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How To Spy on Facebook Ads For Free – NEW Facebook Ads Library Tool

How To Spy on Facebook Ads For Free – NEW Facebook Ads Library Tool

– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru and in this video I’m gonna show you how to spy on Facebook Ads. So you can spy on your
competitors’ Facebook Ads, you can spy on other
business’s Facebook Ads, you can obviously take a
look at their headlines, their imagery, their copy,
all that sort of stuff, can really help you get
better results on Facebook, particularly if you’re a little bit lost with what to include in your Ad Creative. Now, I’m on my Facebook page right now and the reason why I’m
here is because Facebook had an older version of
this, basically, ability to spy on Facebook Ads. But they got rid of it. It’s called info and ads and was down here on the left-hand side, when
you went onto someone’s page. There was a little info and ads section. You could see the ads that a Facebook page was currently running. A few days ago they got rid of that and they’ve basically
switched to a better tool that’s called the Facebook Ads library. Now, if you, I’ve got it
here prepared on another tab, if you go to Facebook.com/adds/library, you’ll come to this page. I will include a link to
that in the description of this video so you can
come and take a look at that. Now, the first thing is,
you need to be logged into your Facebook account,
otherwise you’re probably going to see something different,
it won’t work properly. The second thing is that
you can filter by country. Now this isn’t the country that the business operates in, the business is based in, this is the country in
which the ads are running. So obviously I’ve got United Kingdom but if I wanted to see what
ads someone was running in Croatia or something like that, I could select one of those options. Okay, next thing to do is
enter in a Facebook page name, so if someone wanted to
take a look at the ads that I am running,
let’s say that they’re a Facebook advertising
agency, they want to see our approach, how we get clients, they could enter in my page name in here and they could come and
take a look at the ads. Just before I run into
that, there are some other interesting information,
so this page can see when it was created, how many times the page name was changed, we just changed ours from my name, Ben Heath, to Lead Guru, my company
name, back to Ben Heath. Confusing situation, I
know, but there you go. The primary country location
for people who manage the page. Okay and that’s that. So you’ve got some good
page information if we were running political
ads or anything like that, you would also see that along this side. But, yeah, let’s get into the ads. So, we’ve only got six
ads running right now. We’ve got a couple of
topper funnel ads up here, we’ve got some content based
ads going on down here. But these specific ads aren’t important, what’s more important is the process. So, when you come and have a
look at someone’s ads here, basically, what I recommend
is you break the ads down into their component
parts and try and work out what works well and why? So here, you’ve obviously got the copy. The first thing you want
to assess is the ad format. Are your competitors running video ads, slide show ads, carousel
ads, static image ads? What are they using? Then go into some of the details. If they are using an
image, what style of image? What sort of headline
have they got running? What copy are they using? What Call to Action buttons? Etc. etc. So, come in and have a
look at your competitors, find out what works. Another thing to take note of is when the ad was first launched. So Facebook will tell you when launched. We refreshed this just a few days ago, so it’s all brand new ads but if you scroll down and you
see ads from months ago that are still running,
there is a very good chance that those ads are
performing very, very well. Those ones you probably
want to weigh a little bit more heavily in terms of what you want to model
from as opposed to new ads that are basically less proven. So, you can see from my page, there’s not a huge amount going on. Let’s say I wanted to check out one of the big names in digital marketing, online marketing, world
would be Digital Marketer. These guys are the Gold
Standard in the industry, fantastic company to model from. So, we can take a look at
their page and all the ads they’re running, 73 is
a lot more than our six. You can see again some
page information over here, but you can scroll down and take a look at some of their fantastic
ads that are running. So, these ones are brand
new. We don’t really know whether they’re good or not. Digital Marketers probably don’t know whether they’re good or not. What I’d start with is go all the way down to the bottom and take a look at some of the oldest ads they’ve
got from January 2019. So, here we go, we’ve got
a ten point blog post audit to take your blog post
from ‘Meh’ to Magnificent. I love their copy. These are sort of topper funnel ads. So what you can do is
go see ad details and you can see a little bit
more information on here. If they’ve got a video,
you can literally watch it or play it. Here’s kinda,
like a little slideshow which is quite nice. You can click download
and this will take you to their landing page, if
you actually click on the Call to Action button.
Obviously, it’s not always going to be download
depending on what their Call to Action button is. Now, this is really
important because obviously, whenever you’re running
some sort of online funnel, the ad is part of the process but also the landing page, what people do after they’ve
interacted with the ad is also really important to
making an ad a success or not. So, you can come in here
and you can take a look at their landing page. So,
when you’re taking a look at your competitor’s stuff,
you can model not only from their ad but also
from their landing page, and start to understand
their sales process and basically funnel hack them if you want to, to help improve your own processes. So, as I said, info and ads,
if I go back to here now, it’s a fantastic tool. I
would start by taking a look at some of your competitor’s older ads, if they’re still running, those are likely to be successful. Take
a look at the format, the various elements, the headlines, the Call to Action buttons, what sort of copy they’re using. Don’t copy your competitor’s, that’s probably unlikely to work and can get your competitor’s very angry with you but feel free to model from them. Get the idea of what’s working very well and use that with your own ads. We use it all the time as an agency and particularly, if you’re a bit stuck with what to do, if things aren’t really working, this is
a great place to come. As I said, the link to this page will be in the video description. Another thing that I
want to tell you about, quickly, before you go, is my five part, Facebook ad template which is something that you can download,
right now, for free. So, this ad template includes
some great performing ads, you’re obviously interested in ads if you’re watching this video. What we’ve done in this template is we’ve included some of the best performing ads we’ve created for our
clients in a number of different industries.
So, you can go through and you can model from those,
just as you can from here. You should find it really, really useful. Completely free to
download, all you got to do is click on the link in
the video description below and that’ll take you
to a page where you’ll be able to grab it. So, hopefully, this video has been useful. If it has, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to their
channel, turn the bell on so that you get notifications
whenever we release a new video and I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks a lot guys, bye-bye.

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  1. Had no idea this existed. Maybe I should give FB ads another try. Just lousy results especially in the photography industry

  2. Nice! Would be cool if you show more about Facebook Ads Strategies when you sell digital products (like CA, LLA, Conversions etc) and about sales Copy and Landing pages! Greetings from Germany

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