three we need to run ads for our clients. We need to actually get them success get them results Well, if you’re a complete beginner to Facebook ads you have no experience or anything like that You might be at a loss. You might be like well, how do I actually do that? Well, let me just jump on my computer and I want to show you guys how simplest is actually get a Facebook ad set up specifically in the real estate space So if you’re like man, I don’t know which initiatives let me show you guys why you should choose the real estate space alright guys So I just want to show you guys how simple we’ve made this whole Facebook Ads Experience if you’re completely brand new don’t have any experience with any of this stuff. We’ve actually worked with over 5,100 real estate professionals so we’ve got this down to an exact science so this is a Facebook ads platform set up that really simplifies everything for you if you’re like I don’t know how to get started with all this well, first of all, let’s say you’ve got a real estate client and they’re they’ve got a listing and you’re like I’m gonna go through and market this listing. Well, just give this a campaign name so one two three main street and this is going to go through and sync with your Facebook Ads account or your clients Facebook Ads account. So this makes it super simple So then we choose the Facebook ad account you want to use so I’m gonna choose my Facebook ad account then choose the Facebook page Okay, so then we just come down here. We choose we’ll say let’s choose my Facebook page down here I’ve caught a lot of facebook page as you can see. Okay, and then we go through and we choose our website So your real estate client you want to throw in their website? Let’s just say for this example. Just we’ll use Google Okay, we’ll say Google’s the website put the website in there their privacy policy for this quick example Just throw in Google as well and then whatever city that you’re located in So let’s say that you are in Tampa, Florida. Okay, so you just type this in and look it pops it up right there We just choose this and then we type in the listing address I mean can you guys see how easy this is like you don’t even have to do anything because We’ve already done all of the heavy lifting all the legwork So you just fill in a few pieces of information and about two klicks here We’re gonna have the entire Facebook guide set up Ready to capture leads for your real estate client and a 12-month email and text marketing automated follow-up that you’ll also invite that real estate agent to download a mobile app that we have a hundred percent free for them to use and They will have the leads automatically go to that mobile app So you are going to be a miracle worker for this real stage in Kay. So we’re gonna say here Let’s say maybe the home price is four hundred fifty thousand Four bedrooms three baths and a few senses describe the feature of this home Which this is probably information that you’re gonna get from the real estate client Okay, they’re gonna just like do all the hard work for you guys. So it’s gonna be like vaulted ceilings Stainless Steel Appliances or whatever it might be and then the image of the home. We just upload an image of the home Okay, so I’ve got an image right there. We hit upload boom. There it is Now you hit next so at this point guys Can you see how easy this is to go through and do all this if you guys feel like you can do everything to this point go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and I’ll show you guys how you guys can go through and start Making your first ten thousand dollars per month within the next 90 days So we just hit next right here and it’s gonna go through the system is gonna create this Facebook ad for us. Okay So now look at this. It says new listing in the Tampa area Okay, because we already threw in Tampa four bedrooms three baths could click below to get the price location plus more pics Okay rare opportunity and this is where that little bio that whatever the agent gives you right there Okay, beautiful home in Tampa so you can go through and you can edit any of this But it’s already pre done for you Okay, and we already take care of all the targeting so you don’t have to worry about like well, who should I target? What audience should I show this to anything like that? All you got to do is say hey real estate agent What is your daily marketing budget? Is it $10? $20 $30? Like what is it? So we just come over here Let’s say maybe it’s $10 per day and then we come down here we hit finish and this is going to go communicate with Facebook except the entire Facebook out for You set up the lead capture form for you Okay, and then look at this this 1 2 3 main street, you can see his penny and review because we just created today It not only created the Facebook ad it created the lead capture form and look at this guy’s it created a 12-month email and text marketing follow-up that’s already pre-built for you for an entire year Ok now think of how impressed your new real estate agent client that you got for 103 is gonna think with you going through and like in just a matter of minutes They don’t have to know that it only took you five minutes to set all this stuff up But look at this you’re providing massive value. So at the end of that 7 day free trial Man collecting that thousand fifteen hundred two thousand dollars per month. It’s going to be easy for you. Okay? So anyway guys if you guys found this video helpful Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up If you guys like me to dive deeper into these different strategies and how you can start your own social media marketing agency business Then I will add a link to a free training down in the description as well as in the top comment You guys can just go with attend that check it out. See what you know See exactly how I went through and grew my business from zero to twenty-five thousand dollars from the first 90 days So if you’re in a similar position where I was two and a half years ago where you’ve got no money No experience no tech skills this is the solution to get out of your current wrap race this little like hamster wheel that you’re running on be able to start making money and Really grow your business and live the life that you’ve always wanted to so anyway, guys If this video was helpful Go ahead and give it a thumbs up Also drop a comment down below if you guys have any questions if you’re brand new here the channel make sure you subscribe And hit that notification bell and I look forward to seeing you guys on future videos

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