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How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads! 2 Free Ways To Find FB Ads 2019

How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads! 2 Free Ways To Find FB Ads 2019

Hey, what’s up guys, it’s Rafael here from cold and rainy, New York And today I’m gonna show you how to spy on your competitors face of cats I know all the face of tools got banned. So how do you actually spy on their ads find out what they’re doing? Let’s check it out right now. Alright guys now over here in my computer I’m essentially going to show you the two ways that I find Competitors face cats and the little tricks that you can do to essentially look at the rats not steal them Look at the rats see what they’re doing. So what angles are doing and then apply them to your own business, right? So for example here I pulled up an ad by air table an air table is a spreadsheet company That’s oh sure you pay to use their spreadsheets or beautiful free They’re not free there flexo and beautiful so essentially if you have an ad for example You see one of your competitors ads on your time line. The first thing you’re gonna do is click these three buttons over here and Click on why am I seeing this now? This is the first Essentially the first level of seeing who they’re targeting and what they’re doing with their ads so you click why am I seeing this? And it’s gonna tell you Little details, right? So I’m going to tell you the whole story but it’s gonna tell you little details for example One reason we’re seeing this ad is that air table wants to reach people who may be similar to their customers. Boom that is a very very key thing because What Facebook means by that people who may be similar to their customers is they’re creating a look-alike audience From their purchases and their customers, right? How do you do how to create look-alike audiences? Click on my channel and go to the video that says Facebook Ads secrets for 2019 face accounts targeting secrets there I show you how to play a custom audience and then I look at my body So this essentially what they’re doing creating and look-alike audiences of a purchase So if you if you wanting to copy this page and see what they’re doing That’s what they’re doing look-alikes another reason why you’re seeing this ad is that air table wants to reach people aged 21 to 40 who live in New York New York boom another one, right So 21 to 40 years old that you know That is there. They’re targeting metric and then they’re targeting people who live in New York So now you know, okay, they’re targeting a big city with a lot of money and then 21 to 40 and boom Those are some key metrics that you can learn just by their face you can by clicking on Why am I seeing this now? This is just a first level. You’re not gonna see all their ads You don’t know who what their ads are essentially soaked now that you click on that you go onto their page So let’s go onto air tables page and Now you’re going to go to the info and ad Section on the left right here and porn ads essentially tells you everything about a business and what they’re advertising on Facebook So for example page created when they started the page and then here are all their ads so for example They’re all their ads in all my tests and in looking at different companies and looking at different personalities that advertise on Facebook the ads that are placed between 3 & 6 Tend to be the highest performing ads so don’t always look at the top two or three look at from 3 To 6 so see this is the ad that we just saw and it had 2.5 k lights and it’s position at four, right? It’s a fourth add on that info at page. It probably is very very effective. So from ads 3 to 6 Those are some of the most effective ones and then you look at number five and number six, right? These are probably the most effective four or five and six There’s another way you can see the copy that they’re doing. You can see the actual links You can actually click on the ad and go to the link that they’re using them yet It’s perfect from do to 6. You see what they’re doing see essentially The types of ad copy out they’re using headlines links different types of titles out there using it is powerful powerful powerful stuff now Since you have not now that let’s say you want to find people in your industry and you have no idea who your competition is What you’re going to do is look up your niche So for example, what I can do is look up fitness and then go ahead and click fitness and then I’ll go to pages and Start liking all these Fitness pages. So let’s say I want to be targeted by someone who’s targeting people in Fitness Let’s say your fitness professional what I’m gonna do is look up fitness and then pages and then start liking liking liking liking liking all these all these pages and What you’re gonna start to see is that in one to two to three days You’re going to start to get targeted by fitness Professionals that wants to target people like you you’re gonna start to get targeted by fitness companies are gonna start getting targeted by fitness programs and that is a little cool little hack just go on through your niche like all the pages in that niche like popular magazines and essentially Facebook targets that you want in your ads You start liking them on Facebook so that your competitors Target you and then you click why am I singing this? And then you click on their ads and then you go and see their Ads you go and see who they’re targeting you’re go and see essentially all that they’re doing their ad copies or text or headlines everything Right here on the platform. These are two little hacks that I use on a daily basis I literally go if I find one of my competitors advertising to me, I Go on their page watch what they’re doing see their successful ads go from From usually the position 3 to 6 are their best ads Go and find out what they’re doing find out their ad copy their headlines their links their webinars, essentially everything that they’re doing This is what you can do for your business and it can truly Transform the way you look at advertising on Facebook by just seeing their competitors, right there are tactics or strategies But just by seeing what’s working, it’s the best thing that you can do Thank you so much for watching this video as a short little video how to spy on our competitors Give me a like a thumbs up down below if you like this video subscribe to this channel I’m trying to get it to 10,000 members 10,000 subscribers as soon as possible Join my free Facebook group with the links below if you’re interested Thank you so much for watching subscribe to his channel hit the notification bell and I will see you in the next

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  1. (Cheating is not good OMG)….My heart is filled with deep respect and gratitude to you, …..(SO YOUNG) he help me with Facebook spy in a few hours contact him via email or WhatsApp [email protected],com or +18622438515

  2. Nice vid mate! I saw some months ago a free tool where you can view ads based on interest. I forgot the name of the tool and perhaps you could share it here. Thank!

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